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PMG Chapter 2351: God Strength

PMG Chapter 2352: Studying Peacefully

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Lin Feng had a big meal with his friends and family members, and then continued studying. He was thinking: since his God Dao was the equivalent of Celestial Dao in his world, he could probably make the population of his world sense cosmic energies too. Could he make them sense Celestial Dao, too? He was like a god in his world, so could he help people become stronger, too?

Lin Feng thought of the Canonization Area, that place could help people sense Celestial Dao and become Saints. In his world, he was Celestial Dao, he could create such a place too, but first, he needed to understand all those things much better.

Lin Feng was in a boundless place. There was a mountain suitable for cultivation. He was the only one who could go there, so nobody could disturb him. Lin Feng had his hands clasped behind his back. He looked at the sky, there was a mysterious Qi, that was the boundary of his world.

“Now, my world is complete. My body is Celestial Dao, or God Dao in my world. Therefore, I can recover very quickly. When I fought against Qiong Jiu Tian, I noticed that no matter how explosive his attacks were, he couldn’t kill me because the strength of my own world allows me to recover at an incredible speed. Qiong Jiu Tian’s attacks were incredible, but he didn’t even manage to injure me,” Lin Feng murmured. He didn’t feel like his body was a normal body with internal organs and everything, he had the impression his body was a whole world and that world was his life. He was already “half-immortal”.

Now that he understood that his God Dao was his own kind of Celestial Dao, he needed to improve that strength, it was how he had easily killed Qiong Jiu Tian. It wasn’t because the Celestial Dao in his body was incredible that it had the same level in the outside world. If he bumped into very powerful Saints, they would easily be able to kill him. In his own world, he was a god; in the outside world, he was a stranger. He didn’t control the outside world.

Last time, when I woke up from my dream, I understood God Dao and suddenly became much, much stronger. That’s how I reached the God level. Now, it’s the second time I broke through, I can say I have reached the second level of the God layer. I don’t know how strong I can become, though, he thought. He was a Forbidden Person, he didn’t have a real cultivation level, he could only guess, and he couldn’t learn from other people…

Now, with the Celestial Dao in my own world, I am stronger here than in the outside world, which means I can create my own attacks, he pondered. His deployment spells had also reached an incredible level, he could cast deployment spells within milliseconds with the power of his mind. Could he improve his deployment spells?

Lin Feng still had an endless number of possibilities before him. He could do whatever he wished.


After studying for a long time, Lin Feng left his own world and went back to the World Clan to study in a cave. He was on a stone and suddenly opened his eyes. A terrifying Celestial Dao had filled the air around him, before turning into a black cage made of God Celestial Dao.

As expected, I can do it. Even without the Celestial Dao of the outside world, I can use my own, but my strength is restrained. If an enemy’s understanding of the Celestial Dao of the outside world surpasses my understanding, then he’ll be able to kill me easily, he thought. If he dragged people from outside into his own world, however, he’d be able to fight against and kill some terrifying opponents.

Lin Feng continued studying. It felt like the first time he had understood God strength.

He had no cultivation level, he was his own god. But it was also a difficult journey, and a lonely one.


“Father!” said Aomo as he landed in front of the cave, smiling when he saw Lin Feng. He was happy and asked, “Father, when your cultivation is stable, what will you do?”

Lin Feng smiled and said, “You came at the perfect time, I wanted to see if you could come into my world.”

Aomo and Lin Feng disappeared, reappearing in his world, at the mountain where nobody else could come.

“Little boy, you’re a demon dragon, you control demon and empty space strength. If I used my most powerful demon and empty space attacks, would it help you understand those two kinds of strength?” asked Lin Feng. Suddenly, Aomo was in a dark world, surrounded by demons, aggressive, violent, brutal, all sorts of demons! Aomo shuddered with fear.

At that cultivation level, cultivators could only rely on themselves. The better their understanding abilities, the faster they progressed. Lin Feng now gave the opportunity to sense all sorts of strength.

“Father, you’re so strong! You can now create cultivation places which are as advanced as some cultivation places you’d find in Shrines or in the Supreme Animal World!” exclaimed Aomo. In the Supreme Animal World, there were many places to practice cultivation, and he had tested out many of them.

Lin Feng looked at the space. There was Celestial Dao in his demon energies, he wanted to create Saint Luck for Aomo to understand it. Of course, he needed to reach a certain level first.

Even though he was like a God and understood all sorts of strength, he needed to think a lot to overcome all the difficulties.

Aomo roared and came out of the demon abysses, he said, “Father, only a little bit more and I have the feeling you could create Saint Luck!”

“Nah, I still need to progress a lot,” replied Lin Feng, shaking his head. “But I could make some mysterious worlds in my world. Of course, first, I need to improve my understanding of cultivation to create useful mysterious worlds.”

“Alright,” said Aomo, nodding his understanding.

“I wish I could understand time strength and create special mysterious worlds to modify time. It would be great. Unfortunately, the Time Shrine disappeared a long time ago. There are only a few books about them in the Shrine, and they’re about acceleration and deceleration most of the time. They only contain threads of time strength,” he sighed. Unfortunately, the Time Shrine had been destroyed, probably because they were too strong, so the other Shrines couldn’t let them live. Controlling time was something terrifying!

“There is time strength in Ganges Time, according to rumors. Nobody dares go into the depths of Ganges Time though, people are too scared they won’t be able to come back,” remarked Aomo. He also wanted to see how powerful time strength could be. Time strength was an interesting kind of strength because it had nothing to do with the five elements.

“Time strength is the only thing which applies everywhere. Even though my world and the outside world are different, there is time strength in both. Even if they’re not entirely the same, modifying time strength in my world seems impossible for the time being.” he thought, his eyes twinkled. But time strength was something difficult to study. How did the cultivators of the former Time Shrine study time strength?

Of course, there was nothing about that in the books. But maybe there were some incredible cultivators from the Time Shrine still alive? There were always details only known to insiders…

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  1. Ezura December 12, 2018 at 9:43 pm - Reply

    Aomo is so cute. I’m glad that Lin Feng gets to spend some time as a Dad since the other two are away from him for safety.

    Wow if LF can really reproduce Saint Luck, he can create a Saint factory world! Then his armies would pulverise those three Shrines!

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    if he goes to the forbidden area i wont be surprised if he comes alive and have reached the maximum time dao level

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