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PMG Chapter 235: The Surplus Souls

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“The power of my soul…” thought Lin Feng. For Lin Feng, the soul was an abstract concept, it was unfathomable.

Lin Feng wasn’t able to understand such concepts, his cultivation level was too low.

“Maybe you still don’t understand clearly what the soul is. I will explain to you using simple concepts. In fact, the spirit of a cultivator is a part of his soul. Those who have a powerful soul can make their spirit stronger and carry out much stronger attacks.”

“When a cultivator practices cultivation and becomes stronger, his soul actually becomes stronger as well. The spirit thus becomes stronger too. For example, a cultivator who has a sword spirit, when he is still weak, his sword spirit is of little use. It only enables him to understand sword skills slightly better than other people but because his cultivation level is low, his soul is also weak and doesn’t give him any particular sword ability. In such circumstances, the cultivator cannot be called a sword master. A strong and authentic sword master doesn’t need a sword, his spirit is his sword. Besides, they can use the sword within their spirit as they wish. The more they use it, the more they understand the mysteries of the sword and it becomes faster and faster.”

The strong cultivator knew that he didn’t have much time left so he was explaining things clearly to Lin Feng to help him understand various aspects of cultivation.

“There are some people who have a dual spirit, those people are considered as geniuses by many people but in fact, if their two spirits are ordinary ones, it is not of much use, it’s not really incredible. Such people are even weaker than someone who has only one extremely strong spirit. However, those who have a dual spirit are usually regarded as geniuses because they have been granted a powerful soul. Their soul must be very strong to host dual spirits, stronger than that of other people. The strength of their dual spirits also increases their power of understanding. It is also easier for them to solve unfathomable problems. There also an endless amount of other advantages.”

“In short, you have to understand that the soul is what shapes your future. Someone with a powerful soul can easily kill people at the same cultivation level as them. For instance, I gave a skill to the members of the Zi Government, Purple Annihilation, that skill uses the power of their soul too control the spirit, enabling them to control and shape the Qi itself. Such an attack is very difficult to block.”

“So that’s how it is.” The purple annihilation skill used the strength of their soul…

Zi Ying was actually not very strong but he had broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer which was only one layer higher than Lin Feng. If Zi Ying could do it, Lin Feng could use it too, after all, the strong cultivator said that he had seen Lin Feng’s soul was extremely strong. He had also said that Lin Feng was much stronger than other people of the same cultivation level as him.

At that moment, the image in Lin Feng’s mind flickered, it seemed to weaken but in a flash returned to normal.

“It seems like I don’t have much time left.” said the strong cultivator whose voice sounded disappointed. He immediately said to Lin Feng: “I don’t have much more to say. You should remember that a strong and powerful soul is what increases your cultivation speed. It can allow you to perfectly control your abilities and spirit. Besides, it can help you control external forces during a battle. Besides, a powerful soul can help you gain control over powerful weapons and profound pills.”

The strong cultivator had told Lin Feng about the numerous benefits which made Lin Feng a bit nervous, these were all the great things extremely strong cultivators could do.

“Please accept something from me. I would like to offer you some of my memories. I divided these memories into three parts, this makes them easier to understand. The first part is composed of the great things I achieved as well as the martial skills and agility techniques which I found to be useful. I don’t want them to die out with me, so I give them to you. At least, nobody will be able to say that I led a greedy life.”

“The second part of my memories is about energy, pills and weapons. They are all for you as well.”

“The third part of my memories is the simplest one but also the most important, it is about art of soul cultivation. This is something I acquired intentionally, which made me who I am today. The art of soul cultivation is a celestial art. It enabled me to enhance my practice and obtain a powerful soul. It is the power of my soul which enabled me to stay conscious such a long time until now. Besides, I have never given my soul cultivation to anyone before, you must cherish it.”

The man’s voice was lower and lower. When he said his last word, the world illusion broke apart. Immediately after, three lights appeared and carried the memories into Lin Feng’s body, mind and soul.


Lin Feng’s heart was violently pounding. His body felt extremely painful as if his bones had been crushed. In a flash, he was sweating a cold sweat. All these memories penetrated into his body and soul, how could it not be painful?

Lin Feng had the impression that everything was spinning. All the memories penetrating into his mind, he had the impression that his head was going to explode.

Even though that strong cultivator had just transmitted three separate groups of memories into Lin Feng’s mind, they were extremely powerful and contained a lot of information.

Lin Feng had the impression his head was going to explode, immediately after that, just like Duan Xin Ye, he fainted and collapsed. They were both lying down on the ground unaware of the time passing.


Outside of the forbidden area, the crowd was patiently waiting. A day had already passed since Meng Qing had annihilated the Zi Government. Meng Qing was always standing in front of the door of the forbidden area. Her clothes were snowy white and fluttering in the wind but her body remained motionless just like the goddess of ice.

None of those who were wearing bronze masks had moved either. They were calmly sitting cross-legged at the front of the crowd.

The crowd hadn’t left. Some of them wanted to leave but they didn’t dare. They had mixed feelings and didn’t really know why they were staying, was it out of fear or out of curiosity. The entire crowd was calmly looking at the unmoving silhouette which looked like a beautiful statue.

They had also become very curious and wanted to know more about Lin Feng. They wanted to know who he really was.

They also wanted to know more about Meng Qing.

A layer of ice was covering Meng Qing’s body. It was extremely cold. It seemed like that ice wanted to expand and freeze everything but that Meng Qing was controlling it, so it didn’t. That ice had the form of a white fog. Only a little bit of that fog was enough to freeze an entire person.

Nobody knew what it was and nobody knew either that Meng Qing’s body, at that moment, was being damaged by that incredible coldness. She was unable to control the ice Qi.

When she had arrived at the Zi Government and that the old man said that he had killed Lin Feng, an incredible quantity of ice Qi had condensed inside her body. That Qi was the same as what was surrounding her body. When she heard the old man, Meng Qing had forgotten everything, including to control the ice Qi condensed in her body. The only thing she had in her mind was to kill using the ice Qi. There were consequences though, from all that cold Qi which had burst out from her body. She had become unable to control it. She could only suffer in silence while nobody would ever know anything about it.

Lin Feng, who was still in the forbidden area, awoke. Duan Xin Ye awoke as well.

At that moment, they both had many new memories in their minds. Duan Xin Ye remembered a sword skill, a beautiful sword skill. That sword skill was meant for women. She also had an agility technique.

Lin Feng had a massive amount of new memories. His brain was filled with the three categories of memories. These memories contained a massive amount of information, Lin Feng was still absorbing all of the knowledge.

Fortunately, when the strong cultivator transmitted these memories to Lin Feng, he had already sorted them into three categories, that way, they weren’t chaotic in Lin Feng’s mind. He wouldn’t have been able to endure that. Everything was clear and organized.

After sitting there for a while, Lin Feng was finally able to absorb all these memories. He opened his eyes and felt calm.

“Cultivating the soul.” said Lin Feng to himself. It was a way to practice and make one’s soul stronger and on top of that, it enabled one to develop a powerful soul.

The cultivation technique was called ‘Surplus Souls’, a cultivator could make his entire soul break into small pieces called surplus souls which made it very convenient to practice. A cultivator could develop one surplus soul which would make all his other souls become stronger as well. He could advance his training greatly this way.

When the surplus souls condensed back into a whole, they provided the cultivator with terrifying power. Besides, even if the soul was divided into many surplus souls, a cultivator could still use as many of them as he wished, for example, if he had one million surplus souls, he could use all them at the same time, how terrifying would that be?

Breaking one’s soul into a surplus soul was excruciatingly painful. The art of the Surplus Soul was extremely powerful but was also extremely brutal, which is why nobody would dare to think of it.

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