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PMG Chapter 2328: A Saint?!

PMG Chapter 2328: A Saint?!

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The gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t have time to think, he had to act quickly. He released oppressive strength, before turning into a sharp sword which seemed like it could lacerate anything, and moved towards the black phoenixes.

The pitch-black hand crashed onto the sword and made it tremble violently. The sword became distorted. The gigantic hand continued moving.

“Come here!” said a loud voice. The gigantic sword was being drawn towards something. The gigantic sword that was Lin Feng appeared in a dark cave. In front of him were two gigantic pitch-black eyes. It was an ancient phoenix silhouette, dignified and majestic.

In the outside world, Lan Ge and the others were still fighting against the black phoenixes. Lan Ge was astonished. A gigantic black phoenix had appeared in front of him. It looked like a phoenix god. The black phoenixes around seemed to be listening to it…

“We have to leave as quickly as possible, there are several black phoenix commanders, around I think!” shouted Lan Ge.

Aomo gazed into the distance where Lin Feng had disappeared. “Where’s my father?”

Xiao Ya looked extremely worried and clenched her fists. Lin Feng had disappeared. She hoped he was fine.

“We can’t take risks. We have to do something, the people in the sky above aren’t friendly, either,” said Lan Ge, moving in another direction. Lightning appeared all around him. Weaker black phoenix shadows couldn’t get close to him; if they did, they were destroyed instantly.

Aomo shouted furiously and ate a few black phoenixes in one bite. “Father!”

“Let’s go! You should leave, it’ll be even more difficult for him if you stay here. You can’t help him!” shouted Lan Ge.

Aomo shouted furiously, “No, help me take care of sister Xiao Ya, I’ll go to my father, thank you!” said Aomo, leaving Xiao Ya to Lan Ge.

Lan Ge was startled, but he admired Aomo’s determination. He nodded and said, “Alright, leave it to me.”

Lan Ge put his sleeves around Xiao Ya, and Aomo said, “Thank you!”

Aomo roared and flew into the depths of the valley. He rolled with his claws out and continued destroying the black phoenix shadows.

“What an insane dragon!” Lan Ge turned his head and looked after Aomo. The Valley was gigantic. The one who had just attacked Lin Feng was a terrifying monster. Aomo and Lan Ge had both sensed his energies. It was probably the soul of a phoenix king, a general commander!

“Piss off!” shouted Lan Ge furiously, he spat out lightning and destroyed a black phoenix in front of him, continuing to fly. Blue lights appeared in his third eye and lightning continued ravaging his surroundings.


In the cave, Lin Feng was facing the shadow. He still had the shape of a sword.

What a powerful soul strength, thought Lin Feng, impressed.

The terrifying shadow said, “You think you can dodge my Saint’s techniques? Do you think that’s possible? Acknowledge allegiance to me now!”

His eyes looked even colder. The black phoenix flew towards the gigantic sword, trying to destroy it.

Terrifying sword Qi hummed, the sword seemed like it could cut anything. The black phoenixes all around exploded, and Lin Feng shouted defiantly, “Come!”

The phoenix shadow became more distinct. He didn’t look blurry anymore as he appeared in front of Lin Feng. This phoenix had many dimly discernible eyes…

He frowned and stared at Lin Feng. He said coldly, “Where are we?”

Lin Feng knew that that terrifying creature was a thread of Saint’s soul. Even though he didn’t have the full power of a Saint, he knew he couldn’t fight against such a thing. At least, not in this world!

“My world!” retorted Lin Feng coldly. He condensed strength which surrounded them. In his own world, Lin Feng’s strength was much more powerful than in the outside world. It was his world, he was a god here!

“I can’t use cosmic energies here!” The black phoenix was astonished and shaken, staring at Lin Feng. How could a cultivator who had a lower level take him to his own world?

“Even if it’s your world, I’ll still absorb your strength!” said the black phoenix suddenly. He opened his mouth. Lin Feng’s face froze. The many eyes of the black phoenix became brighter. This guy absorbed black phoenixes too!

“Die!” Lin Feng waved his hands and released god strength, a terrifying sword containing death strength streaked across the sky. Death surrounded his opponent’s body. All the eyes of the terrifying black phoenix were staring at him with fearsome intensity.

“Come in!” demanded a voice. Lin Feng was surrounded by a dark strength. Many sharp beaks drove towards him.

Lin Feng shifted away and cloned himself. All his clones flashed towards his opponent. At the same time, god strength surged forth. A pair of eyes appeared on Lin Feng’s real body. He punched out in front of him. The power of it instantly destroyed some beaks and pairs of eyes.

“You can’t escape!” Millions of claws moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng released deployment lights to envelop his body. He saw the black phoenix’s claws tear apart the curtain of lights. In return, a terrifying beast moved towards his opponent. He wanted to absorb the black phoenix!

Lin Feng groaned coldly. A gigantic axe appeared above him, and he turned into a shadow as sharp weapon Qi filled the air. The scattered phoenix souls broke apart. After entering Lin Feng’s world, they couldn’t do much.

The curtain of lights broke down, sharp beaks continued moving towards him.

“Great Empty Space Technique!” said Lin Feng. The opponents were moving chaotically in his world. He disappeared and reappeared. There were nine dragons around him, they all opened their mouths and drew in all the black phoenixes.

But the dark creature merely frowned, convinced that Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Where is he?, thought Lin Feng. His heart was pounding. All the pairs of eyes looked the same. Even though his opponent couldn’t use cosmic energies there, it changed little; he could still absorb Lin Feng if he wanted, then chew him up and disintegrate him!

“Nine Words!” said Lin Feng. The Nine Words of his incantation appeared and floated around him. Terrifying sharp swords appeared in his hands.

A black fire moved towards his foe. Lin Feng also released his swords. Energies kept exploding and raging through the air.

“Die!” The two swords turned into death smoke. Lin Feng arrived above his foe and cut him with sword strength. An incredible amount of hands promptly emerged from his opponent’s body and grabbed him. The phoenix wanted to immobilize him and absorb him!

“How painful!” Lin Feng had the impression he was being cut by sharp swords. His face paled.

“You’ll become a part of me!” said the voice coldly.

Lin Feng’s eyes were suddenly filled with demon king strength. Holy Spirit swords appeared around him and sliced apart the hands which held him. Lin Feng’s body became even sharper. He was staring at his opponent’s eyes.

Many black phoenixes moved towards him. However, Lin Feng’s god strength swept everything around him away. The god sword cut through every and an ancient path appeared, Lin Feng could take advantage of it.

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  1. Alisson October 23, 2018 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    What an incredible fight 【•】▱【•】

  2. Alex October 24, 2018 at 3:21 am - Reply

    welp… for once LF is no longer OP in his own world

  3. gilson October 25, 2018 at 1:34 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Ezura December 12, 2018 at 8:05 am - Reply

    This entire incident is beyond stupid. Letting that dumb retard of a woman out to play in a friggin Forbidden Zone alone with his kid dragon… Why not ask the beasts to babysit your kids too? Or get your low level parents out to sightsee too? At least they’ve got martial skills, that stupid bint can’t even fight yet she’s friggin out and about in such a danger zone full of human hating beasts. Why not pour condiments on her head and serve her up for lunch for fooks sake?
    And getting overwhelmingly attacked by powerful souls… doesn’t he have a top tier great Imperial cauldron weapon that happens to have a powerful soul sucking function? Ridiculous!

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