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PMG Chapter 2315: Godly Fire Shield

PMG Chapter 2315: Godly Fire Shield

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The news that the World Clan wanted to pay a visit to the Fire Shrine spread quickly. Many people paid attention to it. The Fire Shrine had been humiliated, and were going through difficult times. Now the World Clan had suddenly reappeared in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and they had a terrifying young disciple: Daimon! He was extremely strong, and had easily defeated Huo Shang. That could be a problem for the Fire Shrine…

The meeting point they agreed on was Ruins City, an ancient city full of ruins on fire. There weren’t many ancient cities in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and it was one of them. It was said that in the ancient past, a person of unusual ability called Qiong Xiao had set the city on fire with a Magic Hellfire and slaughtered millions of people like that. He then created some Holy Sage Ruler Clans, and had helped the Fire Shrine become extremely strong.

The city was perfect for fire cultivators, and many people still went there to practice fire cultivation. The flames there never went out.

Everybody knew the legends about Ruins City. The Fire Shrine proposed Ruins City for their meeting with the World Clan on purpose. Many people thought the Fire Shrine wouldn’t go through the same thing as last time.

The Demon Shrine had agreed to meet with Mo Zheng on their battle stage, but they hadn’t gained face; on the contrary, they had lost face. As a result, Mo Zheng was becoming famous in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

The Shrines were like gods in this world; each time they did something, everybody paid attention to them.

Many people thought that the World Clan was brave. Did they really want to apologize? If that was the case, why would the Fire Shrine have chosen Ruins City to meet them?

Many strong cultivators who learned about this headed off to Ruins City.

Ruins City was filled with ruins and fire, so there weren’t many people there normally. But this time, many people, had gathered, staying high up in the sky because they didn’t want to get hurt. There were random explosions all the time here.

Of course, some extremely strong cultivators also walked on the ground in the middle of the ruins and flames!

“Those people are extremely strong. They must all be Celestial Emperors, at least! Even though Ruins City’s flames aren’t as terrifying as in the past, they’re still deadly. Even some Saint Emperors could die here, especially when there are random explosions!” quipped a strong cultivator in the sky. The city was dangerous, everybody knew it!

“Ordinary people can’t come here. Those who come must be at least Celestial Emperors. But look over there, there’s a clan; they live here!” said someone, pointing at a nearby fire mountain at that moment. There was a small city at its foot, and a clan was living there.

“Those clans are fire clans. They’re very dangerous. They keep absorbing fire to become stronger. They’ve lived here for a very long time, they’re really dangerous.”

People didn’t know much about the clans that lived in Ruins City. In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, cities were gigantic. Even though Ruins City was filled with ruins, there were still some people who lived there, but nobody paid attention to them.

“How hot. The temperature is increasing. Those people the Fire Shrine will send are among the strongest of the Shrine, I would guess. They decided to meet the members of the World Clan here to make things difficult for them,” remarked someone.

Finally, they saw some people appear in the distance. They were on the ground and looked like fire spirits, and were holding terrifying fire shields. There were ancient patterns on them, absorbing the flames around them.

“Back then when Qiong Xiao fought in that great war, he had a fire shield, it was terrifying. And now the Fire Shrine sent such terrifying people. It’s going to be difficult for the World Clan.” thought the crowd staring at the crowd on the ground.

“Who are those in the middle? They look quite imposing!” asked someone. There was a young man with a shield there.

“Qiong Hai Ya!” whispered someone, gazing into the distance. In the outside world, Qiong Hai Ya wasn’t as famous as Huo Shang. Many people had never even heard about him, only a few extremely strong and important people from various Clans knew about him. People who knew were always astonished when they met someone whose name was Qiong.

Many people from different Shrines had arrived. They were in the sky, and when they saw the force on the ground, they were astonished. The Fire Shrine really wanted to regain face. Even Qiong Hai Ya was there. Huo Shang was also in the middle of the crowd and holding a fire shield, too.

“The Fire Shrine’s shields, a very powerful shield technique. It’s almost unbreakable. How is the World Clan going to come in?” wondered the members of the Shrines. If they didn’t manage to break through, then it meant they weren’t qualified to meet them.

If the World Clan came, they’d just humiliate themselves!

At that moment, bestial Qi rose to the skies. An eagle dove down, his body so big that he blotted out the sky. He didn’t care about the flames. Small black blades emerged from his mouth and descended from the sky.

The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine moved too. The patterns on the fire shields changed and suddenly a gigantic illusionary field appeared. The bestial energies could easily destroy mountains, but the shield blocked all his attacks.

The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine condensed all their strength in that shield and suddenly it started spitting out flames which filled the air. The beast roared furiously and rose back up in the air, furious as it started burning.

“As expected, the Fire Shrine doesn’t intend to let anyone come to the ground,” sighed the crowd when they saw that. Huo Shang was a genius of the Fire Shrine and he was in the crowd, protecting it too.

The Fire Shrine had chosen Ruins City because they could use the shield Qiong Xiao had used back then. They wanted people to remember Qiong Xiao and them!

“How strong. Saint Emperors can’t even break through the shield,” the crowd mused. Even though they weren’t participating, they could imagine how terrifying that shield was.

“Since the World Clan is here, come out, all of you, no need to hide,” said one of the protectors at that moment. The crowd was surprised. The World Clan was already there?

Cyan lights twinkled. Many silhouettes appeared around the battlefield, coming out of nowhere, surrounded by mysterious world lights. They came out of the flames of Ruins City. It was difficult to imagine.

“The World Clan likes to hide. They’ve been hiding for such a long time!” said someone mockingly.

“We just came to apologize, and you made us come here, and you brought such an army. You really overestimate the World Clan,” said an old man, smiling as he stared at the members of the Fire Shrine.

“We don’t really care about your apologies. How many people did you bring? To pay us a visit, you need to prove you’re qualified,” said the strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine. If the World Clan wanted to pay them a visit, they first had to break the shield!

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