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PMG Chapter 2329: Absorbing!

PMG Chapter 2329: Absorbing!

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Lin Feng was staring at his opponent’s eyes. The opponent was also greedily staring at him.

Lin Feng had the impression that his eyes were being lacerated by needles and blades. He closed his eyes and released a sharp cursing strength.

A gigantic black hand moved towards Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng pressed forward with an indomitable will, he didn’t flinch at all. He could cut away all the black phoenixes which prevented him from moving forwards.

Lin Feng’s sword finally arrived in front of his enemy’s eyes, disappearing into them.

Those eyes started bleeding.

“How is that possible?” Lin Feng swore, a bit stunned. An incredible amount of hands surrounded him. Lin Feng had the impression he was slowly being absorbed into his enemy’s body. His vitality and Qi were being absorbed slowly, bit by bit. He could sense that his soul was trembling.

“No!” shouted Lin Feng. How could his soul get destroyed in his own world?

However, no matter what he did, it was useless, his soul was shaking, his Qi was getting weaker and weaker.

All those creatures are souls without bodies in the Grave of Black Phoenix Valley, thought Lin Feng. In his spirit’s world, his god strength roared out with elemental power.

It’s my world, I’m a god here. How come my strength can be absorbed?, thought Lin Feng. He was trying to push his connection to his own world to the next level!

I also use absorbing cosmic energies. I can control that world, I can make this world turn into an absorbing world!, thought Lin Feng.

The atmosphere seemed to boom with thunder, shaking more and more violently. He made his world strength turn into absorbing strength, but his Qi kept weakening. However, as his Qi weakened, he became more and more determined. That was his last hope; if he lost, he’d die!

I control the strength of the earth and the sky, of the ten thousand things of creation. Who could absorb me? This world is mine!, thought Lin Feng. He kept reassuring himself, he felt more and more determined. His will could strengthen his world!

Some strength was broken. A cage of absorbing strength appeared around the black phoenixes.

Instantly, the gigantic black shadow became cautious.

“No, how is that possible? What’s going on?” said the voice coldly. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

“Absorb!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. An ominous and dreadful Qi began to rise as he perfectly controlled his world. The group of black phoenixes became smaller and smaller as he absorbed them all.

A terrifying pitch-black vortex appeared. The big black phoenix disappeared into the vortex, and Lin Feng reappeared.

His Qi was shaking violently. How dangerous! He had almost been completely absorbed. His enemy was just a soul, not a Saint, but it could still absorb him!

Lin Feng raised his head and looked around.

He felt more and more connected to his own world, his god strength was also growing more powerful. His soul was fusing together with his own world more and more each day. If he became strong in his own world, he also became stronger in the outside world. If someday he could use his god strength to control the outside world too, it would be amazing…

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and his Qi slowly became calm again. He had used lots of energy to absorb the terrifying creature.

Time passed. Lin Feng completely assimilated the creature and then used the evolution scriptures to modify that strength. He sensed the foundational strength of another Saint in this manner.

Lin Feng activated the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. His consciousness contained all sorts of strengths. The different sorts of strengths gradually became his own. Lin Feng had only one thing in mind: become stronger!

Lin Feng was in his own world and forgot time.


In the outside world, Lin Feng was buried in the cave. Aomo was there and protected the cave. A gigantic godly dragon was next to Lin Feng. Nobody could get close to the cave. He was bleeding, godly dragon blood, but he looked alert and he was watching the black phoenixes coldly.

Around Aomo, there were many destroyed black phoenix shadows. Those phoenixes almost looked real, as if they had had real bodies.

Many black phoenixes were staring at Aomo, wanting to destroy him.

A black phoenix shrieked in hate, and Aomo roared right back. Lin Feng was probably still fighting in his own world. He couldn’t let anyone attack Lin Feng’s real body!

There were still many cultivators in the sky above the valley, staring down below. An old man said, “The demon dragon is surprisingly taking risks because of a human! It’s rare. Unfortunately, he decided to go into the forbidden territory of the Black Phoenix Clan, and he’s going to die.”

“Elder, he hasn’t come out. Could an accident have happened?”

“Hmph! There are many, many ancestors in the valley. They probably absorbed him already,” sniffed the Elder coldly.


Outside of the Black Phoenix Clan, a few people appeared, including Lan Ge and Xiao Ya.

“Brother Lan Ge, let’s hurry, I’m worried for my brother!” said Xiao Ya. she was extremely worried, so she had asked Lan Ge for help. Lan Ge knew that he couldn’t do much alone against the Black Phoenix Clan.

But during these days, more and more people who had an agreement with Mu Shan Zi had appeared there. Lan Ge felt sad for Xiao Ya, so he asked some people for help.

There were six people in total: Lan Ge, Hua Qian Yu, Chi Lian Shan, Xiao Ya, and two others; one was fat, very fat, and the last one was a very, very beautiful woman who looked gentle and composed.

When they arrived on the Black Phoenix Clan’s territory, some members of the clan rose up into the air and said, “Who are you?”

“Piss off!” shouted Chi Lian Shan furiously, continuing to walk forwards. The members of the Black Phoenix Clan grimaced. Some people dared so arrogantly on their territory? They looked extremely strong, though…

“It’s the Black Phoenix Clan here!” said a cultivator coldly. However, at that moment, dazzling lightnings appeared and one of the members of the Black Phoenix Clan exploded and disappeared. The others all hissed and released their Qi.

“Piss off, you asshole!” shouted Chi Lian Shan. He took out a wooden stick and attacked the crowd, the air exploding with the force of his attack. A few members of the Black Phoenix Clan blew apart and died.

Bestial Qi rose up. However, the group of six continued moving forwards, as if nobody could stop them.

Thunder rocked earth and sky. People from the Black Phoenix Clan had the impression their clan was going to get destroyed. It even started raining blood as their members were killed one after another in the sky.

The weaker members of the clan were suddenly terrified. Six people had come to kill their members?! How arrogant!

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