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PMG Chapter 2316: Illusion Deployment Spell

PMG Chapter 2316: Illusion Deployment Spell

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Outside of the protected area, the silhouettes became real. The strong cultivators of the World Clan had officially arrived now.

“How strong. How powerful is the World Clan now?” the watching crowd wondered. “But even that way, they won’t be able to break through. That fire shield is incredible, both in terms of defense and offense.”

“Since it’s that way, even though we’re very weak, if you want to show us how powerful the fire shield is, we’ll have to give it a try,” said the old man of the World Clan calmly. Reality began to undulate. The strong cultivators of the World Clan were using godly awareness to communicate.

“World Gate!” said someone coldly. Dazzling world lights moved towards the sky and condensed. Instantly, Qi started being corroded. A dazzling world gate appeared and absorbed strength.

“Go!” The strong cultivators of the World Clan joined hands to attack, the gate moved towards the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine and surrounded them while people shouted furiously.

Their fire started being absorbed. The illusionary world door surrounded them. Their silhouettes became illusionary, it as if they could disappear anytime.

“Protect!” said a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine at that moment. The fire shield appeared in front of that strong cultivator and blocked the world lights.

“Teleportation!” said someone coldly. The atmosphere warped. The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator was being drawn towards the gate!

The crowd was astonished. The attack of the World Clan’s strong cultivators was astonishing. World strength was mysterious and powerful. No wonder they were strong!

“Godly Body Connection Defense!” said the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine coldly. Dazzling fire lights appeared and suddenly, it was like the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine were connected. A terrifying fire shield appeared and surrounded all of them. The world lights couldn’t pierce through anymore.

“Incredible defense, how terrifying. It’s as hard as diamond.”

“I had never thought I would ever have the opportunity to see the fire shield of the Fire Shrine in my life, and especially used by Saint Emperors. How incredible!”

“Die!” said someone aggressively and furiously. Fireballs streaked across the sky and turned into greedy and hungry fire beasts.

World lights condensed, the strong cultivators of the World Clan became illusionary and disappeared. The fire struck nothing but air.

“Attack!” said a strong cultivator of the World Clan. They gathered and moved in the same direction. They needed to find an angle which they’d be able to pierce through.

The energies gathering were oppressive. World strength filled the air, but the Fire Shrine cultivators didn’t change. They had faith in their fire shield, it couldn’t be broken. It was flawless!

“Break!” said someone. World strength descended from the sky everywhere.

“Godly Lacerating Shield!”

Hard shields appeared above the Fire Shriners and rose into the air. They turned into a vortex of sharp strength, that seemed able to cut apart anything. The world strength started breaking apart, but continued moving down, towards the strong cultivators under the shield. It seemed unbreakable.

Clear shattering sounds arose. The godly shield started cracking. There were explosions as the world strength assaulted it. At the same time, it continued spitting out terrifying flames and destroying the world strength.

When all the energies vanished, the Fire Shrine’s strong cultivators were still holding the shield up. The strong cultivators of the World Clan were astonished. The shield seemed unbreakable…

It seemed as hard as diamond. The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivators borrowed shield strength and were all connected together.

“The World Clan was very strong, as expected. They were starting to pierce through that incredible defense,” said a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine. He sounded proud and arrogant. They didn’t attack, they just defended. They had hoped the World Clan wouldn’t be able to break through at all.

Qiong Hai Ya stood there calmly, as if all this had nothing to do with him.

“If the World Clan cannot break the shield thoroughly, we’ll start attacking,” said Qiong Hai Ya calmly. At that moment, in the distance, a silhouette appeared indistinctly in the flames.

“Is someone there?”

“Surprisingly, that person is walking in the flames, how strong.”

“It’s him. Daimon. There are people behind him too.”

The crowd finally noticed Lin Feng. Many people frowned. Walking slowly in the middle of Ruins City’s flames was extraordinary.

“What’s that? A demon dragon?” The crowd noticed a gigantic creature next to Lin Feng, it looked like a demon dragon was following Lin Feng. They were getting closer and closer, so the crowd could see them more distinctly.

Qiong Hai Ya looked at Lin Feng, startled. He was there? Daimon who had defeated Huo Shang from the Fire Shrine easily? That Daimon was probably a leader in the clan, just below the Saints!

“I heard that last time, Daimon went to the Void Phoenix Clan on a dragon. The rumors were true. A demon dragon of the Supreme Animal World is following Daimon!” the crowd gasped.

Lin Feng and the demon dragon arrived in front of the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine and looked at the shield.

That kind of shield couldn’t be broken with powerful attacks. Only Saints could break it. Since the shield was made of many shields, they had to attack them one by one and prevent them from being harmonized.

The members of the Fire Shrine remained calm and looked at Daimon and his dragon.

“We initially wanted to come to apologize and pay a visit to the members of the Fire Shrine. In the end, you sent such a powerful army and we’re meeting far away from your territory. Why?” Lin Feng asked Qiong Hai Ya calmly.

“Not anyone can come to the Fire Shrine, especially to pay us a visit,” replied Qiong Hai Ya indifferently. They both put on an air of extreme arrogance.

“Alright,” said Lin Feng nodding. He said, “Since you don’t want to be friends with the World Clan, I’ll have to solve the issue myself. Everybody, protect me from the sides,” ordered Lin Feng calmly. The strong cultivators of the World Clan landed at Lin Feng’s sides instantly.

Lin Feng walked forwards, he didn’t release a terrifying Qi, he looked calm and serene. He looked at all the members of the Fire Shrine and noticed Huo Shang.

“Daimon from the World Clan. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to study your shield,” said Lin Feng calmly. He said to all the members of the World Clan using telepathy, “Break the connections they have established between them!”

The strong cultivators of the World Clan released world strength which moved straight towards Huo Shang. The world strength started isolating Huo Shang from the rest of them. However, the shield was still there. Huo Shang continued holding his shield, too.

“You’re afraid of me,” said Lin Feng, smiling casually. Huo Shang was stunned and staring at Lin Feng.

“You have the godly shield, why are you afraid of me? And you’re considered as a genius of the Fire Shrine. You’re not very self-confident,” said Lin Feng, looking sad, as if he had pity for Huo Shang. Lin Feng sighed for him.

“Protect!” said the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine coldly. A gigantic shield appeared in front of Huo Shang.

“It’s useless. You’re not persistent, you’re not determined. You’re so weak. Even if someone protects you, it’s just like the cover of a book protecting the pages, you can easily tear it off,” said Lin Feng calmly. Huo Shang’s consciousness became dimly discernible. It was as if Lin Feng and Huo Shang were the only ones left around, and only Huo Shang could hear Lin Feng’s voice.

“That’s my world strength. You’re isolated from the rest of the world now. We are together, do you think your shield can still protect you like that?” Lin Feng sounded calm and sure.

Huo Shang frowned. Impossible. It was an illusion!

“You’re using an illusion technique. Even if you brought me here, I’m still with the others in the outside world. You can attack my will, but not my body,” said Huo Shang, trying to keep calm.

“You’re too naive. Nobody can break free from my world strength,” said Lin Feng easily. “Look carefully.”

He waved his hands and world strength rose up in the air, surrounding Huo Shang. He pulled a long face. He was really was isolated from the others.

“Attack!” said Huo Shang coldly. Suddenly, fire strength struck out all around him. However, the strong cultivators around Lin Feng created world strength around them and the fire ended up in those doors. The attack didn’t affect Lin Feng at all. Therefore, in Huo Shang’s consciousness, the attack didn’t work either.

“I told you, I can easily isolate you guys,” said Lin Feng calmly. He threw himself at Huo Shang and attacked. Huo Shang’s face changed. He remembered how strong Lin Feng was, and suddenly retreated.

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