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PMG Chapter 2347: Canonization Mountain

PMG Chapter 2347: Canonization Mountain

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All the strong cultivators were standing there, and a great battle was on the verge of breaking out.

At that moment, some special strength filled the air. The atmosphere was distorted. Instantly, two Saint Luck entities were absorbed.

“Go!” All the strong cultivators of the Empty Space Shrine released empty space strength in a dazzling display. Their figures streaked across the sky and they disappeared.

“Oh no, they took two Saint Luck entities away!” swore the crowd. Even the other members of the Shrines were stupefied. The strong cultivators of the Empty Space Shrine were extremely strong, with empty space energy and their Saint’s Weapons, they could do things quickly. They had just taken two Saint Luck entities and were already at the exits. Nobody could catch up with them!

“Damn Shrines! And they joined hands!” said someone coldly.

The atmosphere started freezing. A cultivator threw himself at a Saint Luck creature.

“Condense!” Ancient imprints appeared all around and turned into gigantic words. That person could only watch it come in horror.

“Die!” Many dazzling lights struck him and he vanished, killed in the blink of an eye. He hadn’t had even a second to react. Even if he had time, how could he have resisted a Saint’s Weapon?

“It was Saint Emperor Xie Feng, he was killed in the blink of an eye even though he was a Saint Emperor at the top of the Sheng Di Layer. That’s the power of Saint’s Weapons, especially when people join hands.”

When Saint Emperor Freeze saw that, he pulled a long face. Nobody would dare steal Saint Luck creatures in such circumstances. What a tragic death!

“Seal the area, and when we agree on who the Saint Luck entities belong to, we can reopen it,” said a strong cultivator from a Shrine. Everybody was stunned; seal the atmosphere? People who weren’t from Shrines were furious!

Lin Feng glanced over at someone who was going to a place nobody had noticed. The reason Lin Feng paid attention to that person was because it was Chu Chun Qiu!

What is the secret of this place? How is Saint Luck created?, Lin Feng repeated to himself. Chu Chun Qiu slid over to the place from which Saint Luck seemed to come.

“I don’t want that Saint Luck, you enjoy yourselves,” said Saint Emperor Freeze coldly. He followed Chu Chun Qiu as well. Many people noticed this. Could the place where the Saint Luck was created harbor other mysteries?

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. There was a vortex where the Saint Luck was created. Lin Feng could sense a thick Qi there.

Chu Chun Qiu flew ahead and penetrated into the vortex. The crowd was astonished, how brave. Nobody dared do that, but he plunged right in!

A thousand years have passed again, if I don’t become a Saint this time, when will I?, thought Saint Emperor Freeze. Then he flew ahead and dove into the vortex also, not caring about the consequences.

Lin Feng was just standing under the vortex and he sensed some Celestial Dao. He raised his head, looking perplexed. What kind of strength was Celestial Dao?

He had his own world, could his own world generate Celestial Dao too? God Dao was his Dao, but he had the impression something was missing…

Lin Feng flashed ahead. He entered the vortex and quickly realized he was somewhere else. It was another world. There was an endless amount of strength in there.

“Where are we?” whispered Lin Feng. It was a strange world. He couldn’t see clearly.

“Celestial Dao is dimly discernible,” whispered Saint Emperor Freeze. He had been a Saint Emperor for such a long time, he really wanted to become a Saint.

Suddenly, more figures appeared behind them. Lin Feng was startled; many cultivators were walking in there alone, and they weren’t from the Shrines. They knew they couldn’t steal the Saint Luck from the Shrines, so they had followed Saint Emperor Freeze.

“What a strange place,” murmured everybody. A terrifying strength appeared and made everybody shake. Clouds appeared and a strong wind started blowing. A mountain became visible. The crowd looked at the mountain. It seemed extremely close and extremely far away at the same time.

A figure flew up; he wanted to get closer to the mountain, but it looked enigmatic and unfathomable; it was extremely high and it seemed impossible to get close.

“This place is called the Canonization Area, so that mountain could be the Canonization Mountain,” said someone. Everybody looked at the mountain as if it were a holy mountain, a holy creature. It seemed so close and yet so far…

The crowd saw a demon fork appear in Chu Chun Qiu’s hand, and he suddenly threw it at the mountain. The demon fork crashed into the mountain, people’s hearts pounded. Was he insane? And why could his fork reach the mountain, and they couldn’t?

Boom boom boom! A terrifying Celestial Dao oppressed the atmosphere. People couldn’t compete with it.

“That kind of strength!” Lin Feng frowned and looked at Chu Chun Qiu. Was Chu Chun Qiu the same as he used to be? Or had he changed after the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell?

“Celestial Dao deceives people,” said Chu Chun Qiu. He released Demon Qi and absorbed the vitality of the area. He slowly walked forwards, moving farther and farther from the crowd. When he stopped, the crowd realized he was at the foot of the mountain.

“How come he managed to get there?” the crowd frowned. Lin Feng was astonished too. Nobody could get close to the mountain but Chu Chun Qiu could. Did it mean that he was going to become a Saint? and what did “Celestial Dao deceives people” mean?

Lin Feng’s figure flickered, he moved towards the mountain too. However, he realized he couldn’t get close. Lin Feng wondered whether it existed for real or not.

Maybe it’s just an illusion, a mirage. But why did Chu Chun Qiu manage to reach it?, thought Lin Feng. He continued walking forwards, but couldn’t get close to it. The distance between him and the mountain remained the same.

Some strong cultivators released empty space strength and tried, but they failed too.

It’s fake? Maybe it’s a mixture of truth and falsehood?, thought Lin Feng with a sudden smile. He regained his calm. He didn’t try to walk towards the mountain anymore. However, his figure became blurry and he disappeared from their field of vision. After a millisecond, Lin Feng reappeared at the foot of the mountain. Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu then suddenly appeared in another area.

“What’s going on?” the crowd was astonished, dumbstruck, those two people had reached the mountain and then they had disappeared all of a sudden?

When Saint Emperor Freeze saw that, he started shaking with emotion. “I see! Transcend worldliness and attain holiness! I was too stubborn all those years, and it had the opposite effect! Actually, it’s just one step!”

Saint Emperor Freeze took a step forwards and disappeared. He arrived in front of the mountain, too. The crowd was astonished; Saint Emperor Freeze had understood something?


At that moment, in the outside world, there was a great battle going on. Many people who were alone and didn’t belong to Shrines died. Even some members of the Shrines died.

The Fire Shrine obtained one Saint Luck entity.

The Fortune Shrine and the Earth Shrine also obtained a Saint Luck entity and left the battlefield. They weren’t greedy, and didn’t try to obtain more.

Some people who were hopeless did like Lin Feng and the others and entered the vortex.

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