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PMG Chapter 232: Where is Lin Feng?

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At that moment, his snake spirit roared loudly, the noise sounding like a dragon chant.

The snake opened its mouth and turned into an endless black hole swallowing everything in its way.

An endless quantity of purple liquid was being swallowed by the snake. The stomach of the snake was growing bigger and bigger. Immediately after, a loud roar spread through the air again. Suddenly, additional heads were sprouting from the body of the snake. They all roared and swallowed more purple liquid at the same time.

The purple liquid was an even darker shade of purple when absorbed by the snake.




The chant of the dragons was unceasingly spreading through the atmosphere as if it was echoing from ancient times. At that moment, Lin Feng’s snake had become gigantic. It didn’t even look like a snake anymore, it looked like a dragon. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it was known for some dragons to have multiple heads, his snake had six heads.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s heart was violently pounding, was this his snake spirit?

In comparison with before, his snake was completely different, it had completely changed.

His snake used to be small, it looked very weak.

But at that moment, it looked like an ancient and powerful dragon. It looked brutal, strong and majestic.

“Ssssss, ssssss…..”

The six heads of the snake were singing the chant of the dragons. The snake then rose all of its heads and uttered a long roar as if it was looking down at all the other living creatures.

As far as the purple lake was concerned, it had completely vanished without a trace. It had been completely swallowed by the six headed dragon.

Lin Feng’s snake spirit had absorbed the entire purple lake as if there was nothing in the world that a dragon couldn’t eat.

Lin Feng couldn’t imagine how his snake spirit has transformed to look like a dragon. Even though it couldn’t be described as gigantic, it was still been able to swallow the entire purple lake. Lin Feng couldn’t believe his eyes.

Lin Feng raised his hand and saw a purple light flashing around it. At that moment, Lin Feng’s purple energy was much stronger than that of Zi Ying.

“My spirit transformed itself again, but it’s much stronger than my previous ice-spirit. That’s a good thing.”

Lin Feng was slightly smiling but suddenly, he noticed that a naked young woman was in front of him. She looked so lithe and graceful. Lin Feng was filled with endless desire.

Duan Xin Ye was in front of him and was completely naked.

Her skin was delicate and white, the same could be said about the other parts of her body. In a flash, Lin Feng felt like he was overcome with a fever.

He lowered his head and looked at his own body. Lin Feng had the impression that his cheeks were burning. He was also naked. The purple lake had melted their clothes.

Lin Feng turned his head away. He couldn’t look at Duan Xin Ye anymore. He feared that he wouldn’t be able to control himself if he did. Even though his determination and willpower as a cultivator was extremely strong, Lin Feng was a virgin in his previous life and was still a virgin in his new life and an incredibly beautiful woman was naked before him. His heart was violently and brutally pounding.

Lin Feng quickly removed clothes from his Na stone. It was good that he had his Na stone, otherwise he would not have had any clothes.

Lin Feng put on his clothes and then walked towards Duan Xin Ye, he then threw clothes over her to cover her body and then finally dared look again.

However, Lin Feng suddenly saw two beautiful eyes that were wide open in shock. She wasn’t blinking at all. She was fixedly staring at him. At that moment, Lin Feng wished he could find a hole to escape this awkward situation.

Duan Xin Ye then looked at her body and realized what had happened. Her face became bright red, even her ears had completely turned red.

“I didn’t look on purpose.” said Lin Feng who felt really awkward. When he saw Duan Xin Ye’s red face, he felt even more awkward.

Duan Xin Ye sighed. She was sitting on the ground holding the clothes in front of her body to hide herself. Each of her movements to cover herself was enough to make a man go insane.

“Do you have more clothes?” asked Duan Xin Ye shyly. Even though Lin Feng had a good sense of hearing, his mind was still in a dazed state.

He just slightly nodded and took out more clothes out from the Na Stone and handed them to Duan Xin Ye. He then said: “I’m going over there to see what is inside the palace.” While speaking, Lin Feng abruptly turned around and walked towards the bright light in the front of the palace.

Duan Xin Ye looked shy. She was blankly staring at Lin Feng’s back for a while and then a smile appeared on her face. She looked very sweet. Her smiled would have made anyone’s heart race.

Lin Feng didn’t see Duan Xin Ye’s sweet smile. He continued until he arrived inside the palace. He was stupefied by what he saw.

The palace was extremely spacious and brightly lit. Lin Feng didn’t know what material had been used to build it, but it looked like a luxurious palace that was built in ancient times.

At the front of the palace was a sculpture. It was a motionless silhouette meditating on the ground. A purple light was surrounding the statue. Beside the statue, there was a snake in a curled position. Uncurled, that snake, from head to tail, probably had a length of sixty meters. It was gigantic.

Besides, to Lin Feng’s left, there was a stone slab and on that stone slab was a corpse. That corpse was already a skeleton. On the side of that skeleton was a book.

Lin Feng walked towards the skeleton and grabbed the book to see what was written inside. The book seemed to be a dairy.

“My name is Zi Qian, I am a famous person in Cangzhou. I unintentionally came to this nameless mountain and entered this place. I discovered that it is a graveyard for extremely strong cultivators……..”

“Graveyard?” Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. This place was a graveyard for extremely strong cultivators?

His heart was pounding. He then continued reading the small book in which Zi Qian had written the tales from his life.

So this place was found by Zi Qian ,the first ancestor of the Zi Government.

Besides, this place was a graveyard for extremely strong cultivators. This place was so full of power that it was a forbidden area for other cultivators.

That purple lake was surprisingly human blood. It contained the strength and power of a blood spirit. The blood could penetrate into people’s bodies and would dissolve their bodies from the inside. The process was so the blood could dissolve the body of the host it entered. The powerful blood in the lake was also hereditary. The direct descendants of the Zi Government all possessed a purple spirit but were actually all very weak. They became much stronger only after having absorbed some of the  purple blood from the lake, it was a kind of baptism. Only after that baptism, their spirit would be in harmony with their body. It also developed their natural talent and accelerated their cultivation.

The spirit of the Zi Government members could also be classified as a blood spirit but their ancestors had only relied on the blood from the purple lake to make their spirit become the purple spirit. Even after having undergone a baptism in the purple lake, their spirit could never be as powerful as the blood spirits which could be directly inherited. For example, Duan Xin Ye had inherited her spirit from the blood of her ancestors. All the Duan Clan members had inherited the blood spirit and gained strength from it.

The Zi Government members could only undergo the baptism of the purple lake on the day of their wedding. As a rule, that was the only time when they could enter the forbidden area. This was also Zi Qian’s choice. That was the only way to enjoy its benefits. Entering the forbidden area as a young adult was best because if a person was too young they wouldn’t be able to endure the pain, while older people would have wasted time and lost their potential already.

All the members of the Zi Government wanted to undergo the baptism of the purple lake. However, Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye’s bodies had both rejected it. Duan Xin Ye’s body had rejected it because she possessed an extremely strong and powerful blood spirit whose sealed doors had prevented her body from absorbing the purple liquid.

As far as Lin Feng was concerned, the purple liquid had been entirely swallowed by his snake spirit. His snake spirit had absorbed all the strength of the purple blood.

Lin Feng turned around and looked the huge snake beneath the statue. Lin Feng was shaking.

It wasn’t a statue, it was a real snake……………

The purple lake was actually formed from the blood of the snake.

“What a strong and powerful beast! Its blood could fill an entire lake and it harnesses the strength of blood. Besides, it’s been there for so many years and the blood was still alive.”


Outside of the forbidden area, the crowd was still waiting patiently. The old man of the Zi Government was waiting, but the door leading to the forbidden area remained closed, not moving at all.

Not only the old man but everybody who belonged to the Zi Government was gathered there. They were all waiting for Lin Feng, the corridor was packed with strong cultivators.

A rumbling noise could be heard and the ground started shaking. The crowd was astonished. They looked down the mountain and saw a group of silhouettes riding armored-horses. They were galloping at full speed and looked extremely majestic.

The leader of the group was a woman, she was wearing white clothes and her face was covered with a fine veil. Even though they could only see her silhouette, everybody was fascinated by that woman.

“There is another incredibly beautiful woman.” thought people in the crowd while their heartbeats accelerated. They didn’t know who these people were and why they were coming straight towards the Zi Government.

Their horses neighed and while looking full of vitality, the horses all jumped directly into the corridor. They looked majestic, imposing and awe-inspiring.

“How impressive! Could it be that they are lost?” The crowd was stupefied. Surprisingly, these people had directly entered the corridor.

Everybody started looking at the woman who was leading the group. They also didn’t know who she was and why she had come. They really wanted to see her face to see if she was comparable with Duan Xin Ye, or at least, to see what she what was like beneath her veil.

“Where is Lin Feng?” said the young woman. The crowd was astonished. She had come because of Lin Feng. Once again, everything was because of Lin Feng!

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