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PMG Chapter 2334: Terrifying Demons

PMG Chapter 2334: Terrifying Demons

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Lin Feng and the others didn’t move. They didn’t dare. They just stared at the demon.

“Who am I?” said a voice.

Lan Ge and the others blinked. He didn’t know who he was?

Lan Ge and the others didn’t reply. The demon glanced at them, he looked dreadful.

The demon flickered and landed in front of Lan Ge. Lan Ge was shocked; he wanted to run away, but the demon stared at him, and he was unable to move. He had the impression the demon could destroy him instantly.

The others were terrified and felt chilled, they were all trembling.

“Who am I?” asked the demon, staring at Lan Ge.

“Master, you’re Śakra, an ancient Demon King,” said Lan Ge.

His eyes glittered. “Ancient Demon King, Śakra?” whispered the demon. He then turned around and repeated “Śakra” continually.

“Śakra, I’m not Śakra, I’m not…” Suddenly, he sounded angry. He then flashed away and disappeared from the group’s field of vision.

Lan Ge was soaked in cold sweat and breathing quickly. He had thought he was going to die!

“What a dangerous being. The Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell is terrifying,” muttered Lan Ge. They finally understood how horrifying the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell was.

“That demon lake is endless,” Ye Zhi Yun turned around and noticed that the demon lake kept flowing into the blood river. Demon Qi kept spreading out. She felt really bad. She released life lights, which were instantly corroded by the demon strength.

But Hua Qian Yu didn’t have life strength. She stretched out her hands and looked at them, noticing something kept changing in her body. She was astonished, “That Qi is corroding our bodies!”

Ye Zhi Yun frowned, her life lights disappeared. The demon strength was corroding her hands too!

“That guy’s life was corroded, and then he turned into a demon?” wondered Ye Zhi Yun. The corroding strength was growing stronger…

“Let’s leave quickly!” said Hua Qian Yu. The group hurried away. There was only one way to go. They kept moving forwards, into the depths of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell.

An invisible and intangible strength surrounded them. They had gotten ready, they knew what to expect, but actually it went beyond what they had imagined. They were really unnerved at this point. The demon lake and the demon were terrifying. If the demon had attacked, what would have happened?

“There’s an ancient tree!” said Ye Zhi Yun, pointing at a tree in the mountain range. Her eyes twinkled. There was no life in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, yet surprisingly, there was a tree. Finally, a sign of life!

“Indeed, it’s a tree. Let’s go!” said Lan Ge and the others, veering towards it. After a short time, they arrived in the sky above the tree.

“Is it really a tree? It contains absolutely no life Qi,” said Ye Zhi Yun. She looked disappointed. There were trees of all colors; they had leaves and looked real. There were even some trees which were blood-red, looking at them felt uncomfortable.

“Those trees are like the trees mentioned in some ancient books,” said Lin Feng. Ye Zhi Yun looked at one of the trees and got closer to. When she was ten meters away from the tree, the air hummed and she was hurled away.

“What a terrifying Qi,” said Ye Zhi Yun, standing back up. Everybody looked at her, nervous now.

“They’re Cittotpada Demon Trees! According to legends and ancient scriptures, studying demon strength at the foot of a Cittotpada Demon Tree allows a cultivator to develop more acute senses, and it also helps them deepen their comprehension. When the old days were gone, according to legends, the Cittotpada Demon Trees disappeared. I never thought we’d see some in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. How amazing that their Qi hasn’t dispersed!” said Ye Zhi Yun solemnly.

The others were astonished. Those trees were Cittotpada Demon Trees?

“If we had the Three Lives Great Emperor’s Mirror of the Past, it’d be great, we would be able to see the past. It is said that he gave the Mirror of the Past to the woman who hates him the most, his daughter. Nobody knows where it is now,” said Ye Zhi Yun. Lin Feng was astonished. The Mirror of the Past? The Three Lives Great Emperor’s daughter? Empress Xi?

Lin Feng had an ancient mirror, but wasn’t it a Mirror of the Future? Was it a Mirror of the Past?

Lin Feng took out a bronze mirror and put it in front of a Cittotpada Demon Tree. Dazzling lights erupted and started interweaving. Suddenly, it was like time was been going backwards.

Lan Ge and the others frowned and stared at Lin Feng for a moment before looking at the tree. There was a figure at the foot of the tree. He was looking at the tree and looked pensive. After a long time, he sat down cross-legged and started meditating. The tree became distorted and illusionary, it didn’t look like an ancient tree anymore.

“It’s him,” said Chi Lian Shan at that moment. He was astonished. That figure was someone he had seen battle in someone’s memories.

“Who is he?” asked Lan Ge.

“Fifty thousand years ago, he was an incredible demon cultivator: Mo Ding! When he became a Saint, he became even more terrifying and he defeated another very famous Saint. The memory of their duel is transmitted from generation to generation. I’ve seen their fight!”

“He’s Mo Ding?” The others were astonished. Even though they had never seen what he looked like, they had heard of him; a terrifying Saint of the old times! He was in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell…

At that moment, Mo Ding suddenly opened his eyes. Even if the scene was something that had happened fifty thousand years before, the group had the impression they were there, they all took steps backwards. Mo Ding groaned icily and flashed away. He rose up into the air, as someone else came and landed in front of the tree. The new man had his back turned to Lin Feng and the others. It was definitely not Mo Ding!

Lights flashed and he disappeared. People’s hearts were pounding furiously. What about Mo Ding? Where was he?

“Who’s that?” Lin Feng suddenly turned around, he was astonished, his facial muscles stiffened. Halfway up in the air, a figure was floating there. Half of his face looked human, the other half looked terrifying.

“He’s… Mo Ding!” muttered Lin Feng and the others when they saw him. They were all trembling. A terrifying strength filled the air. Very quickly, Lin Feng and the others realized that a few demons had appeared in the mountain range and they hadn’t noticed them before. They were just standing there in the air above the mountain range.

“Those demons are terrifying cultivators from the old days?” murmured Lan Ge and the others. Mo Ding and the other demons slowly drifted towards them.

“Get ready to run away,” said Lan Ge telepathically. Lin Feng and the others took steps backwards. Mo Ding waved his hands, and a gigantic hand moved towards Lan Ge.

“No!” shouted Lin Feng when he saw that. Mo Ding waved his hands, and Lan Ge started turning into a demon. His blood Qi flew away, he released lightning, but it was useless. He looked like a tiny little insect in comparison with the enemy.

“No!…” shouted Lan Ge defiantly. Mo Ding threw Lan Ge extremely far away into the distance. Lin Feng and the others were trembling. They said nothing. They had just seen Lan Ge get killed like that, they felt powerless, like weaklings.

One of the seven forbidden territories, Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell!!!

Suddenly, they understood why it was called the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, why it was a forbidden territory. Nobody could invade and conquer this territory, not even the Shrines!

Mo Ding looked at them. They stepped backwards, wanting to escape, but could they?

At that moment, an ancient demon song spread in the air. The demons gazed into the distance, where they saw a figure on the top of a mountain. That person had his back turned to them as he played some music.

Mo Ding disappeared. Lin Feng and the others were startled. They glanced around, and realized that the demons had all disappeared in the blink of an eye. They were scared of that music, or more precisely, of the musician!

“Who could scare those demons away? Another demon?” Lin Feng and the others gazed into the distance. Next to the musician, another figure appeared. He was seated there, looking calm and composed in a black robe. Lan Ge had seen him before!

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