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PMG Chapter 2353: Meeting with the Void Phoenix Clan

PMG Chapter 2353: Meeting with the Void Phoenix Clan

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The Fire Shrine didn’t come to the World Clan to cause trouble for Lin Feng. It was like they had forgotten about Qiong Jiu Tian and Qiong Hai Ya’s deaths. However, the strong cultivators of the World Clan didn’t seem to think that the Fire Shrine would let Lin Feng off.

Lin Feng practiced cultivation for a while calmly. His cultivation gradually became more stable. Lin Feng was confident, convinced that no Half-Saint could compete with him. He had faith in his God strength!


The World Clan received an invitation letter. The Fire Shrine and the Void Phoenix Clan were going to make their marriage alliance official. The cultivators of the World Clan didn’t have a good premonition about it. Of course, they also showed it to Lin Feng. Even if it wasn’t a good sign, Lin Feng had to know about it.

When Lin Feng saw that letter, the old man in front of him said, “The Fire Shrine is probably looking for an opportunity to kill you, even if they didn’t show it before.”

The Fire Shrine and the Void Phoenix Clan were getting closer and closer. Everybody in the Northwest Area knew it. Inviting the World Clan wasn’t necessary at all.

Of course, people knew that Lin Feng and Qing Feng were extremely close to one another, but they didn’t know about Daimon and Qing Feng, so some people still wanted to know whether they had an intimate relationship or not.

“Maybe,” said Lin Feng with a smile. “But even if they want to kill me, could they resort to high-level Saints to kill me?”

“I’m not sure, I don’t think so. There aren’t many high-level Saints. I don’t think the Fire Shrine can easily send high-level Saints to fight against you. Even if they could, I don’t think they’d do it, there are limits,” said the strong cultivator of the World Clan.

“Since it’s that way, I’ll go to the Void Phoenix Clan, I don’t risk anything. Even if they send Saints to fight against me, I should be able to get through in one piece,” said Lin Feng. The strong cultivator of the World Clan was floored, but in the end he smiled and nodded acceptance. Lin Feng was very confident of himself. He was already convinced that low-level Saints couldn’t kill him.

Of course, he also knew that Lin Feng had terrifying Saint’s Weapons. He had seen Lin Feng kill Qiong Jiu Tian. What had surprised him the most was that Qiong Jiu Tian’s attacks were so dangerous, but he hadn’t managed to injure Lin Feng at all.

He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “You became a Saint, you understand Celestial Dao, you transcended worldliness and attained holiness… but how powerful is your physical body, your Saint’s body?”

“My Saint’s body?” repeated Lin Feng. Actually, describing Lin Feng’s body with such a simple concept as “Saint’s body” wasn’t enough. It was a euphemism.

“It’s alright,” laughed Lin Feng. The old man laughed too, and didn’t ask more.


The atmosphere was lively in the Void Phoenix Clan. The Fire Shrine wanted to make their marriage alliance with the Void Phoenix Clan official. There were many powerful groups in the Northwest Area who came to congratulate them. Even though they didn’t understand why the Fire Shrine and the Void Phoenix Clan wanted to do something as useless as that, they still came. The Void Phoenix Clan and the Fire Shrine had already talked about that in the past, why do it again? Anyway, the visitors still tried to look like they were having fun.

Even the high-officials of the Void Phoenix Clan didn’t understand why the Fire Shrine wanted to have another meeting, but since they wanted to come and talk about the details of the marriage alliance again, why not? It wasn’t anything negative.

There were many guests out on a vast public field. In the front were strong cultivators from the Fire Shrine and the Void Phoenix Clan, chatting happily.

Standing next to a Saint from the Fire Shrine were two young people: one of them was Huo Xing Zi, the other one was Huo Ling. Back then, the Fire Shrine wasn’t sure about the potential grooms, and Qiong Hai Ya was a potential candidate. But he had been killed by Lin Feng, so they decided to replace him with Huo Ling. The groom didn’t matter anyway. To the Fire Shrine, the most important thing was to have a marriage alliance with the Void Phoenix Clan, and the Void Phoenix Clan didn’t mind, either.

“Qing Feng and Jing aren’t here yet? Poor Huo Xing Zi and Huo Ling,” said a Saint of the Fire Shrine with a smile.

“Brother Bei Shan, those two girls are really lucky. I already sent someone to call them. They’ll arrive soon,” replied the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan cheerfully. “Huo Xing Zi and Huo Ling are two geniuses, such cultivators are rare. They will become incredibly strong in the future.”

“I know, right?” Bei Shan Wang nodded. He looked over at the crowd. After a short time, Jing and Qing Feng arrived. They looked furious: the members of the Fire Shrine were there, and they didn’t want to see them!

“You made Brother Bei Shan wait for such a long time,” smiled a middle-aged man, Jing’s father.

“We don’t want to get married to those people!” said Jing icily, yet in a low voice. Even though she didn’t want to, she knew that infuriating the Fire Shrine wasn’t a good idea, the Void Phoenix Clan couldn’t compete with the Fire Shrine. Therefore, she tried to control herself.

“Insolent!” said the middle-aged man in a low voice. He glanced at Jing and said, “It’s the best thing which could happen to you in life.”

“That’s what you think!” spat Jing.

“Get down,” said the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan icily. Jing and Qing Feng landed next to them, and were surrounded by guards.

“Sorry, Brother Bei Shan, they’re just joking,” said the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s good to be a strong woman. They’re perfect for Huo Xing Zi and Huo Ling,” Bei Shan Wang smiled. The crowd turned around and looked at them. Nobody knew what all those people were really thinking.

At that moment, someone arrived discreetly. Huo Xing Zi, who was drinking a cup of tea, turned around and looked at that person, frowning. His expression suddenly changed. People in the outside world didn’t know that Daimon had killed Qiong Jiu Tian, but the members of the Fire Shrine did!

Surprisingly, he came here! He’s acting recklessly!, thought Huo Xing Zi.

Many people from the Fire Shrine frowned when they saw Daimon.

Bei Shan Wang recognized Daimon too; people from the Fire Shrine had all seen Daimon, either in reality or in illusions.

“Let’s take Jing and Qing Feng back to the Fire Shrine today. That way, they’ll be able to make friends with the young people of the Fire Shrine,” proposed Bei Shan Wang, smiling indifferently at the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan.

The leader of the Void Phoenix Clan didn’t know what to say, he just smiled and nodded along. “No problem, sounds good.”

“The Void Phoenix Clan seems impatient to sell their women to the Fire Shrine. Do you think the Void Phoenix Clan will become stronger that way?” interrupted a voice caustically. The members of the Void Phoenix Clan looked astonished and turned around, frowning at Daimon. This guy dared cause trouble?

“Insolent!” shouted someone icily. A few people suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng, all from the Void Phoenix Clan. Their eyes were filled with murder.

“Let him pass,” said Jing’s father casually. Those people moved away, but they looked angry. The middle-aged man smiled at Lin Feng icily. “World Clan, Daimon!”

“Indeed,” replied Lin Feng with another cold smile.

“You came, you think the older members of the Void Phoenix Clan won’t do anything to you?” said the middle-aged man indifferently. He didn’t know much about what had happened between Daimon and the Fire Shrine, but he hadn’t asked, either. Therefore, he didn’t even know that Lin Feng had killed Qiong Jiu Tian.

“If you can, do it. You can try. But I think the only thing you’re capable of is selling your daughter,” replied Lin Feng mockingly.

The man frowned. “Interesting little boy. You came to the Void Phoenix Clan to have a sense of presence.”

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