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PMG Chapter 2342: Fighting Over the Saint Luck

PMG Chapter 2342: Fighting Over the Saint Luck

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Dazzling golden lights appeared where the Saint Luck was, and people could find the coordinates on the map. When Lin Feng and all the other cultivators saw the golden dragon on the map, they all started flying in that direction.

“Father, I have the impression that that golden dragon is alive and terrifying. Is it really Saint Luck?” asked Aomo uneasily.

“It’s Saint Luck, indeed,” said Lin Feng. He was surprised too. The golden dragon glittered and was extremely fast.

A gigantic wall appeared in the air, and the dragon landed on the wall before passing through it.

The golden dragon roared, trying to escape, but the crowd sensed a terrifying Freezing intent, it surrounded the dragon and he started freezing. The other strong cultivators had the impression their souls were going to freeze.

“Saint Emperor Freeze.” Lin Feng looked at the old man in dark clothes at the very front. Lin Feng was impressed; Saint Emperor Freeze was terrifyingly strong.

“Father, should we attack?” asked Aomo. He was eager to try.

“No rush. It’s going to be a fierce competition. We should be patient, otherwise, everybody will be after us,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t participate in the battle. Many people thought the same as him, and didn’t attack. Qiong Jiu Tian and Qiong Hai Ya were staying on the side, too, their eyes glittering. A great deal of Saint Luck was going to appear in the Canonization Area, and nobody wanted to be chased by everyone else.

But some people were very self-confident, such as Saint Emperor Freeze. He appeared in front of the dragon and stretched out his hand; the dragon roared angrily and became even more dazzling and then turned into lights. Saint Emperor Freeze took him. For the time being, that Saint Luck was his.

Many strong cultivators threw themselves at him, but Saint Emperor Freeze shot into the distance and said coldly, “Freeze!”

The atmosphere around him froze. Nobody dared get too close to him, otherwise their souls could freeze, and they could die.

Lights flashed, and Saint Emperor Freeze disappeared. He had an extremely powerful teleportation technique.

“Chase him!” said a few strong cultivators coldly. Nobody wanted to let him escape with Saint Luck!

“How strong.” Lin Feng was astonished. Saint Emperor Freeze’s freezing Dao had reached the maximum level, and with his teleportation technique, he could get so much done in such a short time. Saint Emperor Freeze was probably one of the strongest Saint Emperors present here!

A dragon roared, dazzling lights appeared again, and formed an ice dragon. The crowd was stunned; another gigantic dragon, a different one… was it Saint Luck too?

“Go!” Strong cultivators started moving towards the dragon, but at that moment, they heard a dragon roar extremely loudly, behind the golden dragon and the ice dragon, a red dragon appeared, and then a fire dragon, and then an earth dragon, a dark dragon, a life dragon! Seven dragons had appeared, they were all Saint Luck!

The crowd shot off in all directions towards all the dragons. Those seven dragons were Saint Luck? Or were they actually one cosmic body that represented Saint Luck?

“Father, I want the dark dragon, let’s go see,” said Aomo, and flew towards the gigantic dark dragon. He passed in front of many strong cultivators, his speed was astonishing. He turned into a beam of light and crossed the Canonization Area in the blink of an eye.

“I see it, many people are fighting over it,” said Aomo. Lin Feng released dazzling empty space lights. People used strength to fight, they didn’t use weapons. If anyone dared used Saint’s Weapons, then everybody else would, and it would become a disaster.

Aomo roared out and charged in. The dark dragon was also very fast, but many people surrounded him. It glanced at them, very lifelike.

“Father, that guy is a Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc from the Roc Clan. He’s incredibly strong,” said Aomo to Lin Feng. The one who was the closest to the dark dragon had a gold holy helmet and sharp feathers.

“Zha Mao Niao also wants to steal the dark dragon’s Saint Luck, damn! He’s so fast!” swore Aomo. The great roc’s wings were gigantic and blotted out the sky, he was very impressive.

Aomo jumped into the crowd, he didn’t want to let the dark dragon’s Saint Luck go, but at that moment, some terrifying sharp claws moved towards it. The atmosphere was lacerated around everyone. The Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc’s wings turned into sharp swords and swept everything away in his path.

“How fast!” Lin Feng was astonished. He sensed a strong wind brush against his face. He couldn’t even follow the great roc with his eye!

“The Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc’s speed is astonishing, but expected too.” The other strong cultivators pulled long faces as the Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc ran away with the Saint Luck. They had encircled him, but he had managed to get through and now chasing him would be difficult.

“There’s still Saint Luck left!” The crowd looked at the sky and realized that there was no Saint Luck left on the map. Many strong cultivators wanted to get the Saint Luck from those who had taken it already.

“Someone has escaped already. He couldn’t handle the pressure so he escaped,” They could see that on the map, someone had escaped with Saint Luck.

“Father, I can sense that Saint Luck is incredible, but stealing some will be extremely difficult,” said Aomo. Lin Feng nodded. “Saint Luck just increases the chances of becoming a Saint, it’s not because you have Saint Luck that you will definitely become a Saint. If you have Saint Luck but can’t become a saint, it’s useless.”

“However, if you have the Saint Luck of the seven dragons, then the chances of becoming a Saint are extremely high,” said Aomo, taking Lin Feng to the center of the Canonization Area.

“The Saint Luck is weakening,” said Lin Feng when he saw the lights disperse slowly. The strong cultivators were slowly consuming the Saint Luck.

“Daimon,” said someone at that moment. It was Ye Zhi Yun.

“You’re here too,” Lin Feng smiled.

“Yes, I wanted to try my luck too,” smiled Ye Zhi Yun. “So, do you think you’ll manage to get some Saint Luck?”

“Not necessarily. There are too many strong cultivators,” replied Lin Feng easily.

“Indeed. That one is extremely strong. I saw him fight, he’s scary,” said Ye Zhi Yun pointing at someone. Lin Feng saw a cultivator in black clothes, his Qi strong.

“There are always talented individuals in hiding,” agreed Lin Feng. At that moment, the person turned around. His eyes were bloodshot and proud. He looked like a demon from the pit of hell.

“It’s him!” Lin Feng was astonished, he recognized the man!

“How come he looks so evil now?!” Lin Feng was startled. According to legends, after King Chu, another genius had emerged in the Chu Clan, but he had gone insane. Was Chu Chun Qiu going to become insane too now?! Because that cultivator was Chu Chun Qiu!

There’s something wrong. That’s the Qi of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell! He came out of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, so could it be that he absorbed some evil creatures there?, thought Lin Feng. Everything was possible when it came to Chu Chun Qiu, he was insane.

In the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, there had been many terrifying creatures, demons, and corpses. It was filled with death.

Chu Chun Qiu smiled at Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng frowned. Did Chu Chun Qiu recognize him?

“Father, Saint Luck, three golden birds,” shouted Aomo suddenly. Not far from them, three birds moved in different directions.

“A bird disappeared.” Lin Feng was stupefied. A bird suddenly disappeared as quickly as it showed up.

“There’s something wrong. He went into some empty space strength. He’s there.” Lin Feng saw the bird reappear. The figure of the bird on the other side kept flickering.

The last bird kept whistling, fissures appearing in the atmosphere around. It was moving very quickly.

That’s… a terrifying empty space energy. Those birds all control empty space energy. With those three sources of Saint Luck, any strong cultivator could become a Saint!, thought Lin Feng. Many cultivators who controlled empty space strength understood that and started chasing quickly!

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