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PMG Chapter 2354: Fierce Battle

PMG Chapter 2354: Fierce Battle

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The leader of the Void Phoenix Clan glared at Lin Feng icily. He was amazed. Daimon from the World Clan really wanted to die!

The World Clan was in the Northwest Area like the Void Phoenix Clan. Many people compared them all the time. Daimon had become famous, he was considered as a genius. Not many people in the Void Phoenix Clan were that famous. Now he had come to the Void Phoenix Clan to cause trouble, did he want to die?

Of course, he was the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan, so he controlled himself. He said calmly, “Daimon, you were invited to come today, we didn’t invite you to cause trouble. If you’re not here to enjoy yourself, leave.”

“I don’t like the way you act. You amazingly want to sell women to the Fire Shrine. I prefer warning you, forget about the marriage alliance, or the Void Phoenix Clan will…” Lin Feng said easily. The leader of the Void Phoenix Clan was astonished. Daimon was threatening him?

“What an insolent little boy!” said the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan, glaring at Daimon, “You’re a little boy of the World Clan. I will give you one opportunity only, kneel down and apologize! Otherwise, I will not be merciful, and nobody will be able to say I wasn’t magnanimous!”

“You think you can act like that just because you’re old? Ridiculous,” said Lin Feng dismissively. The leader of the Void Phoenix Clan grew even more furious!

“Leader, you’re too polite. Daimon is an evildoer. No need to talk to him, just get rid of him,” said Jing’s father casually. The people who had just let Lin Feng pass landed in front of him again and released an ice-cold Qi.

Phoenixes started whistling, four flames shot towards Lin Feng. The crowd looked surprised; was Daimon going to die there? He didn’t even try to do anything to protect himself.

“There’s something wrong. He’s still there!” noted someone. Lin Feng was bathing in the terrifying fireballs, and they didn’t hurt him at all.

“Back everybody!” shouted Jing’s father instantly. Their attacks couldn’t do anything to Lin Feng, so continuing the battle was useless. If Lin Feng counterattacked, he might kill them!

However, as Jing’s father said that, terrifying flames surrounded those people. They didn’t have time to react.

“Ah…!” they screamed as they burned alive. They were fire cultivators, they were supposed to have a great defense against fire attacks, but at that moment, they were burning and shrieking in pain. How terrifying!

“Saint’s fire?” the crowd frowned. They didn’t understand, the four people had suddenly started burning but it wasn’t their flames. The middle-aged man moved too, turning into a beam of light. However, the four people were already dead…

“They’re dead!” The father’s expression changed drastically, he pulled a long face. He stared at Lin Feng and thought, That was Saint’s fire? However, he didn’t sense Saint’s strength emerge from Lin Feng, and that fire was different from anything he had seen before.

Lin Feng was still standing there calmly, he hadn’t moved from the beginning to the end.

I underestimated you, thought the father, frowning. He released Saint’s strength, which moved towards Lin Feng and oppressed him with Fire Celestial Dao. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to burn.

“Die!” said the girls’ father. The wind howled. A fire phoenix winged towards Lin Feng, full of Celestial Dao.

A gigantic firewall appeared in front of Lin Feng, then turned into an ice wall. The phoenix crashed onto it, but failed to pierce through.

“Destroy,” said Lin Feng. The ice wall rolled forwards, freezing the phoenix and the deadly flames around it.

“Sheng Layer!” The father was astonished. Daimon had become a Saint! Only a few years had passed, and he had become a Saint! What a terrifying cultivation speed! Many people practiced cultivation their entire lives and never understood what Celestial Dao was. However, Lin Feng had done it in a very short time!

“Daimon from the World Clan is a Saint!” The whole crowd was astonished. Only Saints could compete with other Saints!

“No wonder you’re so arrogant, you’re a Saint now. But so what? Even if you’re a Saint, you think you can come to the Void Phoenix Clan and cause trouble here? Ridiculous! There are level differences between Saints as well!” said the father, smiling icily.

He flashed forwards, his whole body filled with celestial Dao. He stretched out his fingers and pointed at Lin Feng. An illusionary black fire fused together with the earth and sky and moved towards Lin Feng. Suddenly, a phoenix called out, the middle-aged man’s fingers turned into phoenixes, trails appearing behind them. The energies were overwhelming!

“Oh wow, the attack is intensifying!” thought the crowd as they retreated.

Lin Feng slapped out, and a dauntless earth shield appeared, then moved towards the black fire phoenix and blocked it. The father’s attacks couldn’t pierce through Lin Feng’s shield!

“How strong. Daimon is a Saint? How come he looks so relaxed?”

“I have the impression his attacks contain deployment strength. That shield contains a special kind of strength, but there’s definitely deployment strength inside.”

The crowd now realized that Daimon was really strong.

The girls’ father released a mighty flame, and a black hole made of fire appeared. It started absorbing Celestial Dao greedily, blazing furiously. That attack was really powerful, like he was trying to absorb the whole strength of the world.

“Saints’ attacks are terrifying.”

The leader of the Void Phoenix Clan frowned. That Daimon could fight against the girls’ father? Daimon was really incredible…

The father landed in front of Lin Feng, the black hole filled with phoenix fire crashed onto Lin Feng’s shield. The vortex absorbed the shield and started to burn it. Lin Feng was in danger.

“How strong.”

The vortex was a hundred meters high and contained a terrifying black phoenix fire. Lin Feng seemed like he could be overwhelmed anytime.

“He’s just become a Saint, he obviously can’t compete with a cultivator who has been a Saint for a long time whose cultivation is stable. Daimon’s opponent has been a Half-Saint for a long time already, and he’s a disciple of the Fire Shrine as well, so he controls incredible fire attacks. Daimon could hold on so far, it’s already a miracle!” the crowd murmured. They already considered Daimon a dead man.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s eyes went pitch-black, and suddenly, the middle-aged man had the impression the world around him was changing. He was now in a cave, in an empty world of darkness.

“How is this possible?” he frowned. How could he end up in another world after a single glance?

“You’re not strong enough!” said a voice indifferently. The middle-aged man’s head started pounding. He sensed Celestial Dao move towards him, and the air was vibrating madly. He didn’t know where the energies were coming from…


A peerless strength smashed into him. His body trembled. In the outside world, his body was slammed away and he coughed up blood.

“How is this possible?” The man couldn’t believe his eyes.

Daimon was in front of him and said indifferently, “If you weren’t Jing’s father, I would have killed you!”

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