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PMG Chapter 2327: Danger in the Grave Valley

PMG Chapter 2327: Danger in the Grave Valley

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In the Black Phoenix Clan, strong cultivators rose up into the air and flew towards the Grave of Black Phoenix Valley angrily. The woman who had kidnapped Xiao Ya appeared in the sky, her eyes glittering icily. What was going on? Whose soul had turned into a sword? She continued flying in the direction of the Grave Valley.

At that moment, in the Grave Valley, many strong cultivators appeared. The members of the Black Phoenix Clan were in the sky, they didn’t dare go into the valley easily. Their ancestors rested in peace there. They couldn’t disturb them while they were practiced cultivation to return to life.

“Who dares offend us?” said an old man at that moment. He looked furious.

The woman in black clothes appeared in front of him and said, “Elder, there’s a human female in the valley. She had a dragon friend; I kidnapped her because I wanted some godly dragon blood. I didn’t think I could fail.”

“Hmph! You take initiatives which could cause trouble for all of us! Go into the Valley now and solve the issue!” said the elder coldly.

The woman’s face turned deathly pale. “Elder, I don’t want to!” She looked terrified.

“You caused trouble, so you must bear the responsibility, go in now!” said the old man. The woman’s face was even paler. That was the place where their ancestors rested! If anyone went inside, it was as a sacrifice. Even though she was from the Black Phoenix Clan, there was no exception. Even if the members of the Black Phoenix Clan went in, they were used as sacrifices and died.

But she had no choice. She slowly walked headed the valley. She soon saw some illusionary black phoenixes around Xiao Ya, but there were swords which protected her and didn’t let the souls get close to her.

The woman in black clothes moved, her wings blotting out the sky. She released bestial Qi, and spat out dark flames.

Some of the shining swords around Xiao Ya cut apart the black fire explosively, filling the air with flames. A gigantic black phoenix moved towards Xiao Ya.

The swords around Xiao Ya turned into a single gigantic sword, sword Qi filled the air. Dazzling golden lights streaked across the sky and collided with the black phoenix.

“Phoenix Attack!” shouted the black phoenix, colliding with the gigantic sword. The gigantic sword cracked, but her body trembled.

At that moment, gigantic black phoenixes suddenly surrounded her, and her face turned deathly pale.

“No! Ancestors! I’m from the Black Phoenix Clan!” shouted the woman. However, the phoenix shadows absorbed her, biting away every single part of her body as black smoke surrounded her.

The black vitality Qi moved away from Xiao Ya. She couldn’t see the black phoenix anymore, but she felt ice-cold. She saw many phoenix shadows above her head, staring at her coldly. They could swallow her in one bite at any time.

“Bro!” shouted Xiao Ya anxiously. The swords around her were getting weaker and weaker.

The members of the Black Phoenix Clan looked on furiously. People in the Valley had to die!

“When the ancestors become strong and come back, they’ll manage the Clan,” said the elder solemnly. The eyes of the other phoenixes glittered. Could the ancestor come back and manage the clan?

They suddenly heard dragon chants. Aomo was hurtling forward, his Qi surging around him. The members of the Black Phoenix Clan who were in the sky above the valley suddenly gazed into the distance and shouted, “Stop!”

The strong cultivators rose up in the air. Lin Feng released sword strength again, instantly cutting a few of them apart.

“How insolent!” shouted a Saint Emperor furiously. He rose up higher in the air and turned into a gigantic phoenix. He opened his mouth and spat out flames while throwing himself at Lin Feng.

Aomo opened his mouth and breathed out black fire, the flames collided. At the same time, Lin Feng continued flying along.

The black phoenix raised his claws; a human dared attack them? He wanted to die!

“Die!” Lin Feng looked like a god. He raised his fist and smashed into his opponent. Bones shattered like breaking stones, blood splashed and then gushed out. Aomo roared triumphantly as Lin Feng continued flying.

“Eh?” The strong cultivators in the sky above the valley were astonished and furious.

“He came to cause trouble!”

Someone released their Qi to stop him, but the elder said, “If he goes into the valley, the ancestors will take him.”

“Yes, Elder,” that person acknowledged, and they watched Aomo fly past above the crowd.

“Brother!” shouted Xiao Ya when she saw him. The shadows started nibbling on her body though.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He instantly disappeared. The soundwaves from his voice rolled  through the valley and destroyed the weaker shadows instantly.

“Pfew…” Lin Feng landed next to Xiao Ya and took a deep breath. Xiao Ya’s face was deathly pale, she was very weak. Lin Feng took her in his arms and said, “Are you alright?”

“I’m alright, brother!” said Xiao Ya. She was terrified, but she felt good in Lin Feng’s arms. Lin Feng put her next to Aomo and said, “Little boy, protect her.”

“Don’t worry, none of them will touch Xiao Ya,” said Aomo, coldly staring at the shadows. There were many phoenix shadows, all of them dead souls. In the cave in the valley, a black phoenix was becoming more and more distinct, condensing itself, lying there and absorbing vitality and Qi. At that moment, he opened his eyes.

Lin Feng recalled his soul into his body and looked at the sky, releasing an ominous god Dao power which filled the air.

The black phoenixes screeched and threw themselves at Lin Feng. A vortex appeared around him, forming a black hole to surround those black phoenix shadows. They struggled to break free. However, the vortex was becoming more and more powerful and unstoppable.

The black phoenix shadows were drawn inside, and in the end disappeared. Lin Feng absorbed them and continued rising up in the air. More and more broken souls gathered towards Lin Feng, but he continued absorbing them.

“His absorbing strength is astonishing!” murmured Lan Ge when he saw that, amazed.

A black dot appeared in the distance and headed towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s face stiffened. Those two pitch-black eyes were terrifying.

“Not bad. Such a powerful blood Qi!” said the newcomer coldly. Lin Feng had the impression he had ended up in the abysses of Hell. Many black phoenix shadows appeared around him, staring at Lin Feng pitilessly.

“Take him!” said a voice coldly. All the black phoenixes moved towards Lin Feng. His godly awareness shone, and a web of lights appeared around him before he disappeared. He reappeared in front of a shadow and used the Ancient Holy Punches technique, destroying the shadow in the blink of an eye.

However, Lin Feng still felt unsafe. More and more black phoenixes were flying towards him.

“Die!” said Lin Feng coldly. Death intent swept out and away, surrounding the black phoenixes. Another one fell dead from the sky.

Lin Feng’s Qi was becoming more and more fearsome, but the black phoenixes had numbers. Lin Feng couldn’t fight against them forever… could he?

“What kind of strength is that?” After a long time, Lin Feng was still fighting against black phoenixes. His Qi was floating around him.

Thunder rumbled everywhere, the atmosphere was undulating restlessly. A pitch-black hand moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng released sword strength. However, the gigantic hand looked like an illusion. The sword pierced through nothing and once the sword strength had passed, the hand became material again.

Lin Feng retreated. Some black phoenixes attacked him from behind. He pulled a long face. No wonder the members of the Black Phoenix Clan had let him come into the Valley. It was so dangerous!

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    “Lin Feng had the impression he had ended up in the abysses of Hell.” – so what? he had been to Hell and back!

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