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PMG Chapter 2346: Leaving with the Saint Luck

PMG Chapter 2346: Leaving with the Saint Luck

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Lin Feng was standing there, holding his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation. Even though his enemies were cautious, they didn’t give up. Some of them charged him. Lin Feng was angry. These people were dangerous. If they had a single opportunity, they’d kill him!

“Eh?” At that moment, Lin Feng sensed danger and shot up in the air, but sharp blades still crashed onto his body and blood gushed out extremely painfully!

“Empty Space Saint’s Weapon!” Lin Feng grimaced. He had been attacked by a Saint’s Weapon which contained empty space strength, but was invisible and intangible. He raised his head and saw a strong cultivator who was holding an extremely sharp crankset, spinning it at high speed.

The crankset disappeared, Lin Feng sensed a sharp energy surround him again. His Great Demon Halberd of Desolation turned into a gigantic demon dragon and lunged towards the man. He retreated quickly.

There was an explosion, Lin Feng groaned with pain, his muscles twitching, he had the impression his brain was going to explode.

A peerless and sharp Qi shot towards Lin Feng. One person had attacked, so the others chipped in as well.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng. He didn’t turn around to look at the man behind him, but knew his Qi was terrifying. His dripping Great Demon Halberd of Desolation came back, there was a rumble behind him, and Lin Feng’s mind trembled, his iron will keeping him conscious.

“Die!” The attacks blotted out the sky and covered the earth. They really wanted to kill him!

Deadly empty space strength surrounded him. He was surrounded by millions of threads of empty space cosmic energies.

Lin Feng suddenly disappeared and reappeared in the crowd, instantly removing someone’s head.

“Daimon!” shouted someone. The fat guy appeared behind the crowd. He helped him and bombarded some people in the crowd, they hadn’t expected that someone would help Lin Feng here.

Lin Feng’s Great Demon Halberd of Desolation swept away cultivators all around him. Heads exploded one after another. The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation was a devastating weapon, they couldn’t withstand a single attack.

“Go!” Chi Lian Shan also arrived and descended from the sky. They continued destroying people and fighting their way forwards. Thunder rocked and boomed, shaking the earth and sky. When their enemies recovered enough to look at Lin Feng and the others, they were already far away.

Lin Feng and the others went to a place with fewer people. If the fat guy and Chi Lian Shan hadn’t helped Lin Feng, it would have been dangerous for him. Even with the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, he wouldn’t have been able to deal with so many people who had Saint’s Weapons as well.

“Thank you!” Lin Feng smiled.

“Why would you thank us? You saved us last time,” replied Chi Lian Shan happily. “You’re really brave. Three birds and you gave them all to the dragon. His cultivation level is not high enough, even with the three birds, he won’t become a Saint, unfortunately.”

“As long as he understands them, then when the right time comes, he’ll become a Saint. When conditions are ripe, success is naturally achieved. There’s nothing unfortunate,” said Lin Feng indifferently. The two others just nodded.

“He should assimilate the Saint Luck quickly, otherwise people are going to chase us unceasingly,”

“I’ll take him to the exit. When he leaves, nobody will be able to steal his Saint Luck anymore,” said Lin Feng. Chi Lian Shan and the fat guy followed Lin Feng to an exit. That was a good solution.

After a short time, Lin Feng and the others arrived at the exit, there were no strong cultivators guarding it. When the other people saw that Lin Feng and those two had joined hands, they didn’t dare attack them anymore.

“Little boy, you leave first. I’ll get to you when I leave.”

“Father, be careful!” said Aomo, roaring as he became gigantic again and left. Lin Feng didn’t leave, he stayed at the gate waiting for Aomo to get far enough away.

“Finally, things calmed down again. I wonder when Saint Luck is going to appear again,” whispered the fat guy, frowning.

Lin Feng looked at the sky and said, “I wonder what this place is. How come Saint Luck appears here every thousand years?”

“Who knows? Maybe a terrifying cultivator created this place, but we can’t see those people,” Chi Lian Shan mused.

At that moment, dazzling lights appeared on the map in the sky. The three friends were astonished, “What an incredible Qi, let’s go! There could be Saint Luck!”

“Indeed.” The three friends’ figures flickered. After a short time, they arrived, along with ever more strong cultivators. A momentous Qi was rising there.

Is it the way Saint Luck is formed? What exactly is Saint Luck?, wondered Lin Feng. From what Aomo had told him, Saint Luck allowed him to understand things, it was a kind of Celestial Dao. Lin Feng understood that such understanding was related to the process people went through to become Saints. After understanding one’s own Dao perfectly, a cultivator could fuse it together with the Celestial Dao, the Dao of the earth and sky. The cultivator’s body became a part of the land, it became sacred.

Everything seemed to be about fusing together with the earth and sky. Lin Feng was on a strange path, the earth and sky had abandoned him. He hadn’t been able to break through to the Huang Qi layer, then becoming a Great Emperor had been completely impossible; he had his own cultivation!

For people to become Saints, they had to understand Celestial Dao, the earth and sky, the world; therefore, to Saints, people who hadn’t reached that cultivation level were like tiny little insects. Even Saint Emperors at the very top of the Sheng Di Layer couldn’t compete with Saints. Saints had transcended worldliness and attained holiness.

A dazzling fire unicorn appeared.

“Fire-type Saint Luck!” Many people charged ahead, but many other people were waiting.

The crowd saw a terrifying Qi surging out. Many different figures which contained Saint Luck appeared, and they were all different, unlike a moment before.

“Seven Saint Luck entities!” The crowd was dumbstruck.

“And that gigantic ancient imprint must be an earth-type Saint Luck,” said Chi Lian Shan, staring at an ancient imprint flying in the sky. He flashed towards it. Lin Feng followed, he had promised he’d help them.

“Everybody, stop!” said someone coldly at that moment. The crowd was startled and saw a group of people.

Lin Feng and the others stopped and looked at them.

“They’re all Shrine members! They all joined hands!” Many people were astonished.

“Chi Lian Shan!” called out a strong cultivator of the Earth Shrine.

Chi Lian Shan was shocked, he said to Lin Feng, “The Shrines are joining hands, don’t get involved this time. I’m off.”

Chi Lian Shan followed after the members of the Earth Shrine. The fat guy nodded at Lin Feng and headed over to the group of cultivators from the Soul Shrine.

The Shrines stopped everyone, including the birds, after the seven creatures appeared distinctly and clearly.

At that moment, a few other strong cultivators gathered.

“Saint Emperor Freeze, Saint Emperor Xie Feng, they’re together, do they want to stop the Shrines?” thought the other cultivators. The Shrines joined hands and wanted to share the Saint Luck between them.

“The strong beasts of the Supreme Animal World are with them.” When the crowd saw a unicorn, a white lion, and other terrifying beasts together, they understood.

“Apart from the Shrines, other people are also making alliances. If they don’t form groups, they won’t be able to get any Saint Luck, and the Shrines will get all of it!” they said to one another.

Lin Feng looked at the members of the Fortune Shrine, they were wearing white robes, they had an elegant and smart carriage.

“That Saint Luck unicorn is ours,” said a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine, pointing at the fire unicorn.

“It’s mine!” retorted a unicorn coldly. How could he give it to the Fire Shrine?!

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