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PMG Chapter 2345: Guarding the Gateway

PMG Chapter 2345: Guarding the Gateway

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“Father, it’s awesome!” exclaimed Aomo after absorbing the bird. The fat guy didn’t disappoint Lin Feng, and his Saint’s Weapon was terrifyingly powerful, it had stunned everyone for a few seconds. After that, Lin Feng and Aomo flew away.

“How do you feel?” asked Lin Feng to Aomo.

“It contains an incredible empty space strength, it’s in my brain now. If I were a cultivator of the very top of the Sheng Di Layer, I would really become a Saint now. Unfortunately, I can only study it slowly,” admitted Aomo. He was very happy. “I need to study it calmly. You deal with the rest, be careful.”

“Alright, go and study. Leave the rest to me. If I get the last bird’s Saint Luck, I’ll call you,” said Lin Feng. The air was thrumming as a group of strong cultivators was chasing him. They were extremely fast. Lin Feng didn’t turn around, he just glanced at the map in the sky now and then. He moved towards the last bird, strong cultivators had finally managed to catch up with it and someone had already captured it.

Aomo needs the three birds, the Saint Luck will be complete only if he gets the three of them, thought Lin Feng moving as fast as lightning. He glanced at the battle. People had already taken Saint’s Weapons out, and were dying one after another. Everybody was vigilant, and the one who had already captured the Saint Luck was covered with blood. He could die anytime, the only reason why he hadn’t died yet was that people were trying to think of a strategy for themselves. If they stole it now, then everybody else would encircle them.

At that moment, everything seemed to stop, and a figure appeared in front of the one who had taken the Saint Luck. A terrifying spear thrust towards his head and an illusionary hand closed on him. The hand grabbed him, and the figure left with the cultivator.

“We’re too slow!” The crowd’s faces froze. They were too slow! They felt extremely slow. After that person disappeared, a terrifying wave washed through them, many people withdrew.

“What a powerful Saint’s Weapon. It contains Saint’s deceleration strength. It was like time had stopped!” Lin Feng didn’t stop. Some people were chasing him. Aomo had obtained two birds already, how could he stop?

“Someone has Saint Luck there!” shouted someone. Lin Feng flew after him. Lin Feng realized that that person wasn’t extremely fast but he had two incredible Saint’s Weapons. One of them was a disc which contained deceleration Saint’s energy and slowed his enemies down. The other one was a terrifyingly sharp spear. He had used that spear to kill many people a moment ago. With those two weapons, he was truly redoubtable.

“There!” Lin Feng glanced at his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation; it was a high-level Saint’s Weapon. He could probably kill the man easily with it.

Lin Feng accelerated, he couldn’t fly any faster. People around heard sonic booms. He slowly got rid of the people behind him. Only people who controlled speed-related energies continued chasing the cultivator.

The one who had obtained the Saint Luck turned his head and looked back at Lin Feng, smiling coldly. Lin Feng had Saint Luck, a terrifying Saint’s Weapon, and dared chase him, he really wanted to die!

The cultivator activated his disc again, turning suddenly and the disc diffused lights which filled the air. The deceleration lights were so powerful that space and time became chaotic.

Lin Feng sensed an invisible and intangible strength surround his body. His muscles stiffened up as he slowed down against his will. The spear moved towards his head, undeterred. That cultivator wanted to kill Lin Feng as quickly as possible!

Lin Feng was soaked with cold sweat. This man was terrifying!

Lin Feng released an awesome strength. He had god strength, how could he sit and wait for death?

“Go in!” said Lin Feng coldly. The Cage of Darkness appeared, but the spear destroyed the Cage of Darkness and continued shooting towards Lin Feng.

“Great Empty Space Technique!” Lin Feng jumped into empty space and released strength, then his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation streaked across the sky.

The spear pierced through the empty space strength and appeared in front of Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng’s Great Demon Halberd of Desolation was moving towards his enemy’s throat and beheaded him!

“How dangerous.” Lin Feng left the empty space and the terrifying spear moved behind him already. If he hadn’t used the Great Empty Space Technique, he would have died!

Another terrifying Qi filled the air. Lin Feng continued flying forwards at full speed. Then, he called Aomo again for him to eat the man. “Father, I have the three birds’ Saint Luck, but now the situation is difficult for you, they’re all chasing you.”

“Yes, I have to escape,” said Lin Feng. If a group of people with Saint’s Weapons surrounded him, he would definitely die. Otherwise, he had just obtained two terrifying Saint’s Weapons!

But this time, Lin Feng had obtained three birds’ Saint Luck and the strong cultivators behind wouldn’t leave the matter at that. They were all chasing him as quickly as they could!

Lin Feng grunted coldly. He was holding his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation firmly and his Qi was ominous.

The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation was a high-level Saint’s Weapon, but Lin Feng didn’t really understand its particular strength. Maybe he was still too weak. He couldn’t use it to overrun all fortifications. But even this way, it was sufficiently terrifying!

“They want to die!” Lin Feng landed at the top of a mountain and suddenly stopped. The two fastest cultivators behind him controlled empty space strength and continued flying towards him.

“Imprison!” said Lin Feng coldly. The two cultivators suddenly saw darkness fill the air around them. They used their Saint’s Weapons to destroy the cage, but the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation was sweeping towards them. His face turned deathly pale. He released as much empty space strength as he could.

Boom! The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation contained a terrifying Saint’s power. The demon Qi instantly corroded that cultivator’s body, and he vanished. The other one was so scared that he fled as fast as he could. Lin Feng raised his Saint’s Weapon and moved back. He went back to the top of the mountain, looking apathetic.

The strong cultivators who were chasing him all stopped. Lin Feng had the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, he looked like a demon king. He said to the crowd coldly, “I have the three birds, and if anyone attacks me, I can guarantee that I will kill them. We came out of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, rogues of all kinds running wildly. So be careful.”

“You also came out of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell?”

“His halberd contains a terrifying demon Saint’s strength, could it be that it’s from the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell?”

Lin Feng snesed terrifying golden lights appeared around him. Someone charged him, trying to crush him.

Lin Feng started bleeding, his skin was cracking. Against such a terrifying attack, only someone who had a Saint’s body could resist.

“You want to die!” said Lin Feng coldly. He suddenly disappeared, condensed empty space and wind cosmic energies in the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, and it hacked towards his attacker and instantly killed him.

The people behind didn’t get involved. Those who wanted to attack realized it was too late. Lin Feng was already back at the top of the mountain, standing there like a demon king.

“With that halberd, he can kill us in one strike.” They were astonished, he didn’t lie to them. If anyone dared attack, he’d kill them instantly!

“Very quickly, some more Saint Luck is going to appear. Are you going to stay here and waste your time?” asked Lin Feng detachedly. The crowd’s eyes glittered. Lin Feng was too fast, and his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation was terrifying!

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