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PMG Chapter 2324: Aomo’s Special Power

PMG Chapter 2324: Aomo’s Special Power

Even though the Supreme Animal World and the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were two different worlds, people could cross the border freely. Some people wanted to trade with the animals of the Supreme Animal World, but they did it in the dark because some people or animals didn’t have positive opinions about it. Therefore, some deadly battles had also happened in that dark city.

The people who were there were only stronger, and also bloodthirsty, ferocious, and courageous. Of course, they paid attention to who they offended. Otherwise, the Supreme Animal World could take revenge, and a single person couldn’t compete with the Supreme Animal World alone.

Humans hunted beasts, and beasts ate human beings. In the Supreme Animal World, there were human beings everywhere, but it was dangerous for them. Beasts could kill them anytime, it was their land!


Lin Feng and Aomo teleported themselves from the dark city to the Supreme Animal World. They arrived in a dark forest with beasts everywhere.

“What a thick and rich bestial Qi!” murmured Lin Feng, smelling the Qi.

“They hate humans, so they stay in this area because humans usually arrive here from the dark city. When they see humans, they try to kill them,” explained Aomo. Lin Feng nodded. Aomo then continued flapped his wings and glanced around.

Aomo roared out, and some beasts in the forests stopped. Some of them lowered their heads. For them, dragons were like kings, they held them in awe and veneration.

Aomo led, and nothing happened to them along the way. They flew in the direction of the Black Phoenix Animal District.

Twenty days later, Lin Feng saw an Ancient animal district. There were gigantic lofty animal buildings. It was completely different from the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ world. The Qi here was more brutal. It was also, obviously, completely different from the human world.

Many people raised their heads when they saw a dragon in the sky. A dragon had shown up in the black phoenixes’ territory! And that dragon had a human being on his back, even worse!

In a celestial palace on the top of a gigantic mountain, someone gazed into the distance and saw Aomo. That person’s eyes glittered coldly, “That dragon has no dignity.”

Lin Feng and Aomo continued along. Lin Feng sensed someone watching him. He glanced at the celestial palace in the distance and saw a silhouette, a person wearing a golden and purple tiger robe. He looked like an ancient animal king, dignified and majestic. He was staring at Aomo.

“Get the Hell down!” shouted the man furiously. Such a terrifying roar could destroy an ordinary human’s internal organs. Lin Feng sensed heavy soundwaves, and saw many illusionary tigers.

“Roar of the Red Tigers, it’s King of the Red Tigers.” That roar alarmed countless monsters in the area. They looked up to the palace in the sky, and they saw the leader of the Red Tigers Palace standing there. He wasn’t happy to see Aomo and that human.

Aomo paused. The King said in a cold and detached way, “You’re from the Dragon Clan, and you let a human ride you. Shame on you, you’re a disgrace to the Dragon Clan. Since you’re shameless, I’ll use you as a means of transportation. You’ll help me protect the palace.”

Aomo looked at him coldly and spat out some flames. His gigantic eyes were filled with murder.

“Old tiger,” said Lin Feng to the King of the Red Tigers. The King was furious.

“Hmph!” the King of the Red Tigers stared at Lin Feng and said, “Piss off now! Give me the dragon.”

“Stupid and insolent animal,” retorted Lin Feng coldly. The King of the Red Tigers was infuriated. He rose up into the air and released bestial Qi in a wave of power. Lin Feng and Aomo sensed oppressive energies around them.

“I’ll go and kill that animal,” Aomo said to Lin Feng.

“No. He’s not weak. We can’t win against him,” said Lin Feng.

“Don’t worry, father, leave it to me!” said Aomo, flying towards the tiger.

Lin Feng was startled and looked at Aomo. He actually didn’t know how strong Aomo was. He was a dragon, he probably had some special powers. The king wouldn’t dare kill him, anyway. Lin Feng was the one in danger.

“Awesome, I’ll see how strong a dragon can be,” spat the King of the Red Tigers coldly. He flashed forwards and released mighty oppressive energies. He raised his fist, but it felt like a mountain had appeared. Aomo wasn’t afraid; his claws appeared, and his skin was like armor.

The collision was impressive and loud as thunder. Aomo streaked across the sky, wounds appearing on his arms, a terrifyingly heavy strength penetrating into his body. He coughed up blood. The King of the Red Tigers understood earth strength, his attacks were extremely heavy. He was a King of the earth.

The King of the Red Tigers frowned. He hadn’t expected Aomo to be strong enough to compete with him. He roared and moved faster than the eye. The word “KING” appeared above his face. Several tiger kings appeared around Aomo and converged on him.

Aomo released a terrifying dark demon Qi, his eyes turned pitch black. People around heard dragon chants. Aomo turned into several dragons and shot towards the different tiger kings.

The demon dragons crashed into the tiger kings, roaring triumphantly. The King of the Red Tigers waved his hands and the tiger kings roared furiously. Their roars could destroy people’s souls.

“It seems like the King of the Red Tigers’ roars have reached the peak of perfection. His second Dao is already almost at the maximum level!” exclaimed the crowd watching below. The King of the Red Tigers was a leader in that region and all this wasn’t surprising, he was extremely strong. The demon dragon seemed like it was going to get crushed. Only one demon dragon was left, and he was struggling.

At that moment, the atmosphere suddenly became dark. Demon energies filled the air. A dragon shadow appeared and blotted out the sky.

“Godly Dragon Clan’s ability!” The beasts in the distance frowned. The strongest dragons had a special ability which made their Dao much more powerful.

The King of the Red Tigers raised his head. As expected, the dragon was extremely strong, and he could use the special ability of the Dragon Clan. The atmosphere was dark and looked apocalyptic.

Lin Feng initially wanted to get involved, but when he saw that, he stopped, his eyes twinkling. The Tiger King was extremely strong and controlled earth strength; he also had some sound attacks, so he understood two types of Dao. But Ao was talented and his attacks were explosive.

The dragon spat out energies which turned into dark demon strength. Dragons surrounded the tigers, which turned black.

“Kill him!” shouted Aomo. Instantly, the tiger kings were crushed and destroyed by the demon energies. At the same time, a terrifying demon strength shot towards the King of the Red Tigers and surrounded him.

The King of the Red Tigers’ face stiffened. He was slowly turning dark as well!

“Piss off!” shouted the King of the Red Tigers furiously. Suddenly, he had three heads and six arms. All the heads roared furiously. He started flying towards the gigantic dragon in the sky. Quickly, the gigantic dragon opened his mouth and swallowed the king.

“That’s…” When the crowd saw that, they were astonished. Had the demon dragon absorbed the gigantic tiger?

Roaring sounds spread in the air, and the King of the Red Tigers reappeared and shot away. His body had turned black and he looked angry.

“You’re a weakling, and you think I’ll become a guard in your palace?” shouted Aomo icily. The King of the Red Tigers roared angrily in response. Gigantic pitch-black swords appeared and streaked across the sky. In the twinkling of an eye, the celestial palace was riddled with gaping wounds.

The King of the Red Tigers shouted furiously, “How dare you attack my palace? Get ready to be punished!”

The King of the Red Tigers left. The crowd in the distance was astonished. The King of the Red Tigers had stopped fighting. Was he going to ask the other leaders to come and help him?

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