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PMG Chapter 233: The Final Day

Here is another chapter brought to you by Robert B.
Editor: LikyLiky
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“Where is Lin Feng?” said Meng Qing. Her voice sounded cold. The woman was like an iceberg, cold and unmoving.


The old man slowly turned around and looked at the young girl who was acting arrogantly. He then said coldly: “Why are you looking for Lin Feng?”

“Where is Lin Feng?” asked Meng Qing again. Her voice was still very cold. She didn’t answer the old man’s question and ignored him. At that moment, all she wanted to know was where Lin Feng was.

The Celestial Sword unit also looked at the old man. At that moment, the old man felt their Qi filling the atmosphere and oppressing him.


The old man pulled up his sleeves and his facial expression looked piercingly-cold. Not so long before, Lin Feng had slaughtered his family. Lin Feng left a cross-shaped mark on the old man’s chest, humiliating him and at that moment, another group of insane people had come looking for Lin Feng. The old man felt completely humiliated.

“I killed Lin Feng.” said the old man coldly. A group of teenagers dared to act so arrogantly, that angered the old man.

“You killed him?” repeated Meng Qing, her heart was pounding.

“Indeed, I killed him. Everybody here watched and cheered as I killed him.” said the old man while smiling coldly.

Meng Qing remained silent and then suddenly a murderous light flashed through her eyes. These cold and expressionless eyes had revealed emotion for the first time.

Her body started shaking and shivering as if she had just heard a terrible horror story.

The Celestial Sword unit remained silent as well.

A tremendous thunder spread through the atmosphere and an incredibly bright light filled the air around the Celestial Sword unit. An endless quantity of Qi emerged and created a hurricane. At that moment, the entire crowd had the feeling that they were suffocating from the pressure.

“How strong! The weakest person of that group is at the third Ling Qi layer. What kind of people are they? What about Lin Feng? Who is he really?”

When the crowd felt that oppressive Qi, their hearts started pounding.

“You will all die!”

An incredibly loud and mighty voice filled the air. The powerful Qi spread through the air. The Chi Xie armored-cavalry started rampaging.

Blood filled the air. The Chi Xie cavalry rushed through the crowd and in a flash, the entire palace had become a bloodbath. They killed everyone without hesitation.

Horrible shrieks filled the air. Blood was continuously filling the air.

Meng Qing was staring at the sky. Nobody knew what she was thinking.

Sometimes she didn’t even know what she was thinking.

She only knew that her heart felt painful, extremely painful.

Her experience of life was very limited. She had been in the outside world for a very short time. She used to live alone with her mother on the Black Wind Mountain.

Someday, under a bright moon, Lin Feng appeared on a stone at the foot of a mountain. He had then taken her and shown her the outside world.

At that moment, Lin Feng filled her memories and thoughts. She could see Lin Feng when he was angry, when he was fighting, when he looked natural and unrestrained, but also when he smiled and giggled at her.

A teardrop fell from her cheek onto the ground. Her thoughts were only of Lin Feng.

Meng Qing usually never showed her emotions, but at that moment, she was crying. Her heart felt so incredibly painful.

At that moment, the old man saw the Chi Xie troops killing the members of the Zi Government. His facial expression became ice-cold. A purple Qi emerged as he jumped up in the air.

However, at the moment when he tried to attack, an extremely piercing coldness enveloped his body and blocked him.

That coldness was piercing through to his bones.

Not only the old man, but everybody else could feel that immense coldness. It seemed like the entire world was about to freeze.

The fog in the air gradually solidified and snowflakes started falling from the sky.

The atmosphere was freezing.

“How cold.”

The crowd was shaking from head to toe. Immediately after, they looked at the young woman, whose clothes were as white as snow. At that moment, Meng Qing was really like an iceberg. She wanted to freeze everything, including her own heart.


Meng Qing’s voice was low as it resonated in the entire atmosphere.

A hurricane then emerged in the air. It was surrounding Meng Qing and her white clothes were fluttering.

At that moment, the fine veil on her face flew away in the wind. It flew far away, revealing her beautiful face.

At that moment, it seemed like time had stopped.

Her beauty was breathtaking to the extent that people didn’t dare look at her.

She was incredibly beautiful, she was the incarnation of beauty.

They had all thought that Duan Xin Ye was extremely beautiful and nobody could rival her beauty, but at that moment, the beautiful girl wearing white clothes, had appeared. She looked like a celestial being. She looked like an ice goddess. She made the people around her feel worthless.

There was such a beautiful creature in the world, that was a catastrophe for all other human beings.

When Zi Ling and her sister saw Meng Qing, they felt infinitely inferior, especially Zi Yi, she had the feeling that she was absolutely worthless.

“She came to look for Lin Feng, what is the nature of their relationship?” whispered Zi Ling. Duan Xin Ye was already very beautiful and also in love with Lin Feng, now, another extremely beautiful woman had appeared and was looking for Lin Feng.

Meng Qing had jumped from her horse up into the air and in a flash landed in front of the old man.

The old man was also astonished by Meng Qing’s beauty, but what astonished him the most was her strength. He had the sensation that his entire body was about to freeze and even his soul could freeze.

He was regretting that he underestimated these young cultivators and said that he killed Lin Feng…….

He released some purple pure Qi and shouted like a madman. He wanted to attack with all his power.

“Frozen Heart.” said Meng Qing in a low voice. She raised a finger. The old man was astonished and shaking from head to toe. Blood immediately splashed from his mouth.

One attack had been enough to severely injure him.

When the crowd saw that, they were all shocked and felt despair in their hearts. They were all blankly staring at Meng Qing. Not only was Meng Qing extremely beautiful, but her power was also more monstrous than that of Lin Feng.

Meng Qing released piercingly-cold ice Qi. That ice Qi came from the depths of her body, it seemed like an endless powerful Qi was being released.

The old man’s purple pure Qi was frozen solid. Immediately after, the energy around his body was also frozen. Then, the coldness immediately penetrated into his body. He was entirely frozen, from head to toe. His body was covered with a layer of ice. He was buried in ice.

Then, her soft hand slapped against his face.


The old man’s body flew through the air and crashed against the wall of the palace. The ice enveloping his body was smashed into pieces. After that, a huge amount of blood gushed from his mouth.

He had a dull and humiliated look in his eyes. The old man had never thought that he would get so badly beaten, especially by a young woman.

The old man looked at the crowd below. The Chi Xie troops were, massacring the people of the Zi Government, it was a pure one sided massacre.

“The Zi Government is defeated, this is a crushing defeat.”

The old man felt hopeless and desperate. Because he said one lie and underestimated a small group of young people, the Zi Government was being annihilated and its people slaughtered.

The old man’s pride was being trampled.


A fist full of ice crashed into his body. Around Meng Qing’s body, there were icicles which contained deadly ice Qi. They were floating around her body. If it landed on the old man’s body, he would end up gravely injured.

The old man was blown away and crashed onto the wall of the palace once again. The old man looked absolutely hopeless.

“He hasn’t died! Lin Feng hasn’t died! He has entered into the forbidden area.”

The old man shouted.

When Meng Qing heard that, her body stopped shaking. Immediately after, she looked at the crowd down the corridor and said coldly: “Speak.”

That one word was clear to the crowd and was their only salvation. If they didn’t speak the truth, they would all be massacred.

“He hasn’t died! He has entered into the forbidden area!”

Everybody started to shout one after the other, agreeing with the old man. Meng Qing, whose heart was broken, suddenly felt relieved. She took a deep breath.

“Can you let me off now?” asked the old man who was begging Meng Qing not to kill him. He was terrified of this young woman.

“It’s too late.” said Meng Qing while shaking her head. Cold Qi surrounded the old man’s body. He was shaking from head to toe. Meng Qing’s silhouette vanished and her fist immediately crashed onto the old man’s body. It released an endless amount of cold energy. It had the power to freeze everything, including lives.

The old man’s body was entirely frozen, his eyes were closed and immediately after, he fell from the air, silently and breathless.

The old man of the Zi Government, a strong cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, had been killed.

At the same time, the battle within the corridor was already finished. The Zi Government members that had gathered inside the corridor were annihilated.

The crowd was blankly gazing into the distance and remained silent. The Zi Government enjoyed an influential reputation in the entire region and in a single day, it had been annihilated, because they made enemies of one person: Lin Feng.

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