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PMG Chapter 2361: Godly Weapon Master

PMG Chapter 2361: Godly Weapon Master

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On that day, a guest came to the World Clan, and the old man of the World Clan brought him to see Lin Feng.

That young man was wearing clean white clothes with complex patterns that looked like constellations. His Qi made him look extraordinary.

“I’ve heard that Daimon has slaughtered Saints from the Fire Shrine recently. You must be Daimon,” the young man smiled at Lin Feng, without waiting for the old man to introduce them. He looked like a respected scholar.

“I didn’t slaughter Saints. I just managed to kill some people who had just become Saints, and it wasn’t easy. Who are you?” asked Lin Feng. He was very curious. Behind that young man were some of the Saints from the World Clan who had helped him kill the remaining Saints of the Fire Shrine. They seemed to respect the young man a lot, which made Lin Feng even more curious.

“Daimon, you’ve spent some time in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds already, you must have heard about His Holiness Ao Tian,” the old man of the World Clan smiled. Lin Feng was startled. He had read many books in the Fortune Shrine, and had obviously read about His Holiness Ao Tian.

This person had really reached the very, very top of cultivation. He was REALLY a peerless Saint, a king of kings, a sage of sages! But he didn’t like wealth and fame, and he rarely appeared in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If he wanted to, he could easily create a Shrine!

And His Holiness Ao Tian had a nickname: The Godly Weapon Master. He was the only person in the whole world called that; he was the best weapon maker in the world!

“The Godly Weapon Master?” murmured Lin Feng, looking at the old man.

“Indeed, His Holiness Ao Tian, the Godly Weapon Master,” the old man beamed.

The young man said to Lin Feng, “Master Ao Tian has three main disciples. They’re all weapon makers and they’re really good at it. They can make incredible and powerful high-level Saint’s Weapons. This young man is Weapon Master Kong’s disciple, Hua Yi. Weapon Master Kong is one of Master Ao Tian’s three disciples.”

“Weapon Master Kong…” Lin Feng had heard that name before. Kong had an extremely advanced knowledge of empty space strength. He could make incredible Saint’s Weapons using empty space strength.

His Holiness Ao Tian the Godly Weapon Master was almost considered a god, and his disciples had received all his teachings; they also didn’t appear often in the outside world. They all had an incredible prestige and influence, and could easily create an influential group… but the Godly Weapon Master didn’t want to. He preferred focusing on weapons. He wanted to surpass himself all the time, and create even more powerful weapons.

Lin Feng was surprised; what was this young man doing here? If he was here in the World Clan today, it proved one thing… the World Clan had never really disappeared, their members had just been traveling the world with different identities, not as members of the World Clan.

“I’ve heard great things of the Godly Weapon Master. If I have the opportunity, I’d love to meet him in person,” said Lin Feng, express his respect.

But Hua Yi shook his head and smiled wryly. “To tell you the truth, even I, as one of his disciples’ disciple, I’ve only seen him once. Seeing him is almost impossible.”

“The Godly Weapon Master wants to make the most powerful weapons in the world, so he is in constant need of the best materials in the world and is constantly traveling. Seeing him is not easy,” said the Saint of the World Clan. “Weapon Master Kong had Hua Yi come to the World Clan to bring us weapons. It’s already an incredible honor.”

“You’re too polite. And I’m just doing as my master asked me,” Hua Yi replied calmly. Even though he was a Saint and had an extraordinary social status, he wasn’t proud and arrogant at all, but rather easy-going.

“The Godly Weapon Master and all his disciples are very reliable, everybody knows that,” said the Saint of the World Clan. That was also one of the reasons why they had so much prestige and influence, because many people ordered Saint’s Weapons from them. It was mutually beneficial. When doing business, being reliable was essential. Therefore, even the most talented people in the world often gave the Godly Weapon Master their best materials as gifts. In return, he made weapons for them. They didn’t have to worry about him being greedy or anything.

“Come, let’s walk and chat at the same time.”

The group of people began a tour of the World Clan. Hua Yi said to Lin Feng, “Daimon, I’ve heard that when you killed the Saints of the Fire Shrine, you used some incredible deployment spells. You must be a Great Deployment Master already. There are many extremely strong cultivators in the world, but there are very few Great Deployment Masters, and deployment spells are necessary to make weapons. I’m sure you could make great weapons.”

“I am not a weapon maker. If I tried, it would have a negative impact on my cultivation,” Lin Feng demurred.

“The only time I met my teacher’s teacher, he said that on the path of cultivation, everything has the same root, and if you can return to the source, then you can do anything. Unfortunately, I’m not smart enough. I didn’t manage to grasp what he meant.”

“Nobody can compete with the Godly Weapon Master in the world. He’s a peerless cultivator, and incredibly strong,” sighed the Saint of the World Clan “I suppose he means that weapon fabrication and cultivation are the same thing. Unfortunately, I am not talented enough.”

“Maybe,” said Hua Yi smiled. At that moment, the ground started trembling, as if an incredible strength was destroying the sky.

The Saints of the World Clan raised their heads, not surprised at all. “The members of the Fire Shrine are faster than we thought.”

“Fire Shrine?” repeated Lin Feng, “The World Clan has incredible hiding abilities, how did the Fire Shrine find us?”

“If we didn’t want them to find us, we would have naturally hidden better,” said the Saint, smiling meaningfully. Lin Feng was surprised. The World Clan had done that on purpose?!

“Let’s go. It’s perfect timing anyway; the Saint’s Weapons Hua Yi brought us today were precisely in prediction of the Fire Shrine’s arrival. We’ll try them out,” said the Saint of the World Clan.

Fissures appeared in the sky. A group of people passed through and arrived in the foggy and misty world of mountains. The Saints of the Fire Shrine released a terrifying Qi, one of them prominently. It was like he could burn the whole world within seconds with the power of his mind.

The members of the Fire Shrine were shocked to see there was a Saint of the World Clan in front of them, looking quite calm. He was holding an Empty Space Picture Scroll. It seemed that the Empty Space Picture Scroll contained a world, with mountains and rivers inside. The most startling thing was that there was a strong cultivator inside, trying to destroy that world.

“What kind of weapon is that?” asked a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine coldly.

“You want to have a look?” the Saint of the World Clan smiled. He released world lights, which surrounded him. He immediately disappeared, as mountains and rivers appeared and turned into a world.

“Back!” shouted the intruders explosively. However, the Saint of the World Clan was standing at the top of a mountain and asked, “Where do you want to go?”

The area finished turning into a world, and world strength spread out quickly. The world turned into a gigantic black hole; the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine kept fleeing, but even with their speed, they could not escape, they could only tread space.

“Go in!” said the Saint of the World Clan coldly. World lights surrounded that cultivator, he was struggling to escape, but he was already in that picture scroll. He didn’t know he was inside that terrifying Saint’s Weapon already.

“Let’s go!” said the other members of the Fire Shrine. They all released fireballs.

“Since you came here, why would you want to leave?” asked the Saint of the World Clan with a cold smile. The world stretched across the sky and moved towards them faster than they could run. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine all pulled a long face.

The World Clan is already so strong, and they have such terrifying Saint’s Weapons, how fearsome!, thought that Saint. He continued running away while releasing fire strength around him. His fire was black and raged into the distance, and he finally managed to break free of the world lights.

The others wanted to escape, but the Saint of the World Clan wasn’t going to let them go, as his hand descended from the sky. He was a Saint, he was incredibly strong, the intruders couldn’t do anything but let go and let themselves get absorbed by the world of the Saint’s Weapon!

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