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PMG Chapter 2326: The Grave of Black Phoenix Valley

PMG Chapter 2326: The Grave of Black Phoenix Valley

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Lan Ge and Aomo came back. They didn’t continue chasing the mysterious cultivator in black clothes, he was too fast.

“You’re from the Dragon Clan, have you heard of such monsters before?” Lan Ge asked Aomo. He didn’t know much about the Supreme Animal World.

“No, he looked even more terrifying than a beast. What a strange face, too.” said Aomo. He couldn’t forget that face. Aomo suddenly glanced around and realized Xiao Ya had disappeared!

He shouted, “Where’s my little sister?”

Someone laughed. Aomo turned around and looked at a woman in black clothes. He said coldly, “You took her?”

“We want some godly dragon blood, a bowl,” the woman to Aomo said casually.

Aomo’s face stiffened and he shouted furiously, “Insolent! You could have asked me if you wanted dragon blood, I would have given you some!”

“I want godly dragon blood!” said the woman. Aomo frowned, his face hard. He cursed, “You don’t have the godly blood of your ancestors, and now you dare ask some from dragons! How shameless! You want the Dragon Clan to destroy you?!”

“You can refuse: We’ll sacrifice the little human girl then. If we do, you can’t blame us!” said the woman.

Lan Ge said, “I’ve heard that the black phoenixes are insolent, there is nothing they don’t dare. They are known for such practices.”

“You’re a human, shut your filthy mouth!” said the woman, staring at Lan Ge coldly. Dark Qi filled the air and surrounded him. She said to Aomo, “You don’t have much time to think. We took the girl to the Grave of Black Phoenix Valley. If you take too much time, we’ll offer her as sacrifice to our ancestors!”

“I’ll give some to you!” said Aomo. He pulled a long face. Xiao Ya was Lin Feng’s little sister. He had asked him to take care of her, and now he had been too careless and had left her alone for a few minutes. He had to bear the responsibility for that. He was furious.

Lan Ge said, “Godly dragon blood is what makes you dragons talented. If dragons lose godly blood, it can ruin their cultivation.”

“I know,” said Aomo raising his hands, “But I have no choice, for my dad.”

Lan Ge was astonished. The person he called “dad” was probably Daimon from the World Clan. He was astonished, but understood their relationship a little bit better.

The woman in black clothes stood up and looked impatient. She wanted the blood as quickly as possible.

A silhouette appeared in the distance and closed on them as fast as lightning.

“Aomo, stop!” someone shouted. Aomo stopped moving. He looked happy and said, “Dad!”

The woman in black clothes moved back and opened her wings.

An ice-cold sword moved towards the woman. The sword crashed into her third eye. She was staring at the silhouette, she couldn’t believe it. This person dared try and kill her without saying anything!

The woman in black clothes suddenly exploded. The atmosphere was filled with a terrifying sword Qi. The crowd around was astonished and shaking.

“Let’s go the Grave of Black Phoenix Valley!” said Lin Feng. Instantly, Aomo roared and turned back into a gigantic black dragon. He rose up in the air, Lin Feng on his back. Lan Ge jumped onto him, too.


The other woman in black clothes who had captured Xiao Ya had arrived at the valley; it was very cold there. Xiao Ya was shuddering because of the chill and said, “Sister, it’s so cold here. Where are we?”

“It’s the Grave of the Black Phoenix. When black phoenixes are not entirely dead, we put their threads of soul here. They can then absorb strength, human or bestial vitality Qi. It helps them become stronger again.” said the woman.

“Why did you take me here then, sister?” said Xiao Ya. She had cold sweats, and was terrified. She kept contacting Lin Feng with her jade talisman.

The woman in black clothes glanced at the talisman on her neck. She grabbed it and broke it apart. She smiled and said, “Little sister, don’t do such things. Your dragon brother is coming. When he gives us blood, we’ll take you to an ancestor in the valley.”

“Sister, why not release me after?”

“We’ll see if your dragon brother can save you!” said the woman in black clothes, laughing sinisterly However, at that moment, her face changed drastically, she became deathly pale.

She was dead?

“You want to die!” said the woman in black clothes, suddenly releasing Dark intent. She grabbed Xiao Ya again and continued flying. Xiao Ya raised her head, she wanted to leave, but she couldn’t, and the phoenix hit her with her gigantic pitch-black wings. She coughed blood and fell from the sky.

A black silhouette took her away. The Qi around her was ice-cold, formed by black phoenix shadows. They looked like death gods. Everything in the valley smelled like death.

“Brother!” said Xiao Ya. She landed on the ground, but the shadows continued taking her away. Another jade talisman appeared in her hands and broke. Lights appeared around her, gigantic statues appeared and protected her.

The shadows crashed onto the protectors. Xiao Ya burst into tears. She took out many jade talismans and deployment talismans. Lin Feng had made them for her so that she could use them when she was in danger. She prayed Lin Feng would arrive soon!

At that moment, Lin Feng was on Aomo’s back with Lan Ge. Lin Feng used his godly awareness to inspect the area.

He looked dreadfully grim. His eyes were filled with murder. He said, “Aomo, hurry up!”

“Yes, father!” said Aomo. He looked roared out with anger. Dark lights flashed around him. Some blood strength surrounded him and allowed him to fly even faster.

“How fast!” Lan Ge was astonished. The dragons were truly extraordinarily talented. How incredible!

Qi filled the air. Lan Ge looked at Daimon. He had released soul strength, and a sharp Qi which seemed like it could split apart the whole sky.

A sharp sword emerged from his body and streaked across the sky. Daimon’s soul was incredible, he even left his body with his soul.

How strong, his soul makes him look like a god. It has fused together with the earth and the sky, but even worse, it seems like he can control the earth and the sky with his soul, like a god!, thought Lan Ge when he sensed the Qi. He was astonished and stunned… and the energies surged out faster than Aomo, amazingly!

The Grave of Black Phoenix Valley was in the depths of Black Phoenix. Swords streaked across the sky of Black Phoenix. Many people raised their heads and frowned. A strong cultivator’s soul was flying in the sky of their territory. Someone shouted furiously, “Who’s that? Stop him!”

That person’s soul strength was attacked and destroyed, but the swords continued flying in the direction of the valley.

Xiao Ya had used almost all her jade talismans and deployment talismans. She was terrified, was she going to die? The black phoenix was screeching and clawing at her defenses. It could eat her in one bite.

“Brother, in the future, I won’t be able to stay with you anymore. Grandpa, I hope you’ll become a peerless cultivator. Take good care of yourself!” whispered Xiao Ya, smiling sadly and closing her eyes. She broke the last of the talismans she had, still crying. Was she going to die?”

Xiao Ya sensed destructive energies all around her; she wasn’t dead yet! She opened her eyes and saw swords spinning all around her, protecting her!

“Brother, is that you?” Xiao Ya exclaimed. She recognized that Qi! One sword caressed her face. What a warm Qi! She smiled widely and said, “I knew that you could protect me, brother!”

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