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PMG Chapter 2321: Mu Shan Clan

PMG Chapter 2321: Mu Shan Clan

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In the Ten Thousand Dusk Mountains, dazzling golden lights were everywhere. The mountains seemed to be made of gold.

This place was in the Dazzling Gold Shrine’s jurisdiction, and so had many cultivators who studied gold strength. Being close to the Dazzling Gold Shrine, they had access to many resources. Even the buildings were made of gold!

A strong cultivator in the Ten Thousand Dusk Mountains raised his head and looked at the sky. He was startled as he shouted out, “A dragon!”

“Who’s that? He’s riding a powerful demon dragon!” Many people were astonished. After all, dragons were considered incredible creatures in the world of cultivators. People were always impressed when they saw dragons.

“I’ve heard that Mu Shan Zi invited many strong Saint Emperors to come. I wonder what he wants to do.”

“I’ve heard that it was related to the forbidden territories. Those people are all insane. They don’t have simplistic views like we do. We’ll probably hear a lot about it.”

“Yes, we can only wait. Mu Shan Zi has been discreet for many years. I’ve heard that he was at the very top of the Sheng Di Layer, I wonder whether it’s true or not. In the Ten Thousand Dusk Mountains, there are only a few cultivators who have reached the very top of the Sheng Di Layer.”

Lin Feng heard what people were saying. He had incredible hearing and his perceptions were acute. At such a cultivation level, people had incredible senses.

It seems that Mu Shan Zi is famous in the Ten Thousand Dusk Mountains, thought Lin Feng. He heard many people talking about those who had reached the very top of the Sheng Di Layer. Such people had the potential to become Saints, and if they didn’t die, it usually happened. Therefore, the number of cultivators of the very top of the Sheng Di Layer didn’t increase with time in the world.

Lin Feng had already gathered information about this place. He directly flew to the Mu Shan Clan. Dragons were very famous for being strong, but they were also extremely fast. They were just slower than the most terrifying Great Oriental Greenfinch Rocs.

“We’re here,” mused Lin Feng, gazing into the distance. There was a celestial lake, its waters calm, some leaves floating on the surface. The place was very beautiful. In the middle of the lake were some lofty buildings, the residences of the Mu Shan Clan!

“It’s all golden. The Mu Shan Clan looks new, and floating above a lake, is quite beautiful,” murmured Lin Feng as they descended from the sky

“A dragon!” At that moment, many people looked at Lin Feng flying towards the lake. A middle-aged man wearing blue robe released lightning when he saw the dragon and sharp electrical lights appeared in his eyes.

At the same time, on another side, there was a beautiful woman whose golden robe was fluttering in the wind. When she saw the dragon, her eyes became started glowing, too. She didn’t look ordinary at all.

The air hummed. The two people moved to intercept Lin Feng. After a short time, Aomo arrived above the surface of the lake. Because he was flapping his wings, gigantic waves appeared on the surface of the water. Lin Feng smiled at the two people.

“A demon dragon, a young man riding a demon dragon?!” The middle-aged man in the blue robe was startled. In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were even fewer dragon riders than cultivators of the top of the Sheng Di Layer. Who would dare steal dragons from the Supreme Animal World to ride them? If someone rode a dragon, it meant that the dragon had agreed to it!

Recently, a young man riding a dragon had become a bit famous…

“You’re Daimon from the World Clan?” said the middle-aged man in the blue robe. The World Clan had come back to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and provoked the Fire Shrine. Daimon had defeated Huo Shang and Qiong Hai Ya, he was famous now. Many people paid attention to what happened to the Shrines, including the Fire Shrine, so they knew about Daimon.

So now Lin Feng had become a little bit famous. He was considered as a genius by ordinary people, but not by extremely strong cultivators, so he was just a little bit famous. He had just started standing out.

Lin Feng was surprised that Mu Shan Zi had invited him, but he had decided to accept the invitation, this was normal.

Lin Feng nodded. The middle-aged man said, “You must be extraordinary for a demon dragon to let you ride him. But you can compete with Qiong Hai Ya from the Fire Shrine, that is rare. You escaped, of course, you might not be as strong as him, but that would be normal.”

The middle-aged man sounded composed. He didn’t flatter Lin Feng but he didn’t denigrate him either. At such cultivation levels, people were also less extroverted, and more reserved. They didn’t admire or denigrate people. they just stated facts. Denigrating people was pointless, they cared about themselves first.

Lin Feng didn’t draw their attention because he was Lin Feng, but because he was riding a dragon!

“You must Lan Ge from the Thunder Shrine,” said the woman, smiling at the middle-aged man.

“Celestial Sound Shrine, Hua Qian Yu,” said Lan Ge looking at the woman calmly, “I’ve heard that you could release millions of soundwaves. I’m happy to meet you.”

“Brother Lan Ge, you’re flattering me, my soundwave techniques aren’t that great. I am unworthy of your praises,” replied Hua Qian Yu. Then, she looked at Aomo and smiled, “That little dragon is so cute and so young. He’s already so strong.”

Aomo’s gigantic eyes twinkled and he roared, making the sky shake. Hua Qian Yu released a dragon chant soundwave to counter it, then stepped backwards and smiled. “Let’s not perturb the tranquility of the lake. Let’s head to the Mu Shan Clan.”

“The dragon chant was like a soundwave technique… and it wasn’t weaker than Aomo’s dragon roar…” murmured Lin Feng, glancing at her. The Celestial Sound Shrine was a Shrine, too…

Lan Ge turned around and flew in the direction of the Mu Shan Clan. Aomo roared and flew above the lake after them.

When they entered the Mu Shan Clan, there were some people ready to welcome the guests. Someone showed Lin Feng and the others rooms for their stay; these guest rooms were magnificent. Lin Feng was early, only a dozen people had arrived. But without exception, those people were from wealthy groups. Their fighting abilities were all extraordinary.

The Mu Shan Clan had prepared residences halfway up the mountains. They could see the lake from the top. It was an incredible place. Lin Feng laid down in the grass of the mountain and gazed into the distance.

A few other people were there too. They all enjoyed the environment.

“Daimon!” someone called out at that moment. Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. He was still lying down on the grass and he smiled. He had been invited too.

“I wouldn’t have thought we’d meet again so soon.” said Qiong Hai Ya when he saw Lin Feng. He also smiled, pleasantly surprised.

“I told you,” said Lin Feng smiling. He turned his head and looked at Qiong Hai Ya. They both looked enthusiastic. Daimon had used the Fire Shrine as a stepping stone to become famous, and now Mu Shan Zi had invited them both there.

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