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PMG Chapter 2325: Negligence

PMG Chapter 2325: Negligence

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Aomo was staring after his opponent. His gigantic eyes were filled with cold lights. “He overestimated himself.”

Then, he turned around and moved back to Lin Feng. He looked quite satisfied and smiled broadly. “Father, what did you think?”

“Not bad! Is that your special ability? You can turn people into demons? Excellent,” said Lin Feng, petting Aomo’s head and smiling.

“Yes, it’s my special ability. It keeps growing more and more powerful. I can absorb living beings and make them turn into demons!” Aomo smiled. Lin Feng tapped his back. He looked like a little child when he was with Lin Feng; to the crowd in the distance, seeing a terrifyingly strong dragon act like a child was astonishing.

“Do you all have different abilities in the Dragon Clan?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

“Some people don’t. It depends on your natural abilities.”

“I see!” Lin Feng nodded.


The two continued forwards and entered the Black Phoenix Animal District. Mu Shan Zi still hadn’t contacted them and few people, or maybe none, had arrived yet. Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush, though. He chose a place to live and and practice cultivation.

Lin Feng hated wasting time. He was productive everyday. He forced himself to make full use of his time to become stronger.

But Aomo wasn’t like that. He was a beast; when he was abroad, he enjoyed his time. In the Supreme Animal World, there were beasts everywhere, it was his home territory. He felt at home.

At that moment, there was a human being on Aomo’s back, but it was not Lin Feng. It was a very beautiful woman.

“Little boy, before you were even born, I was with Lin Feng already. I’m like a big sister or an auntie for you. Show me around and stop complaining,” said Xiao Ya with smile. She had never ridden a dragon. It was an awesome feeling.

“So what? You’re not my dad’s sister!” said Aomo. He wasn’t happy. He continued flying in the clouds. When Xiao Ya had enough, they landed on the ground. Xiao Ya wasn’t worried with Aomo there. He was extremely strong.

“Let’s have something to eat.” Aomo turned into a human being again and took Xiao Ya to a bestial pavilion. There were many things to drink and eat there, but when Xiao Ya saw the food, she felt like vomiting. There was bleeding raw meat everywhere.

“Let’s leave,” said Xiao Ya, putting her hand over her mouth and nose. The smell of the meat was horrible, too.

“I’ve heard that many people from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were going to come here,” said someone at that moment. It was a woman in black clothes. Xiao Ya stopped and sat down. The woman continued, “The Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell is one of the forbidden territories. Those humans will definitely die there.”

“I hope Lin Feng isn’t going to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell!” whispered Xiao Ya to Aomo.

Aomo looked at her and said, “He is!”

“Will it be dangerous?” asked Xiao Ya. She was extremely worried.

“Don’t worry. How could anything happen to my father?” said Aomo. He had faith in Lin Feng. The woman looked at him sharply.

“A dragon!” The woman was stunned when she saw Aomo and realized he was a dragon.

“Black phoenix.” Aomo looked at her and realized she was a black phoenix.

The woman looked at him darkly and said, “You guys are going to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell to die?”

“The phoenix clan is doomed. They are just a futile clan now. You’re just lucky to be alive. You don’t dare go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, and you make fun of people who are brave enough to go there,” retorted Aomo coldly.

“Right, you’re a coward and you make fun of people who are brave. You’re ridiculous!” said a middle-aged man in blue clothes biting into a big piece of raw meet.

Aomo looked at him and said, “You arrived too!”

They had seen each other in the Mu Shan Clan.

“Yes. Since you’re here, I presume Daimon is here, too. But who’s that girl? Even though Daimon won’t have any problem in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, I don’t think he should bring that girl, it would be dangerous for her,” said Lan Ge, looking at Xiao Ya. Xiao Ya looked so cute and naive. Lan Ge liked her.

“Daimon knows that,” replied Aomo. Lan Ge didn’t say anything else. At that moment, he slowly turned around and looked at someone who didn’t say anything. That person was wearing a black cloak and his head was lowered, it was difficult to see his face. He had no Qi at all either.

“Who are you?” asked Lan Ge indifferently. That guy in black clothes looked dangerous.

He didn’t reply, continuing to eat as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Lan Ge released Qi which filled the air. Lightning appeared around him and shot towards that person. That person raised his hand, and the thunders crashed into his palm. The crowd thought he was going to explode, but he didn’t. The lightning gradually disappeared.

Lan Ge looked at him sharply. “You’re extremely strong, Your Excellency. I want to know who you are even more.”

Lan Ge released more and more lightning Qi in a surge of power.

The person slowly raised his head, he had pitch-black eyes. One glance and Lan Ge had the impression he was in Hell.

Lan Ge slowly stood up. He was surrounded by lightning, and the pavilion was torn open. He threw himself at the other man. The cultivator in black clothes released blood lights, the lightning and blood lights collided.

The cultivator in black clothes moved away, he didn’t want to stay there.

“Cut!” Lan Ge released lightning to surround the cultivator. The crowd around them couldn’t open their eyes, it was so blinding. The cultivator in black clothes flitted backwards, his black robe had just been ripped apart by the lightning. He glanced at Lan Ge, as the other beasts around shivered.

What was going on? Half of his head was demoniac and the other half was bestial!

Blood lights appeared in the sky, and the astonished crowd watched the cultivator leave.

“Someone from the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell?” shouted Lan Ge. He chased after the cultivator.

Aomo was astonished, too. Was that truly someone from the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell? Both of them suddenly chased after that cultivator. Xiao Ya shouted, “You bastard!”

Xiao Ya looked at Aomo, he had forgotten her there. She felt unsafe, she couldn’t compete with all the beasts there.

“Little girl, since you’re alone here, you should come to my house.” said the woman in black clothes with a smile. Xiao Ya’s face stiffened. “I have things to do. Thank you, sister.”

“It’s alright, follow me. When your dragon friend comes back, I’ll tell him you are there,” said the woman smiling.

Xiao Ya was scared, but she forced herself to smile and replied, “Sister, I’ll wait for my brother to come back, he’s extremely strong.”

“Is that so? As strong as King Phoenix?” asked the woman smiling. She sounded much colder and asked, “Are you coming or not?”

Dark lights surrounded Xiao Ya. She instantly stopped smiling and said, “Alright, I’ll come to your house, sister.”

“Good girl!” declared the smiling woman. Her Qi disappeared, and she took Xiao Ya away.

“Sister, where’s your house?” asked Xiao Ya, trying to force herself to smile. “And what will we do there?”

“Hihi, good little girl. I want your dragon friend to give me some dragon blood. You will help me do that.”

“Sister, you just had to tell me and I would have asked.”

However, the woman shook her head and said, “No. We need the blood of a powerful dragon. Your dragon friend won’t necessarily accept, even if you’re with us.”

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