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PMG Chapter 2322: With Admiration

PMG Chapter 2322: With Admiration

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Qiong Hai Ya walked up to him and grinned. “Perfect, as you said. Are you the only one from the World Clan who’s been invited?”

“The World Clan is tiny. I’m the only one who received the invitation letter. The World Clan can’t be compared with the Fire Shrine,” Lin Feng smiled. Qiong Hai Ya smile stiffened a bit. The members of the World Clan had broken their shield. He understood what Lin Feng meant. He was making fun of them!

At that moment, someone landed next to Qiong Hai Ya. That person was taller than Qiong Hai Ya and looked a bit plump. He looked calm and unruffled, like someone who could never get angry. When he was around, people felt a bit pressured. Qiong Hai Ya didn’t give people that kind of impression.

People around smiled when they saw him. Apart from Qiong Hai Ya, Mu Shan Zi had also invited that guy. It seemed that Mu Shan Zi had great plans, or he wouldn’t have invited such people.

Qiong Jiu Tian, this guy’s family name was also Qiong. He was of the same generation as Qiong Hai Ya, and he was already a cultivator of the very top of the Sheng Di Layer, much stronger than Qiong Hai Ya.

“The World Clan has been silent for such a long time and now they came back with such geniuses. Not bad. I hope you won’t disappoint anyone,” said Qiong Jiu Tian to Lin Feng calmly. He sounded proud and arrogant. He had been a cultivator of the very top of the Sheng Di Layer for many years already, one more step, one last step and he’d become a Saint.

Lin Feng stood up slowly and looked at Qiong Jiu Tian calmly. He could sense that Qiong Jiu Tian was threatening him. He seemed much more powerful than Qiong Hai Ya. He even looked stronger than the middle-aged man in blue clothes. However, Lin Feng was Daimon from the World Clan now, and his social status was every bit as high as these people. He took a step forwards and smiled in anticipation. “You think a lot.”

When Qiong Jiu Tian heard Lin Feng’s reply, he remained calm, smiled, turned around, and left. Qiong Hai Ya groaned in an ice-cold way and said, “We can’t wait to see!”

He also departed. Regarding what he couldn’t wait to see, he was probably the only one who knew. But people understood that he couldn’t wait to see bad things happen to Lin Feng.


During the following days, Mu Shan Zi didn’t show up. More and more people arrived in the Mu Shan Clan. Twenty-some people had already gathered there. They were all extremely strong. Of course, Mu Shan Zi had invited many other people, but many of them didn’t have time to arrive so early and wait around. At such cultivation levels, people had responsibilities and many things to do. Many people wouldn’t even have the time to come to the Mu Shan Clan at all.

The deadline Mu Shan Zi had given to the people he had invited to come had arrived. The people were summoned to a hall. Someone smiled and said, “Mu Shan Zi will probably arrive soon.”

“He’s here already. I wonder what he wants to tell us.”

“The distance to the Supreme Animal World… Since he came back, it must be very important,” mused others. Lin Feng listened to them talking. He understood that Mu Shan Zi wasn’t always in the Mu Shan Clan. Apparently, he had spent time in the Supreme Animal World these last few days.

“Mu Shan Zi went to the Supreme Animal World to practice, yet he heard of me. I wonder whether Mu Shan Zi wanted me to come, or was it the Mu Shan Clan? That guy must be an expert at communication. Even when he’s traveling, he doesn’t forget his other responsibilities,” mused Lin Feng.

An old man appeared and descended from the sky. He smiled at everybody and said, “Everybody, you’ve been waiting for a long time. The young master is back, he’s taking a bath and changing clothes. We organized a welcome dinner. Please follow me.”

Silhouettes flickered. People moving at impressive speed appeared in Lin Feng’s field of vision.

“That guy is back, and went to take a shower and change clothes?! He’s like a chick!” said someone rudely. That guy looked extremely strong and rude. He was wearing big pants and was bare-backed. He had huge muscles, so pumped up it seemed there were about to explode. His hand was over his shoulder, carrying a gigantic hammer. Such people were difficult to forget after a single glance.

“What? Why are you so impatient? Do you think everybody’s rude like you? Being clean is respectful for people you meet,” said another middle-aged man coldly. He looked brutal and wild, with a big beard; he looked dignified and majestic.

“Shut up!” swore a young man, extremely tall with a bestial presence. His hands were in the sleeves of his cyan clothes, and pale lights surrounded him. He actually looked rather handsome.

The two people who had just talked looked at the young man coldly and said, “Little beast, be polite to your elders. When I became famous, you weren’t even born yet!” said the wild middle-aged man.

The beast turned around and said coldly, “Situ, are you saying you’re already rotten and useless?”

Situ groaned coldly and smiled back, “The younger generations will surpass us in time. Young people are getting more and more arrogant.”

“It’s not time to talk shit and argue, otherwise use your strength to fight!” said the one wearing big pants, but he was gloating over another person’s misfortune.

Situ smiled, showing his teeth. “Don’t worry, there will be opportunities.”

“Let’s go and see what Mu Shan Zi wants to tell us,” suggested someone wearing a black cloak. These people looked simple, but actually they all had incredible stories. They had all received the invitation letter, which proved they were terrifyingly strong. In front of younger people, they usually remained silent, they were people of few words. One glance and they could terrify younger folk.

Everybody followed the old man and arrived at a palace. In front of them was a young man with the elegant demeanor of a gentleman. He smiled at the crowd and said, “Everybody, thank you for accepting my invitation. I feel moved.”

“Don’t be shameless, Mu Shan Zi. You know that we didn’t come just because of your invitation letter.”

“Indeed. We have no time to waste.”

The crowd didn’t give face to Mu Shan Zi, but he didn’t seem to mind. He just smiled and said, “Alright, stop criticizing me, everybody. Come in, and let’s discuss business.”

“Alright!” agreed the crowd. They followed Mu Shan Zi to the main palace and sat down on two sides of a long table. They all looked at Mu Shan Zi. Situ spoke up aggressively, “Mu Shan Zi, will you talk now?”

“Situ, you haven’t changed,” Mu Shan Zi smiled. He looked at the crowd and said, “Everybody, you know that I just came back from the Supreme Animal World. I went there to practice cultivation, but I had some interesting experiences.”

“What?” asked the one who looked like a beast.

“Chu Chun Qiu, who finished third at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds back in the days, has spent much time in Ganges Time. Now, he has left Ganges Time and he has gone to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell alone. You know that, right?” said Mu Shan Zi.

“Yes, has Chu Chun Qiu found anything in particular?” asked Qiong Jiu Tian. His eyes glittered.

“If I tell you that he’s a sympathizer to the Supreme Ancient Demons, and that is the reason why he went to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, would you believe me?” Mu Shan Zi asked calmly.

The crowd was astonished, “Really?”

“I’ve met Chu Chun Qiu. Even though he ranked third at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he’s extremely strong. We met just outside of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. He’s very brave, I admire him. Even though I don’t know whether Lin Feng and Kong Ming, who respectively ranked first and second at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, are stronger than him or not, I know that Chu Chun Qiu is extremely strong,” said Mu Shan Zi calmly.

Everybody now thought even higher of those who had finished at the top of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Mu Shan Zi had acknowledged Chu Chun Qiu!

“Lin Feng is also incredible. He humiliated the Snow Clan. The Fire Shrine has been chasing him for a very long time and they always fail. I just don’t know where he is now,” said the one who had big pants.

Qiong Hai Ya frowned. Lin Feng… the Fire Shrine hated him!

Actually, many people from the Shrines were there. They had been chasing the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds for a long time, including Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu. But it didn’t mean they didn’t admire them, too. There was nothing wrong with admiring enemies!

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