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PMG Chapter 2358: Lin Feng Crushes Saints

PMG Chapter 2358: Lin Feng Crushes Saints

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He waved his hands and his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation streaked across the sky. Lin Feng looked at Bei Shan Wang icily, a terrifyingly explosive Qi emerged from his body and surrounded the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation. The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation was like the king of weapons.

“I told you, those who dare stop me will die!” said Lin Feng. Terrifying lights flashed around him. It felt like the atmosphere had been about to explode.

The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation streaked across the sky and pressed forward with an indomitable will. Bei Shan Wang was astonished. If Lin Feng didn’t take Qing Feng and Jing now, he would leave the matter at that.

“How arrogant. Since it’s that way, I’ll respond to your request!” said Bei Shan Wang in a cold and detached way. Instantly, more silhouettes flickered. All those people were Saints!

The crowd trembled. The world was gigantic, but it was extremely rare to see so many Saints at the same time. Only the Shrines and the Supreme Animal World had that many Saints. The other groups usually only had a few.

At that cultivation level, battles were incredible. Those people were usually quite old, too. They stood at the very top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Lin Feng looked at the Saints, startled. Those people’s Celestial Dao was incredible. The stronger people were, the deepest their connection to nature was. One Saint was already incredible, but several…

“Very good. Let’s see how strong the Fire Shrine is!” said Lin Feng icily. Dazzling golden empty space lights flashed under his feet. Very quickly, a dazzling golden world appeared and enveloped everyone. Millions of dazzling threads of consciousness emerged from his third eye.

“Deployment spells, one millisecond and so many deployment spells…” the crowd was trembling. At the beginning, they had sensed that Lin Feng’s attacks contained deployment strength, now they could see it!

“Great Deployment Master’s strength, one millisecond and he can cast such terrifying deployment spells. He’s not only a Saint, he’s also a Great Deployment Master!”

Deployment lights surrounded everybody, the world became golden. Everybody was in a golden world, including the crowd.

“What a powerful deployment spell!” The crowd was astonished, someone touched the golden wall, it was extremely hard, like a golden rock or fortress. That person condensed strength and attacked the wall, but nothing happened.

“It can’t be broken. I’m a cultivator at the top of the Sheng Di Layer, and I can’t break it. I’m so weak compared to a Saint,” mumbled that person, astonished. Everybody around was astonished.

That deployment spell was one of the Three Thousand Great Deployment Spells Lin Feng had learned called the Great Atmosphere Sealing Imprint Deployment Spell. He had modified it with God strength, it was even more resistant. Obviously, a Saint Emperor couldn’t break it.

Bei Shan Wang was stupefied. He realized how scary that deployment spell was.

He raised his hand and put a finger on the golden wall, and a strand of golden strength broke apart. He ran towards Lin Feng, but when he started running, he realized that the golden strand had reappeared.

“Oh no!” He suddenly thought of something. He looked at Jing and Qing Feng, but Lin Feng had already reacted, right after having cast the deployment spell, he had taken them into his small world. He was the only one who could see inside that deployment spell, the others were blind in there.

The man who was initially next to Qing Feng pulled a long face. He attacked a golden line, and it exploded, but when it disappeared, his face turned deathly pale.

The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation was there, waiting for him!

The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation beheaded him, then demon strength bombarded him and his body vanished. The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation continued releasing demon strength.

Lin Feng looked like a demon god. He recalled the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation and looked at another Saint, the one who had oppressed Jing.

“The Fire Shrine forced me to do that!” said Lin Feng flatly. His Great Demon Halberd of Desolation continued moving forwards, piercing through a golden pillar and punching through that cultivator’s head like the hook of a fishing rod. The Saint didn’t have time to dodge, he died instantly!

“Eh?” Lin Feng realized that Bei Shan Wang was also getting involved, charging forwards to kill him. However, Lin Feng just smiled icily. Bei Shan Wang was a low-level Saint; the Fire Shrine had underestimated Lin Feng, and the consequences were going to be tragic!

Lin Feng pierced through a golden pillar, it was his own deployment spell, it didn’t stop him. He could do as he wished here!

When Bei Shan Wang arrived where Qing Feng was supposed to be, he realized that she had already disappeared, Daimon had already taken her away. He turned around and looked at the sky, the best choice was to escape from there.

Bei Shan Wang rose up into the air. However, at that moment, a terrifying strength surrounded him, and a gigantic fire shield appeared to protect him.

The fire shield broke apart, the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation continued moving towards him. Bei Shan Wang turned around, shattered a pillar, and flew up again. He had been so startled that he was covered with cold sweat. How scary!

There was a rumble and eruption as he broke through the deployment spell and flew higher up.

Bei Shan Wang looked at the ground, seeing the gigantic golden deployment spell. If he hadn’t come out, he would have died, because he couldn’t see anything inside-

“Oh no… the others…” Bei Shan Wang hissed. He was soaked with cold sweat. Other Saints had come besides him. He was the only low-level Saint in the group, but they had thought that he alone would be able to kill Lin Feng, nobody had thought things would turn out this way.

A terrifying fire gathered in the sky. Bei Shan Wang condensed Celestial Dao. A gigantic black hand appeared and descended from the sky.

“Destroy!” shouted Bei Shan Wang furiously. The gigantic black hand smashed into the deployment spell from outside to help the others escape.

At that moment, terrifying golden empty space strength swept everything away, and the sealed empty space deployment spell turned into illusionary empty space strength, it was as if it didn’t exist.

“No!…” screamed Bei Shan Wang. He saw the terrifying Great Demon Halberd of Desolation streak across the sky. The others weren’t as lucky; the gigantic black hand smashed down on so many people and killed them instantly. That was where Lin Feng was a moment before, but he had moved. People from the Fire Shrine and the Void Phoenix Clan were there, so that gigantic black hand killed many of them!

The destructive cloud slowly dispersed. However, another great deployment spell appeared. Bei Shan Wang looked at it, his mouth twitching. Lin Feng looked at him provokingly before disappearing into the great deployment spell. He could cast deployment spells in the blink of an eye.

Bei Shan Wang felt powerless.

“Uncle Bei Shan,” said a Saint, arriving next to Bei Shan Wang, one of his arms missing. Bei Shan Wang had done it with his gigantic black hand.

Bei Shan Wang looked at him and said, “I’m so sorry for you, I feel so sorry I made you all come today.”

“Uncle, we must destroy him and the World Clan!” said the Saint. His eyes were filled with murder. At the same time, some Qi rose in the distance. Maybe that the Fire Shrine had realized there was a terrifying cultivator here, so they had decided to send some backup?

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