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PMG Chapter 2319: People from Everywhere

PMG Chapter 2319: People from Everywhere

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The World Clan and the Fire Shrine had battled. The Void Phoenix Clan had seen it, and they felt very unhappy. Daimon was incredibly strong, and sinister. However, he didn’t know how to appreciate people’s kindness. Surprisingly, he kept provoking the Fire Shrine. After all, Qiong Hai Ya and Qing Feng, as well as Huo Xing Zi and Jing, were now supposed to be close to one another. The Void Phoenix Clan treated them like they were part of the Fire Shrine.

Of course, some people were really happy, especially the members of the other Shrines. The Fire Shrine kept losing face. It was good for them, so they were gloating over the rival’s misfortune. After all, the Shrines had existed for a very long time, but they were all competitors, not allies. If they had an opportunity, they would definitely finish off one another.

It was especially true now that the Void Phoenix Clan and the Fire Shrine were trying to push their relations to the next level. Of course, the other Shrines, including the Fortune Shrine, also had such relations with other clans from the Northwest Area, and other regions of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. As soon as the Shrines and people from other Clans got married, it propelled their relations to the next level. Such connections existed everywhere in the region.


The Buddha Shrine was in the Western part of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds where the Countless Shrine used to be. They were one of the oldest Shrines. They rarely tried to compete with the others. However, nobody dared underestimate them just because they didn’t like fighting.

There were ancient districts on the ground. In the ancient times, in the Countless Shrine, there used to be many Buddhist schools. It was a holy place for them.

A few people were on the flight of stairs, their clothes torn apart. They had fought in a great battle. However, their Qi was extremely powerful.

A young Buddhist monk looked at the Shrine and slowly walked up. He put his palms together, looking solemn and respectful.

Up in the sky, golden lights flashed, and a Sakyamuni Buddha appeared.

“Why did you come?” asked the Sakyamuni.

“I came to get help on the path of Buddhism,” declared the young Buddhist monk calmly. Some strong dazzling golden Buddhas appeared around him.

“What is Buddhism?” asked the golden Sakyamuni.

“I’ve been studying Buddhism for a very long time, but I can’t understand the true essence of Buddhism. That’s why I came,” replied the Buddhist monk in a sharp and clear voice.

“To ask for help on the path of Buddhism, you must go through eighty-one calamities. Can you endure that?” asked the golden Sakyamuni. The young Buddhist monk nodded calmly.

“Alright, the first calamity, the death calamity,” said the golden Sakyamuni coldly. A gigantic golden hand descended from the sky towards the young man. It was going to crush him!

The young man put his palms together and a gigantic ancient Buddha appeared. The gigantic Buddha hand and the ancient Buddha collided. Dazzling golden lights flashed.

“Why did you stop it?” asked the voice coldly. His Qi oppressed the young man.

“I came to ask for help on the path of Buddhism. If I wanted to experience death, I could do it anywhere else,” said the young man calmly, “Besides, if I could understand Buddhism for real, I’d understand life and death even better, of course.”

After that, the Sakyamuni remained silent and disappeared. A Buddhist monk appeared at the top of the flight of stairs and asked, “He’s from the Fortune Shrine, why is he here?”

“People from the Fortune Shrine believe in destiny, and the destiny technique said he would be better off in the Buddha Shrine. My Shrine, the Fortune Shrine, is willing to exchange outstanding disciples with the Buddha Shrine. There is no interest conflict in being both a Buddhist and a member of the Fortune Shrine,” said a young man next to him. He smiled and looked up at the sky.

“The Fortune Shrine controls the Destiny Technique, they can predict destiny relatively precisely. Since they say Buddhism is appropriate for him, it must be. We’ll take him as a disciple,” said the person at the top of the flight of stairs, he put his palms together and smiled.

“Thank you very much. The Empty Space Shrine wants to kill him. However, now that he’s also a disciple of the Buddha Shrine, they won’t dare act insolently,” replied the Fortune Shrine’s strong cultivator with a smile. They both looked at the young man. “Kong Ming, enjoy your time in the Buddha Shrine, we’re off.”

“Thank you, Master,” Kong Ming said to the people who had taken him there. Kong Ming was now far away in the Buddha Shrine.

In the sky, there were a strong cultivator using their Void Breaking Vision to watch all that. When they saw it, they grimaced.

“I didn’t think the Fortune Shrine would have such friends. They even dared put one of their great disciples in the Buddha Shrine. From now on, Kong Ming is a disciple of two Shrines. It will be difficult now,” said one of them slowly. He was annoyed. They had chased Kong Ming for a long time. Finally, the Fortune Shrine had put him in the Buddha Shrine, it was irritating!

“It’s troublesome. The Buddha Shrine usually doesn’t get involved in external affairs, but who knows? Maybe if we kill Kong Ming, that insane cultivator of the Buddha Shrine will go crazy and we won’t offend just one Shrine…”

“The most annoying part is that the Fortune Shrine put Chu Chun Qiu in the Supreme Animal World, they protect Lin Feng, and now they put Kong Ming in the Buddha Shrine, so he’s the disciple of two Shrines. It’s difficult to know who the forbidden person is. They could all be. The Fortune Shrine attaches so much importance to the three of them,” the members of Empty Space Shrine all spoke up.


In the Supreme Animal World, the news that Chu Chun Qiu had been to one of the seven forbidden territories spread throughout the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, including the Imperial Court, only a few people dared go to those areas. Now Chu Chun Qiu from the Fortune Shrine was one of them. The forbidden territory of Ganges Time in the Supreme Animal World was one of the seven forbidden territories. Of course, Chu Chun Qiu had only been to a clear area, he hadn’t been into the depths of the forbidden area.

But now Chu Chun Qiu was getting stronger and stronger, and could surprisingly go to the forbidden areas alone. Those forbidden areas had a very, very long history. They were considered hellish forbidden areas. People who came out were usually insane and had lost their minds.

Back in the days, a terrifying genius had gone to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. He had gone there like a conquering hero, and he had come out completely insane. His only purpose in life had been to kill, and kill, and kill!

When people thought of this, they were terror-stricken. Chu Chun Qiu had been there…

Only a few people had the ability to go there.

Apart from Chu Chun Qiu, there was another genius of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds who was in the Supreme Animal World…


Zhou Rong Man was walking through the desert of the Supreme Animal World. He looked extremely strong.

“What the hell is this place? I’m so tired.” Zhou Rong Man was sweating. He looked exhausted. He had been walking in that desert for a month, but he was still there. Was there no exit? He didn’t know if he had been imprisoned, or if the desert was just too vast.

Zhou Rong Man laid down on the sand and looked at the sky, “How could I be so unlucky? I have the strongest blood strength of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. People have been trying to kill me for a long time, and now I’m stuck in here. Are you old men, trying to deceive me?”

He shouted and his voice spread far away in the distance.

“Eh?” At that moment, Zhou Rong Man frowned. He sensed something on his hand, he quickly shook it and looked at it… blood dripped off.

Zhou Rong Man was stupefied. He was bleeding? Him?!

“What the…” Zhou Rong Man’s heart started pounding. He gazed into the distance. He saw something sharp, like pincers, or claws, like a hand. Gradually, a gigantic golden insect appeared. Zhou Rong Man was astonished.

But after that, he looked enthusiastic and shouted, “I’ve finally found you! Come out! My name is Zhou Rong Man!”

His voice caused soundwaves to roll in waves. Blood kept dripping. The golden insect dug into the ground and tried to hide in the sands. A crater appeared in Zhou Rong Man’s field of vision. He was astonished. He had found the ones who had been chasing him?

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