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PMG Chapter 2362: Three Great Disciples

PMG Chapter 2362: Three Great Disciples

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The members of the Fire Shrine had come and once again, it was a tragedy for them. Only one person managed to escape, a terrifyingly strong high-level Saint!

A breach slowly appeared in the world in front of him and the Saint of the Fire Shrine didn’t dare to get close. He kept releasing fire strength.

“What a terrifying Saint’s Weapon…” He was staring at the world, that Saint’s Weapon was dreadful, especially when a high-level Saint used its full power. The Fire Shrine had lost once again. Their defeats were getting more and more tragic!

Not many people from the Fire Shrine could actually compete with such a terrifying enemy. Besides, was he the strongest cultivator of the World Clan? The World Clan had disappeared for so long, how come they were so strong?

“What do you intend to do with them?” demanded the Saint of the Fire Shrine, staring at the weapon. The Saints were still attacking, they didn’t know they were in another world.

“So, this time, I just wanted to tell the Fire Shrine that even if you’re strong and are considered extremely strong, you keep provoking the World Clan. You don’t respect us, you even despise us. But, can you destroy us?” the Saint of the World Clan calmly. “Your Shrine lost some Saints, you lost face, you can’t forget about it, so now you want to destroy us. But let me tell you, if the Fire Shrine continues trying to destroy the World Clan, they’ll just bring about their own destruction. I’m going to send those people back, but I hope that in the future, you’ll remember that.”

The Saint of the World Clan waved his hand and suddenly, he flung the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine who were stuck in the weapon’s world away. They were all stunned, but as soon as they came out, they released a terrifying fire, turning the sky red.

“Stop!” shouted the high-level Saint sharply. He glanced at them and said, “You’re shameless! Let’s go back!”

The Saints all pulled a long face. They were all incredible Saints, the World Clan had just humiliated and captured them. Now, they had to understand that if they continued provoking the World Clan, things would get worse.

“I hope we’ll meet again,” said the high-level Saint to the Saint of the World Clan. He rolled up his sleeves, and the Fire Shriners turned around and left.

Lin Feng watched all that, only a short time passed. Among the Saints of the World Clan who were next to him, one of them stepped forwards and smiled, “Teacher, will the Fire Shrine continue provoking us after what happened today?”

“I don’t know,” said the Saint, shaking his head. “However, I am convinced that unless they know how strong the World Clan really is, they won’t try anything risky. They already lost twice, they won’t lose thrice.”

“Indeed, they won’t offend us easily, I guess.”

“We relied on Saint’s Weapons this time. Hua Yi, please tell Weapon Master Kong that we’re very grateful,” said the Saint, smiling at Hua Yi. He was very satisfied with that Saint Weapon.

“We used your soul and vitality to make that weapon, that’s why it’s perfect for you. Besides, you also used World Dao, so the effects are perfect. Anyways, no need to mention it again,” replied Hua Yi affably.

“Haha, alright, thank you! Also, tell him that when he makes the sword, we’ll come personally as a sign of gratitude, no need for you to come to us.”

“It’s alright, he doesn’t like agitation, he prefers tranquility. I’ll tell you when we have finished,” said Hua Yi.

“No, no… Weapon Master Bing is a perfectionist. Only weapons can make him happy. I remember last time, when your teacher and I went to see his friend, I waited there for six months before he talked to me, he was too busy making a weapon,” said the high-level Saint of the World Clan. Everybody understood he admired Weapon Master Bing.

“You know how he is. My teacher is the same. Was my teacher annoyed?” said Hua Yi.

The Saint grinned. “Indeed, your teacher was angry for a long time.”

“Haha, my teacher mentioned it a few days ago again in front of his friend,” said Hua Yi, shaking his head. “Alright, we’re good for now. I’ll go back and tell my teacher everything.”

“You should stay in the World Clan for a few days, we’re happy to have you around.”

“It’s alright. I don’t know what kind of schedule my teacher prepared for me, so I better go back,” demurred Hua Yi.

“Alright, next time then,” conceded the Saint of the World Clan politely.

“Yes, we shall meet again soon,” said Hua Yi with a wave. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Brother Daimon, when my teacher’s colleague makes the weapon, you’ll come too.”

“If I can, I will,” Lin Feng agreed. Hua Yi rose up in the air and departed.

The high-level Saint watched him leave and whispered, “The Godly Weapon Master’s grand-disciples are all so free and unrestrained.”

“Master, is Weapon Master Bing going to make weapons in front of everybody?” Lin Feng asked. That was what he had just heard. Weapon Master Bing was one of the Godly Weapon Master’s disciples, and if he made weapons in public, many people would want to attend.

“Weapon Master Bing is the weakest of the three disciples, but he’s also the most attentive one. He only thinks about weapons in life. He is very focused and meticulous, a perfectionist. He prefers making swords, spears, and halberds above all, sharp weapons. Weapon Master Kong is the second elder, he controls empty space energy, he’s very strong. The third one is Weapon Master Ling, he chose the path of spirituality. He’s the most talented of the three. Initially, the Godly Weapon Master just wanted two disciples, but after having recruited Weapon Master Bing and Weapon Master Kong, he realized that Weapon Master Ling was extraordinarily talented, so he recruited him as well.”

“At the top of the hierarchy, it’s not a secret that he’s going to make weapons in public. People from the lower tiers of society will never know about it, though.”

Lin Feng nodded. He had heard of the three disciples, too. Weapon Master Bing was an insane weapon maker, indeed. His spears were extremely sharp and quick. He was a perfectionist, and couldn’t stand it if his weapons had a single flaw. Many people had to be perfectionists to reach such levels.

“I’m a bit surprised,” mused Lin Feng. He didn’t know about it because he wasn’t high enough in terms of social status. Very few people knew about it in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“He has his own reasons. We’ll see. In the world, there are many strong cultivators, and not just enemies, there are friends too, so it makes life a bit easier,” said the high-level Saint to Lin Feng. Indeed, Lin Feng had a Forbidden Body, the Shrines couldn’t learn about that.

“Even though the Shrines have a very high social status in this world, it doesn’t mean that they’re invincible and that they can do whatever they want. They’re also cautious. There are some people they don’t dare offend. If you could appear in public with the people the Shrines don’t dare offend, then they wouldn’t dare do anything to you, either.”

“I understand,” Lin Feng nodded. The Saint was teaching him the social codes of the highest parts of society, and the Godly Weapon Master was probably someone the Shrines all feared!

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