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PMG Chapter 2330: Fighting Against the Black Phoenix Clan

PMG Chapter 2330: Fighting Against the Black Phoenix Clan

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Lan Ge, Chi Lian Shan, and the others continued on. They were terrifyingly strong. Apart from Saints, who could compete with such people? Saints were rarely involved with the masses so they had even fewer enemies.

It was even more terrifying when people like them joined hands. It was why they dared go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell together, without asking Saints for help.

Those people were proud and arrogant because they were qualified to be that way. Apart from Xiao Ya, the five others couldn’t be defeated by anyone, but Saints. They could destroy anyone who wasn’t a Saint extremely easily, and could slaughter millions of people quickly.

More and more strong cultivators of the Black Phoenix Clan appeared. However, they quickly realized that no matter how strong the cultivators they sent were, their enemies were still stronger. Apart from Xiao Ya, all the others were too terrifying, especially when they were together.


Very quickly, the six arrived near the valley. Many strong cultivators saw them arrive. They were stupefied, especially the Elder, who watched them coldly. These people were so strong…

The Elder broke a few things and moved towards the group of six, shouting, “Who dares kill people from the Black Phoenix Clan?!”

“People who want to settle accounts with you!” shouted Lan Ge coldly. Lightning appeared in the sky and descended. The Black Phoenix Clanfolk were terrified. Some weaker people died instantly!

Lan Ge was a cultivator from the Thunder Shrine. His lightning strength was terrifying and aggressive, and he loved to use it. He also understood Celestial Thunder Dao to its maximum level.

“Die!” Lan Ge flew forwards, bathed in lightning. He looked like a terrifying thunder god. Millions of lightning bolts blew in all directions. Another batch of phoenixes died instantly. The members of the Black Phoenix Clan all had very ugly expressions

“Maximum level Dao. These people are terrifying!” The Elder was astonished. Where were these people from?

The five people killed the members of the Black Phoenix Clan one after another. The Elder shouted furiously, “Our great Elder is a Saint! Do you want to die?!”

“Saint?” shouted Lan Ge coldly. “The Black Phoenix Animal District is not strong! That’s why you’re stuck here, outside of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell! Poor you! You couldn’t even get a better place! You are extremely weak! People don’t even feel like destroying you, even though they can. Your strongest cultivator is a half-Saint at most!”

The Elder of the Black Phoenix Clan frowned and said coldly, “Even if he’s only a half-Saint, he can easily kill you, you’re tiny little insects in his eyes!”

“Is that so? We’ll see, we are willing to challenge the half-Saint!” said Chi Lian Shan furiously. The air around him exploded as he said that.

“You, you, how insolent!” shouted the Elder of the Black Phoenix Clan. How shameless of those people to come and kill them! However, even though he was strong, he was alone, and he couldn’t fight against cultivators of the top of the Sheng Di Layer. They had many Saint Emperors in the clan, but they were much weaker than these five people because their Dao hadn’t reached the maximum level!

Saint Emperors whose Dao had reached its maximum level were stronger. There were fewer Saint Emperors with a Dao at the maximum level than Saints in the world. But now, a few had appeared together here, in the territory of the Black Phoenix Animal District!

“Insolent? So what?” said Lan Ge.

The Elder said coldly, “You are from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you want to go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. Why did you come here?”

“You are a bunch of evil bastards. We despise you,” spat Lan Ge coldly. They all released their Dao power. The air began to thrum with power!

After a short time, the Elder was the last one remaining. The other members of the Black Phoenix Clan were all dead. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

Very quickly, the old man was surrounded by the five cultivators, and was trembling. He finally understood what it meant to be terrified. Those five people’s Dao Wills were horrifying. They were living killing machines!

Finally, a mighty aura began to fill the air. It contained Saint’s power. At the same time, some weaker threads of Qi appeared, still belonging to the Sheng Di Layer.

“Our Saint is here, and you’re not stopping!” shouted the Elder crazily.

“Die!” snarled Lan Ge. The five people’s Dao power moved towards him. He shrieked and died, he hadn’t even been able to hold on until the Saint arrived!

Three terrifying phoenixes arrived and glared at Lan Ge and the others hotly.

“You all want to die!” said the strongest phoenix. His eyes were sharp as blades.

In the grave of Black Phoenix Valley, Aomo was still there, fighting against phoenix shadows as if the outside world had nothing to do with him anymore.

Aomo was still bleeding, many scales had been ripped off his skin. The wounds burned.

“Dad, hold on, you will win! I’m here to protect you!” shouted Aomo, glancing around. The black phoenix shadows moved away.

Qi emerged from of the cave. It had to be his father’s Qi!

A few days had passed, he had probably won! If it wasn’t his father’s Qi, then it was…

“Little boy, thank you for your hard work,” said a familiar voice. Aomo couldn’t help feeling relieved. Tears appeared in his eyes; his father had won!

Thunder began to roll. Aomo fell down from the sky and crashed to the ground, but his eyes were still open. He looked determined.

He slowly closed his eyes and shrank down into a tiny dragon. Lin Feng broke free from the cave which had collapsed and flashed up next to Aomo. He crouched down and put his hand on Aomo’s body, releasing life strength and helping Aomo recover.

Aomo’s eyes twinkled, he opened them, smiling as he shouted, “Dad!”

“Little boy, you need a rest!” Lin Feng smiled. Aomo’s body disappeared.

Lin Feng raised his head and released god strength; his eyes went black. He released demon strength to surround the dead black phoenixes. After that, he rose up in the air.

He stretched his hand and absorbed the dead black phoenixes. Very quickly, there were no dead black phoenixes left.

He then continued rising up into the air. Many black phoenix shades moved towards him, but he destroyed them all.

Lin Feng had already absorbed the oldest black phoenix. Even though there was a virtually endless number of black phoenixes in the valley, when he had to leave, nobody could stop him. If they tried, they died thoroughly.

Very quickly, Lin Feng appeared outside of the valley and saw the crowd.

“Lan Ge, Hua Qian Yu, and the others?” Lin Feng looked stupefied.

“Bro!” shouted Xiao Ya. Lin Feng smiled down at her. Lan Ge and the others were fighting against some terrifying black phoenixes. Xiao Ya was there too; they had protected her, and had come back to save him. Such people were rare!

“Xiao Ya!” said Lin Feng, moving towards her fast as lightning. Some black phoenixes wanted to stop him, but he killed them instantly, they couldn’t withstand a single attack. They all died and fell from the sky.

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