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PMG Chapter 2359: Ancient World’s Hidden Strength

PMG Chapter 2359: Ancient World’s Hidden Strength

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Bei Shan Wang and the Saints of the Fire Shrine turned around and watched three people arrive. Bei Shan Wang pulled a long face. Those three people were his fellow disciples, all of them were extremely strong. They had probably seen Saints’ talismans break apart and rushed over.

Even though they were here, Bei Shan Wang didn’t look happy at all. Saints had died, and the worst thing was that he had killed them accidentally. It was a tragedy. If he went back to the Fire Shrine, he’d be reprimanded severely.

“What’s going on?” the three people asked. They were staring at Bei Shan Wang, he felt pressured, not physically, but on the inside. What to say? That a young man who had become a Saint a short time ago was difficult to deal with?

“Uncle, Daimon from the World Clan is a Great Deployment Master, his deployment spells are terrifying and he can cast them within seconds. He put us in a cage and started chasing us to kill us. When I was inside, I couldn’t see anything anymore. Uncle Bei Shan saved me,” said the other Saint. Bei Shan Wang glanced at him; this little boy didn’t disappoint him!

“Great Deployment Master?” the few people said icily, “Is there anyone else?”

“They’re all dead.” replied Bei Shan Wang. He pulled a long face.

“So, let’s destroy the deployment spell,” said that person icily.

Bei Shan Wang nodded, “That’s what I was thinking. We break the deployment spell and we kill Daimon. Then, we can go to the World Clan, and destroy them as well. Otherwise, the consequences could be severe.”


Lin Feng could hear them perfectly.

He was still holding the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation. The situation was getting dangerous. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine had arrived too quickly, they were all low-level Saints, no weaker than Bei Shan Wang, especially the one who had just talked. His Qi seemed more powerful than the others. Even Bei Shan Wang seemed to respect him. He couldn’t do much against a group of people like that, even with the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation.

Besides, the members of the Fire Shrine were shameless; they had caused trouble, they had prevented him from leaving, then he had protected himself; and now they wanted to destroy the World Clan!

Lin Feng turned around and looked at someone in the deployment spell; it was Jing’s father. Even though Lin Feng wanted to get rid of him, he was Jing’s father, and if he died, she’d blame him.

He landed in front of the man. “You…”

Her father looked furious but Lin Feng said, “If you don’t want to die, don’t attack me, go now.”

Then, he grabbed him and rose up in the air, the middle-aged man was stunned. He saw some strong cultivators from the Fire Shrine. They were about to attack!

“Daimon let me go!” said the middle-aged man in relief. He almost felt grateful.

“Over there!” shouted someone. The middle-aged man’s silhouette flickered. He moved back. He saw a gigantic hand which moved towards the deployment spell and crush it.

After the deployment spell broke apart, the attack continued pressing down. People in the deployment spell saw a terrifying destructive hand descending, their faces turning deathly pale. They were going to die!

“No!” shouted people desperately, but it was too late. A low-level Saint was too strong for them. People who weren’t Saints died instantly. They all died, one after another.

Many people from the Void Phoenix Clan perished. When the middle-aged man saw that, his face turned deathly pale and he pulled a long face. So many people from the Void Phoenix Clan died, just because the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine wanted to kill Daimon from the World Clan? Was it worth it?

A gigantic Great Demon Halberd of Desolation streaked across the sky. When all the destructive strength dispersed, demon Qi rose up, Lin Feng raised his head and stared at the Saints of the Fire Shrine icily.

“Not bad, it’s such a pity that you’re from the World Clan though,” said the strong cultivator next to Bei Shan Wang, sighing. It was such a pity this guy was from the World Clan. They were enemies with the Fire Shrine, and he had killed people whose family name was Qiong… such a genius was going to die.

Lin Feng smiled coldly, did they think they were going to kill him now?

“I think it’s even worse to be from the Fire Shrine. So many people from the Fire Shrine died today, you think it’s awesome to be from the Fire Shrine?” replied Lin Feng mockingly.

His interlocutor remained composed and replied, “Their deaths will lead to your death and the destruction of the World Clan.”

“How arrogant,” said a voice at that moment. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine were startled and spun around. They saw someone arrive slowly. His Qi was terrifying and filled the air.

“Eh?” The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine were stupefied. The atmosphere around the new arrival seemed to be sealed.

“World strength?” The Shriner’s expressions changed suddenly. Someone from the World Clan had come? Did they think they could compete with the Fire Shrine?

The air hummed and wavered.

Strong cultivators arrived out of nowhere. The expressions of the Fire Shrine’s members changed drastically, frowning and staring at all those people.

Lin Feng was astonished, too. Those people were from the World Clan?

Since when did the World Clan have so many Saints?

“How strong is the World Clan? Last time, when I killed Qiong Jiu Tian, I was in danger, and the World Clan didn’t send anyone. Now they’re showing their real strength because the Fire Shrine is threatening me!” Lin Feng was astonished. He hadn’t thought the World Clan had become so strong.

“How strong is the World Clan!?” one of the Fire Shriners asked icily.

“You really consider yourselves unexcelled in the world. You despised the World Clan,” said a strong cultivator flatly. The members of the Fire Shrine had to admit that it was the truth.

“So what do you intend to do now?” asked the one next to Bei Shan Wang coldly.

“The Fire Shrine said they wanted to destroy the World Clan, what do you think we want to do?”

The members of the Fire Shrine were even more astonished. Was the World Clan saying they wanted to destroy the Fire Shrine?

“The World Clan dares act that arrogantly?”

“We have to be intransigent. You just said you wanted to destroy the World Clan, what should we do? Tsk, tsk, tsk…,” said the strong cultivator of the World Clan, smiling coldly. “Even if the World Clan gets destroyed, you guys won’t see it.”

The World Saints moved towards the Fire Saints together. Their world strength blotted out the sky. The Fire Saints were stupefied, one of them looked at Lin Feng and blurted out said, “Capture him!”

The air hummed. All the Saints of the Fire Shrine threw themselves at Lin Feng. They wanted to capture him to threaten the World Clan!

“How cold!” Lin Feng’s Great Demon Halberd of Desolation swept out, and a demon Dao trail appeared in the sky.

A terrifying fire hand imprint bombarded his demon strength and destroyed it. The Fire Saints flashed towards him as fast as lightning.

“Stay here!” said the Fire Saints. Celestial Dao surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t escape anymore.

“Be careful!” World lights encircled the Fire Saints. The strong cultivators of the World Clan flashed in and surrounded those people, but the members of the Fire Shrine were very fast.

“Go in!” A Cage of Darkness emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes and the Fire Saints ended up in a cage, but they destroyed it instantly.

“Die!” A light beam dashed to the skies. Lin Feng released empty space and wind strength, then he condensed it in his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation and then his weapon hacked towards Bei Shan Wang.

“Piss off!” shouted Bei Shan Wang furiously. A shield appeared, he wanted to block Lin Feng’s attack, while at the same time, fire dragons appeared in his eyes. Lin Feng’s soul shook and fire energies appeared inside him. A terrifying destructive strength surrounded Lin Feng. Bei Shan Wang’s fellow disciples were too strong!

“Great Empty Space Technique!” Lin Feng released empty space strength and threw his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation at the same time towards Bei Shan Wang’s shield. Bei Shan Wang moved back, but someone appeared just above him, attacking him from above.

The Great Demon Halberd of Desolation pierced through his body, and his face went blank…

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