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PMG Chapter 2355: If Anyone Dares Stop Me, I’ll Kill Them!

PMG Chapter 2355: If Anyone Dares Stop Me, I’ll Kill Them!

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Daimon had easily defeated a man who had been a Saint for a very long time. He was a Saint of the Void Phoenix Clan, and if he weren’t Jing’s father, Daimon would have killed him!

When the crowd heard that, they were speechless. The World Clan had disappeared for a very long time. Now they were back in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and they had such a genius with them. They had heard about his battle against Huo Shang when they were just Saint Emperors.

Only a few years had passed, and Daimon had completely changed. He could now crush some Saints! What a beast!

Jing’s father looked at Lin Feng, visibly stunned. He had been a Saint for so many years, his cultivation was stable, he understood Celestial Dao quite well, he had good fighting skill… and yet, someone who hadn’t been a Saint for a very long time had defeated him so easily. He felt humiliated. If it wasn’t for his daughter, he would be dead already!

“Because of Miss Jing, I decided to let you live. However, even if you’re her father, you can’t force her to do anything. If she wants to join the Fire Shrine and get married to one of their cultivators, fine, but nobody can force her. I’m her friend and I really don’t understand how her clan could sell her to the Fire Shrine, are the members of the Void Phoenix Clan the Fire Shrine’s slaves?” wondered Lin Feng calmly.

Many people who had been invited looked amused. Even though they were from the Northwest Area like the Void Phoenix Clan, they had come to give them face, not because they were excited to party with them. But now something interesting and funny was finally happening, they hadn’t come for nothing. Daimon was humiliating them, awesome!

The members of the Void Phoenix Clan looked at him icily, especially the leader. This little boy had just defeated a Saint of the Void Phoenix Clan!

He slowly turned around and looked at the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine. However, some of the members of the Fire Shrine were laughing, others were smiling, some others looked calm, as if all this had nothing to do with them. It infuriated him. Did he have to solve this issue himself? Did the Fire Shrine want to see how strong they were?

“I’ll take Qing Feng and Jing back to the Fire Shrine first. You can solve the issue appropriately,” said Bei Shan Wang to the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan calmly.

The leader of the Void Phoenix Clan was furious. How humiliating! Lin Feng had embarrassed them, and now the Fire Shrine wasn’t helping at all.

Shrines are Shrines. They’re proud. They don’t care about the Void Phoenix Clan, thought the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan. He was disappointed. However, he couldn’t tell anyone how he felt, he had to keep it to himself. The Fire Shrine didn’t care about the Void Phoenix Clan’s face.

“Alright,” said the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan. “Take them away!”

He sounded furious. He wanted to insult Bei Shan Wang, but he couldn’t. Bei Shan Wang smiled coldly. The Void Phoenix Clan couldn’t know that the Fire Shrine hadn’t come for Qing Feng and Jing, they had come for Daimon!

They hoped that the Void Phoenix Clan would kill Lin Feng. That way, they wouldn’t need to do anything. Nobody would be able to say that the Shrines bullied younger people. Of course, if the Void Phoenix Clan didn’t manage to kill him and he escaped, the Fire Shrine would have an excuse to kill him.

“How shameless. The Void Phoenix Clan is just watching their women get kidnapped. They really have no sense of honor and integrity,” said Lin Feng icily.

“Shut up!” shouted the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan, throwing himself at Lin Feng. The crowd heard a sonic boom. Lin Feng sensed a terrifying phoenix strength oppress him, despite the distance.

Lin Feng stretched out his hands and his shield appeared again. Everyone heard it starting to crack, and his shield broke when the phoenix wings crashed against it. Dazzling wings moved towards him. Flames appeared around Lin Feng and he was driven backwards violently.

He suddenly disappeared and reappeared far away in the distance, his heart pounding.

Lin Feng touched his forehead. There was blood there but he recovered almost instantly. He raised his head and smiled at the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan. “No wonder you’re the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan, you’re only a low-level Saint. You’re a tiny little insect compared to the Saints of the Shrines. You can’t contradict them if they say anything. You can only submit to them, and now you’re releasing your anger on me.”

Daimon sounded like a real demon. He raised his hands and his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation appeared, demon strength surging out like a tide. The crowd all around was trembling. Demons were wailing furiously all around them.

Lin Feng walked forwards. The Void Phoenix Clan’s leader looked at Daimon and saw only an evil smile, and a terrifying weapon. It looked like the weapon of a demon king! Demons kept wailing mournfully. It wasn’t very loud, but it was scary, and those mournful cries contained cursing strength.

Empty space energy surrounded Lin Feng; he disappeared and a millisecond later, reappeared in front of the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan. He raised his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, which swept forwards as fast as lightning.

A demon king roared in primal rage. Demon lights appeared all around. The crowd saw demons surround the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan, even as cursing strength swarmed towards him.

The face of the Void Phoenix Clan’s leader changed drastically. He felt he was in a demon ghost town, he could see rivers of blood all around him, he had the impression his mind was going to explode.

“Piss off!” shouted the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan. At the same time, he withdrew, a phoenix’s wings surrounding him. He tried to expel the demon strength from his mind, but the demon king continued roaring and the cursing strength contained a weird essence which made it hard to control his Celestial Dao anymore.

“Break!” A terrifying Qi kept bombarded him. A fire sword appeared, even more dazzling than the sun. It hacked forwards, there was an explosion, and the fire sword broke apart. He was driven backwards violently. The crowd just saw the leader of the Void Phoenix Clan crash back into a wall, and then shattering sounds followed.

“How strong. That demon halberd is overwhelming!” muttered the crowd. They were trembling. The leader of the Void Phoenix Clan kept getting smacked around.

“Their attacks don’t even influence their surroundings, they have a perfect control over their strength. Saints’ strength is terrifying!” whispered the crowd. The figure of the Void Phoenix Clan’s leader flickered, even those who were trying to take Jing and Qing Feng away were astonished.

“You dare bully me, a young cultivator? You think the Void Phoenix Clan is imposing and awe-inspiring?! Today, I will take Jing and Qing Feng, and we’ll see who dares stop me!” said Lin Feng, holding his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation and walking forwards. Demon strength kept surging out. Daimon looked like a demon king, his eyes pitch-black and dreadful.

“If anyone dares stop me, I’ll kill them!” said Lin Feng, walking towards Jing and Qing Feng. He had come to take them away, he didn’t want them to stay in the Void Phoenix Clan. There was nothing good for them here!

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