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PMG Chapter 2341: Saint Luck

PMG Chapter 2341: Saint Luck

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The Canonization Area was in the central part of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Usually, it was a desert, because there was no Qi left there, and a poor place to practice cultivation. It was difficult to imagine that in this place was the Canonization Area.

A great many strong cultivators appeared there.

Those strong cultivators looked composed, but on the inside, they weren’t, especially those who had lived for a very long time.

For people who didn’t need a very long time to reach the top of the Sheng Di Layer, or some geniuses from Shrines, becoming a Saint wasn’t as difficult as for other people. However, for old people, it was quite difficult. They needed some help, luck, and opportunities!

The Canonization Area was a great opportunity!

In the Northwest, an old man who was wearing a grey robe frowned angrily. “Another thousand years have passed! Last time, I brushed past the opportunity to become a Saint; this time, I have to succeed!”

In the West, another white-haired old man seemed calm, but on the inside, he thought, Another thousand years have passed… how could I miss this opportunity again? The incredible Qi which fills the air every thousand years shall be mine this time!

Apart from them, many other old men arrived and thought the same. They had missed the opportunity to become Saints a thousand years before, so they had cultivated really hard for another thousand years and still hadn’t managed to become Saints. They had to seize the opportunity now!

When Lin Feng arrived, he looked around in astonishment.

“So many strong cultivators. Are all the Saint Emperors of the Continent of the Nine Clouds going to come?” He was riding on Aomo’s back. Indeed, for Saint Emperors, the opportunity to become a Saint was incredible, one more step and they’d transcend worldliness and attain holiness!

“Father, have you asked about the details?” asked Aomo. He was curious.

“I’ve heard that there was Saint Luck, I don’t really know what it is though,” said Lin Feng. It was difficult to imagine that such a desolate place could give birth to an essence called Saint Luck and could help cultivators become Saints. There was no spiritual Qi there.

“Do things turn into their opposite when they reach the extreme?” whispered Lin Feng.

“Daimon!” called out a voice at that moment. Lin Feng turned around and saw Chi Lian Shan. Chi Lian Shan smiled and said, “Daimon, you also came to try and become a Saint?”

“Indeed,” said Lin Feng. Chi Lian Shan arrived next to him and said, “So many old people are here. They’ve gone through a lot in life.”

“You’re so strong, and yet you feel under pressure?” asked Lin Feng.

“Of course,” Chi Lian Shan nodded. “The more Saint Luck you absorb, the more chances you have to become a Saint. Every thousand years, when someone obtains Saint Luck, the others want to kill them to steal it from them.”

“I see. The Saint Emperors go insane in such circumstances,” said Lin Feng. Becoming a Saint was a Saint Emperor’s most important goal!

“The cultivators of the Shrines are extremely strong. They have Saint’s Weapons. When Saint Luck appears, the situation becomes very dangerous. Look over there, you know who that old man in black clothes is?” asked Chi Lian Shan to Lin Feng.

“I don’t,” admitted Lin Feng. The old man turned around, he looked dangerous.

“That’s Saint Emperor Freeze, he controls Freezing Dao and his Dao has reached the maximum level. Not only can he freeze your body, but he can also freeze your thoughts and your soul. He can kill you a hundred times in the twinkling of an eye. Apart from Freezing Dao, he also understands a terrifying type of strength: empty space strength. You see?”

Chi Lian Shan looked nervous. Lin Feng looked at the old man in dark clothes and nodded. “He’s a dangerous cultivator indeed. He can use empty space strength and freeze you in the blink of an eye.”

“Indeed, the twinkling of an eye is enough. A thousand years ago, he was already at the very top of the Sheng Di Layer. He couldn’t become a Saint, and was unlucky. Now, another thousand years have passed, he can only be stronger,” said Chi Lian Shan. Lin Feng nodded.

“I can tell you one thing, the old people here are all terrifyingly strong. Even though there aren’t many of them, they’re all terrifying. They have a thousand years of experience. With all the members of the Shrines, it’s going to be a tough competition.

“Over there, the members of the Fire Shrine have come. Qiong Jiu Tian is quite famous these days,” said Chi Lian Shan. Lin Feng turned around and looked at Qiong Jiu Tian and Qiong Hai Ya. They were with a group of strong cultivators from the Fire Shrine. Even Huo Shang was there. Even though he was weaker than many people who were present, he was still quite strong. He also wanted to try his luck. Qiong Jiu Tian was the dangerous one, though…

“Strong cultivators from other Shrines keep arriving. I’m going back to the members of the Earth Shrine. Daimon, be careful,” said Chi Lian Shan. All the members of the Shrines would join hands to grab as much as Saint Luck as they could.

“I understand,” Lin Feng waved. That area seemed boundless. There were people everywhere.

“Daimon!” said someone coldly at that moment. It was Qiong Hai Ya. He said coldly, “You came out alive! You’re quite lucky.”

Lin Feng looked at Qiong Hai Ya, and replied calmly, “You sound like you came out relying on strength.”

Qiong Hai Ya was surprised, and smiled, “Of course, anyone who comes out of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell alive is lucky. But now we’re going to rely on strength to steal Saint Luck. Be very careful though; you’re probably not going to get any, but you could also die here.”

“Thank you very much for your advice,” Lin Feng replied coolly.

At that moment, an invisible and intangible strength filled the air. This area contained absolutely no strength for a thousand years and then, once every thousand years, it was filled with energies again.

There’s an exit there, thought Lin Feng. The Canonization Area was sealed after that, people couldn’t come in anymore, they could only leave. After obtaining Saint Luck, cultivators could escape through the exit. However, the less luck energy a cultivator managed to obtain, the less chance he had to become a Saint using that method. Strong cultivators wanted to get as much luck energy as they could.

“Father, look over there. The map of the Canonization Area.” Aomo raised his head and saw a pattern; it was a map of the Canonization Area.

“Indeed, it’s the map of the Canonization Area. It appears in the sky. That’s amazing, but it’s also going to make things much more complicated. The Canonization Area actually has eight exits, so people who obtain Saint Luck can escape through those eight exits,” said Lin Feng. Many people were staring at the map in the sky.

Those who had already been there a thousand years before immediately started moving towards the center of the Canonization Area. They knew that their chances of getting Saint Luck were the highest there.

“Father, I still don’t understand what Saint Luck is. What does it look like?” asked Aomo.

“Get ready and we’ll find out soon,” said Lin Feng, staring at the map. There were several dazzling dots on the map, as if a mysterious strength were there.

A dragon chanted, and a dazzling golden dragon appeared on the map. Aomo’s eyes twinkled. “That dragon means Saint Luck?!”

“I think so! Let’s go!” shouted Lin Feng. Aomo rose up in the air at full speed, many other people rose up in the air too.

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