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PMG Chapter 234: The Strong Cultivator!

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Meng Qing landed back onto the ground. She looked imposing and domineering. Cold Qi was surrounding her body. That cold Qi transformed into a brilliant aura. Meng Qing’s body was covered by a layer of ice, all the people who were near her had the impression that they were going to freeze if they stayed close, so they all moved back. Even the Chi Xie troops were moving away.

“She’s so cold.” thought many people when they saw her. Only Lin Feng could give birth to feelings from such a cold heart like that of Meng Qing.

Meng Qing moved in front of the statue and said coldly: “Is this the entrance to the forbidden area?”

“Indeed, this is the entrance of the forbidden area of the Zi Government.” said some people from the crowd while nodding. Nobody dared speak without being spoken to, they were afraid of offending Meng Qing and the others. If they got angry again, the remaining crowd would suffer the same fate as the people of the Zi Government.

Meng Qing was extremely strong, she easily killed the old man so she could kill them even more easily.

Meng Qing was looking at the entrance of the forbidden area. She slightly raised her hand. She condensed some cold Qi onto the palm of her hand, immediately after, she rushed forward and insanely bombarded the door with the palm of her hand.


The ground was unceasingly shaking and the sound was echoing through the atmosphere. The door of the forbidden area, was still closed. The statue hadn’t moved at all either.


Meng Qing was unceasingly bombarding the entrance of the forbidden area. She looked as cold as before. Her facial expression hadn’t changed at all.

Finally, after having tried many times, Meng Qing gave up. She turned around and asked the crowd: “How do I open that door?”

“It requires the blood of a direct descendant from the Zi Government. You need to put some blood in the hole of the statue and then it will open, but now the Zi Government is already……” said a person in the crowd. Immediately after, that person looked at the corpses on the ground. The direct descendants of the Zi Government had all been killed. There wasn’t a single member left alive.


Meng Qing looked pensive. She looked at the old man, waved her hand and ice penetrated into the old man’s corpse. Frozen blood was removed from the corpse.

Meng Qing waved her hand again and then the frozen blood moved into the hole of the statue. The blood melted in a flash, but as before, nothing happened.

Meng Qing looked pensive. She looked at the person who had just spoken. That person suddenly sensed that his body had gotten very rigid. That beautiful woman, who looked like a celestial being could really make other people freeze with only a glance. Common people like them couldn’t touch her, they could only enjoy looking at her from a distance.

“Maybe the door will not open itself again. Otherwise, after Lin Feng went inside; the grand-uncle of the Zi Government would have chased him inside, he wouldn’t have waited outside.” explained the person in the crowd and continued: “Besides, all the people of the Zi Government went into the forbidden area previously, nothing happened to them, they came back without outside assistance, maybe they control it from inside.”

“How much time did the people of the Zi Government spend inside?” asked Meng Qing. When she heard that nothing happened to the people who went inside previously, she suddenly felt even more relieved. Nothing bad would happen to Lin Feng, that was the most important thing.

“I’m not sure about that. Some months, some spent years.”

“Months, years….” whispered Meng Qing. She turned around and said to the Chi Xie troops: “If you do not want to wait, you can leave.”

All of them remained silent and motionless. None of them moved even an inch. They looked like statues.

The rest of the crowd was astonished yet again, who was Lin Feng really for so many people to be willing to wait months and possibly even years without complaining?


In the middle of the forbidden area, Lin Feng didn’t know what was happening outside. He was standing motionless while looking at the statue.

Lin Feng obviously understood that statue, like the snake was actually a body. That person was dead, he wasn’t breathing and his body hadn’t decomposed, therefore, he just looked like a statue.

Duan Xin Ye was standing behind Lin Feng and was looking at the man, which seemed to be reigning over the palace.

At that moment, Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng’s minds were moved into another world. High in the sky, there was a silhouette riding a ferocious beast, that beast was a hundred meter long purple dragon. It was breathing out purple Qi and its breath caused the clouds to dissolve. It looked extremely powerful.

In the sky, there was an endless storm of lightning. This lightning was purple and contained deadly Qi. The purple light was revolving around the body of the person and the dragon.

That person looked like a celestial being and was extremely majestic.

He was travelling through the clouds, he was an extremely strong cultivator. He looked like he was dominating the entire world beneath his feet. He didn’t say any superfluous words. He was just bathing in the clouds.

When Lin Feng became aware of what was going on in his mind, his heart started pounding extremely violently. It seemed like the statue like man, a moment ago, opened its eyes and invaded their minds to show them these images.

He was a really strong cultivator. At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t count as a strong cultivator. On the path of cultivation, he still had a lot of work to do.

At that moment, the strong cultivator in the sky turned around. Lin Feng’s body started shaking. He only had the impression that two eyes were staring through his soul.

“Finally, I’ve always been waiting for someone to come into my world.” said a majestic voice. Lin Feng’s heart was violently pounding. Finally, there was someone……

He was still conscious, he wasn’t dead…

“No need to act so strange. The soul is one of the most mysterious things in our world. Even if the flesh and muscles die, the soul can remain. Even though my body died a long time ago, my soul remained because I was extremely strong. My consciousness has been alive all this time but only until today, after that, I will disappear.”

Flesh and bones died but the soul hadn’t.

Lin Feng was surprised and was wondering what cultivation level this person had.

Besides, when listening to the man’s voice, Lin Feng had the impression of a lonely hero who would no longer see his glorious days. He was doomed to eternally disappear.

“Since the first time when Zi Qian, came here, I established one rule for all his following generations. Only people who are in love can come to me and receive my blessings. Zi Qian has always stuck to that rule and allowed married couples to come to me, but today, I don’t know why, you are not descendants of the Zi Government. Maybe you meeting me was fate. You came at the moment when the strength of my spirit was about to disappear. Besides, you both have the power of a blood spirit. Young man, you are truly talented.”

These words resonated in Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye’s minds. Lin Feng’s heart stopped for a second. They both had the strength of a blood spirit?!

Duan Xin Ye had the blood spirit, Lin Feng obviously knew that.

But Lin Feng, also had the strength of a blood spirit?

“My snake spirit…” Lin Feng was shivering. Maybe the spirit, which caused everyone to call him a piece of trash, was actually a blood spirit.

But Lin Feng’s father didn’t have a blood spirit. In the entire Lin clan, there wasn’t a single person who had the snake spirit either. There was only one explanation, Lin Feng had never seen his mother, she was certainly the one who possessed the same spirit.

“Young girl, I don’t have much time left, you are weaker than him, I can grant you some more power but you will have to understand it. If you accept, just nod, that’ll be enough for me.” said the voice to Duan Xin Ye.

Lin Feng didn’t know how Duan Xin Ye was going to react but immediately after he heard the voice say: “Very good, I will also grant you with some of my knowledge. Do your best to understand it.”

When he finished talking, Duan Xin Ye felt her body shake intensely. The images in her brain disappeared, an amazing strength penetrated into her brain which made her faint.

The strong cultivator looked at Lin Feng and smiled warmly.

“The last time a descendent of the Zi Government came in here, I explained to him that I wanted him to send me as many people at once because this would be the last time for me. I was hoping to meet a real genius and grant him with everything that I possess. Even though there aren’t many people, you are enough. Even though your cultivation level is low, your soul is extremely powerful. You are much stronger those who have the same cultivation level as you. You are the most appropriate person to choose.”

Lin Feng was only seventeen and had already broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer but in the eyes of the man, Lin Feng’s cultivation level was low. There were many cultivation geniuses in the vast and boundless continent. What drew his attention was Lin Feng’s soul.

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