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PMG Chapter 2318: Suddenly Leaving

PMG Chapter 2318: Suddenly Leaving

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The scorching hot Qi contained ice-cold energy too. Everybody understood that it was Qiong Hai Ya’s Dao.

The strong cultivators of the World Clan and the Fire Shrine moved away to give space to Lin Feng and Qiong Hai Ya. Lin Feng looked calm and indifferent. However, he was a bit surprised on the inside. Qiong Hai Ya was probably a true core disciple of the Fire Shrine.

“The World Clan is back in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. I’m surprised that they chose to oppose the Fire Shrine,” said Qiong Hai Ya indifferently.

Qiong Hai Ya was right, actually. Previously, when Mo Zheng and Mo Fu had agreed to have a battle, the World Clan had reappeared in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and they hadn’t chosen to confront anyone else, yet they immediately provoked the Fire Shrine. The Fire Shrine wasn’t very happy about it.

“Therefore, we’ll see how long the World Clan will survive in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said Qiong Hai Ya. He didn’t look nervous at all. Huo Shang was staring at Qiong Hai Ya in surprise. Qiong Hai Ya looked like a conquering hero. At his cultivation level, people were ever more dangerous, but they also grew more and more introverted.

Qiong Hai Ya stretched out his hand, and the sun and moon patterns suddenly moved towards Lin Feng. They looked extremely sharp, both hot and cold. Lin Feng sensed the heat and coldness. That kind of strength was much more powerful than pure cold or pure heat.

The moon and sun swords arrived. Lin Feng released an incredible amount of deployment lights, which turned into walls. However, the moon and sun swords pierced through them. Lin Feng waved his hands and empty space cosmic energies filled the air. Beasts ran forwards and roared furiously,  carrying the swords away.

“The World Clan’s strong cultivator’s world strength is terrifying. They can even use empty space strength to enhance their world strength,” the watching crowd analyzed.

Qiong Hai Ya groaned coldly. He jumped to the clouds, and a gigantic sword which seemed to come from the skies appeared, his sun and moon energies dazzling to the eyes. Two tornados made of fire appeared. It didn’t look like a sword attack anymore, but an ocean of fire.

Lin Feng looked at the sky, slowly walking forwards. His terrifying cosmic energies turned into empty space strength. A gigantic hand rose up into the air and grabbed the sword. A strong wind made of empty space strength roared furiously.

Qiong Hai Ya looked surprised, but just smiled coldly and disappeared from where he was. After a few seconds, the sun and moon strength penetrated into Lin Feng’s body with a formidable Dao strength.

Lin Feng released god strength inside of his body and started destroying his opponent’s Dao strength. A light emerged from Lin Feng’s body and shot towards the finger Hai Ya had used to release that attack. Lin Feng ignored everything else, he just focused on that finger.

The fire surrounded Lin Feng, his soul was shaking, facing the end of its time.

“How strong!” murmured the crowd. There was Saint’s strength in that attack, as if it had been a Saint’s finger.

“Die!” said Qiong Hai Ya to Lin Feng. His finger thrust towards Lin Feng’s third eye. But a terrifying strength moved towards Qiong Hai Ya and penetrated into his body. Lin Feng condensed more strength and raised his fist, punching out a fist filled with god strength.

“You’re too naive!” said Lin Feng indifferently. There was an explosion, Lin Feng was now in the ocean of flames and coldness. It was a challenge for his soul. Lin Feng liked it. Qiong Hai Ya was smashed backwards, his finger trembling. It looked broken and painful. The strength assaulting the inside of his body was terrifying.

“Hmph!” Qiong Hai Ya groaned coldly, staring at Lin Feng. He started moving again and released fireballs at Lin Feng. This time, a terrifying cosmos burning hand imprint appeared, burning the air around it. The gigantic hand came down on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng moved again. A gigantic sword appeared and started destroying the hand. Dazzling empty space lights appeared and tore the gigantic hand apart. Lin Feng smiled coldly and said, “Today, we came to pay a visit to the Fire Shrine, but the Fire Shrine doesn’t like us and despises us. The World Clan doesn’t need to stay here. Let’s go.”

All the strong cultivators of the World Clan released world strength quickly, their silhouettes flickered and they were gone.

“What a mysterious world strength. The World Clan’s world strength is better than wind or empty space strength to travel. How ominous…” the crowd murmured.

Lin Feng withdrew and gradually disappeared from Qiong Hai Ya’s field of vision.

“It’s not over, you can’t leave,” said Qiong Hai Ya coldly. He ran towards Lin Feng and his demon dragon.

“We’re not leaving the region. We’ll meet again,” replied Lin Feng indifferently. The demon dragon took him away into the vast ocean of flames of Ruins City.

“Chase him!” said Qiong Hai Ya coldly. Instantly, the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine started flying after them into the ocean of flames. However, Lin Feng had disappeared inside.

There was a pained scream, and a strong cultivator came out of the flames, his lower body had disappeared and blood was dripping out. He looked wretched and miserable as he cried out sadly. He had almost died.

A silhouette suddenly appeared next to him. Qiong Hai Ya asked, “What’s going on?”

“He wasn’t gone. There was hidden world strength in there. He’s still in there, I think,” said the strong cultivator, pointing at the ground. His face was deathly pale, and blood kept dripping from his missing limbs.

But Lin Feng’s Qi had already disappeared. Qiong Hai Ya looked furious.

“Next time, we’ll exchange views on cultivation again with the Fire Shrine!” Lin Feng’s voice came from the distance. All the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine gathered around Qiong Hai Ya and looked at him.

Qiong Hai Ya pulled a long face. He had chosen this place to help the Fire Shrine regain face, and once again they had failed! Lin Feng kept provoking them. He had even killed one of their Saint Emperors. In the end, he had just left, they hadn’t even managed to get through in one piece.

Of course, many people had also seen how strong the Qiong Family of the Fire Shrine was. Qiong Hai Ya wasn’t a stranger anymore in the region, he was going to be famous. How many people like him did the Shrines have?

Initially, Lin Feng wanted to pay a visit to the Fire Shrine, he hadn’t thought things would be this dramatic. He hadn’t thought they would need to fight. After all, the World Clan wasn’t strong enough to fight against the Fire Shrine for real. He had appeared in the name of the World Clan and couldn’t display his real strength, or people would recognize his style.

What he had done today was enough!

Aomo roared his displeasure. Lin Feng was on his back and smiled, “I think that Qiong Hai Ya might be the one who wants to get married with Qing Feng. It should be true if they used the Phoenix Blood Talisman to contact her. The Qiongs must be famous in the Fire Shrine. We will definitely meet again.”

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