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PMG Chapter 2317: Killing A Strong Cultivator of the Shrine

PMG Chapter 2317: Killing A Strong Cultivator of the Shrine

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Huo Shang moved back, and a gap appeared in the shield. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine were astonished and shouted, “Huo Shang!”

Huo Shang was astonished. He kept moving back, but Lin Feng continued moving towards him and smiling evilly.

It’s an illusion. He just wants to scare me and make me move back!, thought Huo Shang. Lin Feng moved towards him. The strong cultivators of the World Clan were protecting him and absorbing Huo Shang’s strength.

There was an explosion. Lin Feng punched a strong cultivator in front of him through the hole. The attack was dreadful, as Lin Feng’s physical strength was astonishing. His god Dao turned into a golden Heaven and Earth Qi which pressed forwards with indomitable will. Blinding lights kept flashing.

The strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine sensed the ominously heavy force. It was a heavy blow. He released fire strength and raised his shield.

The terrifying strength crashed onto the shield, the air trembled. The strong cultivator was pushed back a few steps. He groaned with pain and his shield cracked.

“Attack!” shouted Lin Feng. The strong cultivators of the World Clan used world strength, world gates appeared, and the atmosphere was even more distorted. A few people were absorbed by the gates. They appeared somewhere else and their battle array became chaotic.

The demon dragon roared furiously and jumped into the crowd. He swept out with his tail. Even though the demon dragon wasn’t very strong, he was strong enough to cause chaos in the enemies’ battle array.

The strong cultivators of the World Clan didn’t want the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine to recreate their shield. Now that there was a hole, they had to take advantage of it!

Lin Feng moved like the wind. He threw himself at someone else, releasing world strength. That person had the impression he had landed in another world. Lin Feng then released a god sword.

Fire exploded around, the fire energies turned into an ocean of flames. Everything burned even more violently all around them. However, the ocean of fire began to distort and the strong cultivator’s face stiffened.

His cosmic energies became chaotic! He was astonished, world strength could do that?

“This is my world,” said Lin Feng, slowly walking towards him. Sword lights appeared all around him. They contained pitch-black death strength.

“You…” that person was astonished and shouted, “You’re not from the World Clan!”

But the attack was already moving towards him. He retreated, but Lin Feng was faster. He condensed more and more death strength and death stamps. That cultivator’s face turned deathly pale. He said, “Death, Death Dao. You’re not Daimon from the World Clan, you’re Lin Feng!”

“Death Oppression!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Death was everywhere. That cultivator’s face became even paler as the oppressive attack surrounded him. He had the impression a death world was crushing him. His face gradually turned pitch-black. His life was being corroded away.

“Die!” God strength penetrated into his body. He was furious, his body suddenly became gigantic. He turned into a fire giant, he was bathing in flames.

“Even if you’re angry, you’re still going to die,” said Lin Feng coldly. He continued running towards his enemy. A terrifying and aggressive Qi dashed to the skies and surged towards the fire giant. He started destroying his opponent’s Dao Will.

The man roared furiously, he didn’t want to die. Lin Feng dared try to kill a Saint Emperor of the Fire Shrine?!

In the outside world, the crowd noticed that Lin Feng and the Saint Emperor had disappeared in world lights. Nobody knew what was going on in there.

“Void Breaking Vision!” said a strong cultivator of the Empty Space Shrine. His eyes became dazzling and he looked at the world strength which surrounded Lin Feng and his opponent. He was astonished and said, “I can’t see through it. What kind of strength is that world strength? Does that Daimon have a World King Body?”

“You can’t see them?” Many people around were astonished. The Void Breaking Vision could see through almost anything. Surprisingly, he couldn’t see through that world strength?

“Yes, it seems empty inside, there’s nothing. It’s clearly not possible…” whispered the strong cultivator.

The crowd frowned. Daimon was really too strong. Even the Void Breaking Vision couldn’t see through his world strength!

A terrifying explosive strength rent the air with thunder and fire. The world strength broke apart. Lin Feng reappeared and groaned. There was blood on his clothes. At the same time, a terrifying fire strength appeared in the sky, and gradually vanished.

A shield fell down from the sky. People’s hearts started pounding violently. Where was the strong cultivator who was fighting against Lin Feng? Was he dead?

Many people were staring at Lin Feng, including Qiong Hai Ya. The members of the World Clan had killed a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine?

The World Clan dared act that arrogantly?

“Turning into an explosive fire Dao to explode and kill me at the cost of his life? What is that supposed to mean?! Why does the Fire Shrine hate me like that? Why are you doing this?!” said Lin Feng indifferently. The crowd frowned; turning into explosive Dao as a sacrifice to kill Daimon?

The fire strength which filled the air was indeed Fire Dao…

But even if the enemy had done that, it meant that Lin Feng had forced him to, nobody was ready to sacrifice themselves to die and kill an adversary!

“You killed a member of the Fire Shrine?” said Qiong Hai Ya, staring at Lin Feng coldly.

Lin Feng looked at him and said, “We came to apologize. Why did you prepare all this? That’s not what I had expected at all. However, a moment ago, even though he killed himself, it’s also because of me indirectly. Maybe he was too weak so when he sensed my strength, he got scared and thought it could kill him. In order not to tarnish the reputation of the Fire Shrine, he decided to kill himself and died.”

When the crowd heard him, they were speechless. What he was saying had many implications. The strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine was too weak and couldn’t withstand a single attack, so he killed himself. Daimon hadn’t killed him himself, the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine had provoked him and didn’t mind dying so they couldn’t blame him.

“He was too weak, so he deserved to die, indeed. If you’re too weak, you deserve to die too, of course,” said Qiong Hai Ya calmly… but he was also threatening Lin Feng.

“Even though the Fire Shrine is extremely strong, if we decide to battle to death, I don’t mind dying,” replied Lin Feng calmly. The crowd was astonished. Daimon dared say that to Qiong Hai Ya. It meant that now they couldn’t blame him anymore for that strong cultivator’s death, even if he had killed him.

“Very good,” said Qiong Hai Ya coldly. Dazzling fire swords appeared around him.

“His family name is Qiong, how strong is he?” The crowd was staring at him. People whose family name was Qiong in the Fire Shrine were among the strongest cultivators of the Fire Shrine. They had held power and influence in the Fire Shrine for such a long time.

People from the other Shrines were also staring at Qiong Hai Ya. He rarely showed up outside. They were curious to see how strong he was, and what his fighting abilities were. If they saw how strong he was, they would be able to imagine how strong the Qiongs were.

Qiong Hai Ya flashed forwards, the fire swords behind him turning into suns. The fireballs were like small suns and could burn anything. There were nine sun swords around him before they oriented on Lin Feng.

However, he didn’t stop there. Qiong Hai Ya flashed forwards and after that, nine ice-cold moons also appeared.

The crowd started trembling. Extreme cold and heat together made them shake, it was extremely unpleasant. “Sun Fire!” They were astonished. In Ruins City, apart from a scorching hot sun fire, there was also ice-cold moon coldness. Qiong Xiao, who had created the city, probably controlled two sorts of strength!

Lin Feng looked at the nine suns and nine moons. It reminded him of his cosmos-burning sun technique back in the days. Qiong Hai Ya was really strong.

The eighteen swords condensed together and turned into sun and moon patterns. Fire surged out. Two sorts of intent surrounded Lin Feng. Many strong cultivators took steps backwards!

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