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PMG Chapter 2336: Great Demon Halberd of Desolation

PMG Chapter 2336: Great Demon Halberd of Desolation

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They looked at the floating Pit of Hell. Lin Feng whispered, “Since we decided to continue, we have to advance courageously with an indomitable spirit.”

He slowly moved forwards. Very quickly, they arrived in front of the entrance of the blood-red Pit of Hell and entered.

When Lin Feng arrived inside, he realized it was another world, and there were ruins everywhere, complemented by corpses and skeletons. It smelled like death.

An evil wind brushed against their skin. Ye Zhi Yun shivered and said icily, “How cold!”

That chill pierced through their bones. The name of that place, the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, was becoming more concrete as they moved on.

“It’s the core territory of one of the seven forbidden territories. Is this the beginning of the real Pit of Hell?” whispered Chi Lian Shan. A weapon appeared in his hand, and diffused lights which contained Saint’s strength.

“A Saint’s Weapon!” Lin Feng was astonished. Chi Lian Shan had a real Saint’s Weapon! The fat guy and Ye Zhi Yun also took out weapons, all of them Saint’s Weapons. Lin Feng took out his Ten Thousand Evolutions Cauldron. He had to be careful here.

At that moment, in the distance, dazzling golden lights flashed and illuminated the blood-red sky. A terrifying Qi filled the air. Lin Feng said, “There’s a battle!”

Their figures flickered and they quickly saw two strong cultivators fighting against a corpse. That corpse only had the upper part of his body, his eye sockets were empty, and he released absolutely no Qi. He looked completely dead, but he could fight against strong cultivators who had Saint’s Weapons!

“What a terrifying physical strength. Even if he’s dead, he’s terrifyingly strong.”

“A Saint’s body is a Saint’s body, Low-level Saint’s bodies are even more durable than low-level Saint’s Weapons,” said Chi Lian Shan. But that Saint was dead, why was he fighting? And how?

“It’s a zombie, I’ll go!” said Ye Zhi Yun, jumping forwards. She released terrifying life lights which attacked the corpse. The corpse slowly collapsed softly and looked like a normal dead body.

The two strong cultivators said, “Your life lights can counter cadaverous Qi. Thank you!”

“The atmosphere is so lugubrious inside,” said the other one. It was Situ Ba. He seemed extremely annoyed and said, “We should stay together and help one another.”

Ye Zhi Yun looked at Lin Feng and the others and said, “We’re in the heart of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, the more the merrier.”

Lin Feng nodded, “Alright, good, let’s stay together.”

Chi Lian Shan and the fat guy didn’t mind.

“How long have you been in here?” Ye Zhi Yun asked Situ Ba and the other one.

“Not long. We noticed a treasure, and the corpse attacked us,” said the other one. His body was surrounded by golden lights, a sign that he was from the Empty Space Shrine. He was holding a magic weapon which became shrank down at that moment.

“A treasure?” Ye Zhi Yun was startled. “Where?”

“We’ll take you there. There’s an incredible treasure, but it must be dangerous there,” said that person. Lin Feng and the others after followed him. They quickly arrived in front an altar, a broadsword stuck into it. At the foot of the broadsword was a corpse, in perfect condition.

“Another Saint’s body. That broadsword is in his body, it means it killed him here. How incredible,” said Situ Ba. “I wonder whether we can control it or not?”

Chi Lian Shan went to take a step forwards, but Lin Feng stopped him. He glanced at him and said, “You remember the valley?”

“You think it’s that terrifying?” said Chi Lian Shan.

“Can’t you see that Situ Ba and the other one don’t intend to go and try to take the broadsword?” replied Lin Feng telepathically.

Chi Lian Shan was surprised, but replied, “Situ Ba wants to use us and see whether it’s dangerous or not?”

“Possibly. We should leave,” said Lin Feng telepathically. The fat guy and Ye Zhi Yun left with them. Situ Ba and the other one were startled. They looked after the four and frowned. The four weren’t stupid. If they hadn’t seen the valley outside, they would have tried to take the broadsword, but now they were cautious.


Lin Feng and the others continued on. Very quickly, they bumped into a demon, different from the demons outside. One of his eyes was missing, but the other one was alert. He glanced at Lin Feng and the others, making them shiver.

Lin Feng and the others sensed a cold wind. The demon appeared in front of them. They didn’t move. The demon raised his fist and aimed at Chi Lian Shan.

“Back!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. A terrifying Ruler’s Sword moved towards the demon’s remaining eye, but the demon raised his hand and stopped it. He waved his hand and threw the Ruler’s Sword far away in the distance. There was a distant crash.

The demon looked at Lin Feng, who moved back with the others.

“You saved me again,” said Chi Lian Shan. He was soaked with cold sweat.

“Saved you? We’ll see if we manage to leave alive,” said Lin Feng. The demon moved after him. Lin Feng flitted backwards, but the demon swooped towards him. He raised his hands, blood reincarnation strength appeared and attracted Lin Feng.

“Great Empty Space Technique!” said Lin Feng. He penetrated into empty space strength. A blood fog appeared around him, but couldn’t reach him. The demon continued moving towards him, his hands clasped behind his back.

Lin Feng felt ice-cold. The demon’s eye looked sharp and expressionless.

“Piss off now!” shouted Chi Lian Shan. He attacked the enemy with his Saint’s Weapon. The atmosphere around the demon crackled with unseen power. The demon simply punched out in his direction.

“I just need some people’s memories, who is willing to give me memories?” asked the demon suddenly. Chi Lian Shan and the others were astonished. He just wanted people’s memories?

“If I give you memories, will I become a vegetable?” asked Chi Lian Shan.

“If you’re so kind, I won’t corrode your memories, I will just have a look,” said the demon emotionlessly.

Chi Lian Shan took a deep breath and said, “Alright, I trust you, have a look at my memories.”

He walked up to the demon, composed and ready.

The demon stretched out his hand and put it on Chi Lian Shan’s head. Terrifying lights surrounded Chi Lian Shan’s head for a long moment before he took back his hand and looked at the sky.

“So many years have passed again!” whispered the demon. Then he turned around and left. Lin Feng and the others took a deep breath with relief. How dangerous! He wasn’t a pure demon…

“How audacious!” remarked someone at that moment. Lin Feng and the others spun around.

“Master!” shouted Ye Zhi Yun. It was the High Priest of the Celestial Sound Shrine. “I’m Ye Zhi Yun from the Life Shrine! Master, how can we leave?”

“Leave?” asked the High Priest of the Celestial Sound Shrine. He was surprised, raised his head and said, “I don’t even know how long I’ve been in here, but I’ve never found a way to leave…”

“How did you lose your memories, Master?” asked Ye Zhi Yun.

“If I knew, I wouldn’t be amnesic!” replied the High Priest, “Maybe demons corroded my memories, like that one.”

“Where are we?” asked Ye Zhi Yun.

“Here?” The High Priest gazed into the distance and answered, “I’ve never been farther than here. I’ve heard that this was the demon king coffin chamber. The demons here are all strong cultivators from the ancient times.”

How dreadful, thought Lin Feng and the others. Their hearts were pounding violently. The demon king’s coffin chamber?

A terrifying light streaked across the sky, and thunder rumbled. Lin Feng raised his head and saw a beam of light dash to the skies. Suddenly, the blood moon in the sky exploded.

“Great Demon Halberd of Desolation! Who broke the seal?!” asked the High Priest, frowning. He flitted away and disappeared. Lin Feng and the others saw him in the distance.

The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation? A seal?

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