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PMG Chapter 2340: Canonization Area

PMG Chapter 2340: Canonization Area

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In the Fortune Shrine, Lin Feng’s clone was seated with the Diviner. The Diviner frowned and looked at Lin Feng, stunned.

“You’re saying that there’s an ancient palace in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell inside the crimson moon, and that a demon king is inside?” The Diviner was amazed. He didn’t know what was in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, either. Therefore, when Lin Feng told him about his experience, he was astonished.

“Yes, in the castle, there’s a demon king with a demon blade, asleep. But he could still communicate with me, and he asked me to wake him up, he said he’d transmit his strength to me,” Lin Feng said to the Diviner. In this world, nobody else knew as many of Lin Feng’s secrets as the Diviner, so Lin Feng didn’t need to hide anything from him.

“But I didn’t trust him, so I chose to leave, and he let me go peacefully,” finished Lin Feng.

“What you mean is that the ancient demon king is sleeping and can still control the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell? He let you leave alive and didn’t do anything to you?”

“Indeed. Otherwise, I would be dead.”

“It’s such an incredible mystery. People are all talking about Qiong Jiu Tian and Qiong Hai Ya who have come out alive, and they don’t even know that those two were able to come out alive thanks to you. They don’t even know about that demon king you’re telling me about,” said the Diviner, shaking his head. “If I have the opportunity, I will talk to the leader of the Shrine and see if he knows something. The High Priest of the Celestial Sound Shrine has been imprisoned in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell for such a long time. How terrifying…”

“All the demons inside are terrifyingly strong. Also, you’ve probably heard of that demon a thousand years ago?” said Lin Feng. He was wondering who the demon emperor was. The demon king said that Lin Feng was the Demon Emperor…

“The Demon Emperor of a thousand years ago?!” The Diviner was surprised, “You must be talking about Saint Emperor Xi the Demon, he didn’t leave many traces in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Not many people know about him, but those who do know how terrifying he was. The Fortune Shrine knows more about him than the other Shrines because a thousand years ago, the Fortune Shrine’s Destiny Wheel rotated because of him! This time around, it was because of you!”

“Saint Emperor Xi the Demon!” Lin Feng frowned. A thousand years ago, the Destiny Wheel of the Fortune Shrine rotated, and now it had spun because of Lin Feng. Was it reincarnation? Was the demon king right? Was Lin Feng the Demon Emperor?

“What kind of person was Saint Emperor Xi the Demon?” asked Lin Feng.

“Mysterious, extremely strong, and he became strong very quickly. He also disappeared mysteriously. The Shrines were looking for him, but he had completely disappeared. Some people say he’s probably traveling the world, some people say he must have been killed by the Shrines,” said the Diviner slowly.

“I think they’re all wrong. Maybe the Demon Emperor is in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell,” said Lin Feng.

The Diviner frowned, “Saint Emperor Xi the Demon in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell?”

“Indeed, I saw some scriptures in there which were written by him personally. He seems to have many connections to the demon king.”

The Diviner frowned, “Are you sure about the scriptures?”

“I’m sure. I’ve seen them before. Nobody can have the exact same writing in this world,” said Lin Feng. He was certain.

“So, I really need to talk to the leader of the Shrine,” said the Diviner sharply. Saint Emperor Xi the Demon had an extraordinary destiny, he was mysterious and terrifying. If he was in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, it wasn’t surprising that there was no news about him in the outside world.

“Lin Feng, you need to get prepared, your fighting abilities have reached the top of the Sheng Di Layer, right?” said the Diviner to Lin Feng.

“Yes,” said Lin Feng nodding.

“Not bad, you need to try and become a Saint now,” said the Diviner. Even though Lin Feng had no cultivation level, he could also try to become a Saint, or at least, have a similar level.

Lin Feng was surprised at this, and stared at the Diviner.

“In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there’s a sealed area called the Canonization Area, that place opens once every thousand years. In there, some people have the opportunity to be canonized, it happens only every thousand years. Every thousand years, people at the top of the Sheng Di Layer go there and try their luck. The Canonization Area doesn’t disappoint people. At least three people must become Saints, or even more. It depends on their luck and abilities.”

“Now, it will soon open and many people from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds will go there to try their luck,” the Diviner smiled.

Lin Feng was amazed. The Canonization Area sounded like an incredible place!

“Who build such an awesome place as the Canonization Area?” said Lin Feng.

“People in the old days. I’ve heard that there are mysteries inside, there are some details only known to insiders. It’s one of the most mysterious places of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” replied the Diviner. Lin Feng nodded. Few people knew what there was inside!

“Unfortunately, this time, when you went to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, many Saint Emperors died. They could have become Saints. Of course, the opening of the Canonization Area will draw people’s attention even more than your adventure in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. People refused to go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, including some old terrifying cultivators, but the Canonization Area draws people’s attention,” the Diviner smiled.

Lin Feng understood. Some Saint Emperors practiced cultivation for many years, but didn’t manage to transcend worldliness and attain holiness. They couldn’t miss this opportunity. They were even ready to risk their lives.

“At that time, will I participate as Daimon from the World Clan, or as Lin Feng?” Lin Feng grinned.

The Diviner smiled back. “As you wish, as long as you separate those two people carefully. Don’t let anyone know that Lin Feng is Daimon.”

“I understand,” said Lin Feng nodding.

“The disciples of the Fortune Shrine rarely go out, but this time, some of them will go and try to become Saints, don’t fight against them there,” the Diviner directed. Lin Feng nodded.

All the Shrines were gathering their Saint Emperors and asking them to get prepared for the Canonization Area’s event. It was extremely rare. It was also an opportunity to see the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Even the Supreme Animal World would participate.

“How are things going for the Void Phoenix Clan?” asked Lin Feng.

“Nothing has happened. Qing Feng was imprisoned, but Shi Jue Lao Xian went there, so they can’t do much to her. However, since Qiong Hai Ya came out of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, the Void Phoenix Clan is even more enthusiastic and really hopes they’ll be able to make a marriage alliance with the Fire Shrine.”

“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded. He had to get more information.

“There are many hidden Saint Emperors in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They’re waiting for the event. I wonder who will become a Saint,” the Diviner mused.

Lin Feng could feel that the Canonization Area was going to be an extraordinary event. Saints were rare, but Saint Emperors were also strong in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Mu Shan Zi had invited some of them to come to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, but he didn’t know all the Saint Emperors of the region.

Becoming a Saint wasn’t easy, there were some old people who had been stuck at the Sheng Di Layer for a long time, and nobody needed to be invited to go to the Canonization Area. Even the Supreme Animal World could come!

Lin Feng’s real body was calmly practicing cultivation in the World Clan. Few people knew that he had come out of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell alive and gone back to the World Clan. He also wanted to try and become a Saint at the Canonization Area!!!

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