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PMG Chapter 2363: Provocation

PMG Chapter 2363: Provocation

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As the World Clan expected, the Fire Shrine calmed down.

The different groups of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds finally realized that the World Clan was truly rising again. They had fought a few times, and amazed everyone.

But the World Clan remained indifferent, as if their achievements were normal.


Two people left the World Clan and traveled east.

In the eastern part of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there was a city called Qing Ming City. It stood alone in a boundless area, and even though their territory was gigantic, there wasn’t many people there, and few people traveled there. However, many strong cultivators of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds admired the city because there was a very famous person there: Weapon Master Bing, the Godly Weapon Master’s disciple!

Weapon Master Bing was the symbol of that city. Many people were traveling to Qing Ming City, they were all extremely strong and extraordinary. They wanted to see Weapon Master Bing fabricate Saint’s Weapons!

When ordinary weapon makers made weapons, people weren’t interested in watching, but Weapon Master Bing was the Godly Weapon Master’s disciple. He was very famous. He had made a few famous weapons: Supreme Upekṣā, Kasyapa, Celestial Mithyā, and so on. They were all famous and terrifying cultivators wielded them. He was a truly legendary weapon maker.

In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, many high-level Saints ordered weapons from him. The Godly Weapon Master’s three disciples were all experts in their field, at the very top.


There was a dimly discernible Qi in one of Qing Ming City’s districts. There were many restaurants, tea houses, and bars here, however, it was very calm. This place was near the Weapon Master Bing’s territory. Lin Feng was seated in a teahouse with the high-level Saint of the World Clan, Gu Zhu. Only Gu Zhu and Lin Feng had come from the World Clan.

Lin Feng glanced around, noting everybody around looked extraordinary. Those people usually never appeared in the outside world. When seeing them, one wouldn’t know who they were, but when hearing their names, one knew. For example, Gu Zhu, he wasn’t unknown in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he was actually very famous. Many, many people had heard of Mister Gu Zhu Xue, but very few people had seen him.

Gu Zhu had been famous for a long time in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but because he hadn’t appeared for a long time, many people didn’t recognize him anymore. Even when he fought against the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine, they didn’t recognize him.

“Brother Gu!” someone called out. Lin Feng and Gu Zhu turned around and saw a few people. The leader of the group was wearing a robe similar to the one Hua Yi was wearing when he paid them a visit. Next to him was a sword cultivator, and Hua Yi was there, too.

“Brother Kong!” responded Gu Zhu, standing up and smiling. This was Weapon Master Kong, the Godly Weapon Master’s second disciple.

In the distance, many people put their tea cups down and stood up as a sign of respect.

“No need to be so polite, everybody. I also came to watch my fellow disciple today. Make yourself at home,” said Weapon Master Kong to the crowd.

“Being able to see Weapon Master Bing and Weapon Master Kong today is an incredible honor,” spoke up someone, smiling before sitting down again. Lin Feng had the biggest smile when he saw the crowd. This weapon maker was incredible.

Weapon Master Kong sat down next to Gu Zhu and smiled, “I don’t know what he wants to do this, why he invited people to come and watch.”

“Weapon Master Bing must have an idea,” Gu Zhu smiled. Then, he raised his head and looked at the sword cultivator next to Weapon Master Kong. He smiled and said, “If I’m not mistaken, this must be Master Kasyapa’s disciple!”

“Indeed, Kasyapa’s descendant. Not many people know about Brother Tian Ruo, he seldom appears in the outside world,” confirmed Weapon Master Kong. Lin Feng was astonished. That sword cultivator was extremely young, and Weapon Master Kong called him Brother! It meant that he had a social status equivalent to Gu Zhu’s. Of course, he looked young, but he might be thousands of years old.

“Kasyapa, Kasyapa’s sword!” Lin Feng suddenly remembered the ancient remains in Qi Tian Holy Town. He had found Qin Shan there back then…

“Master Tian Ruo, I’ve heard of a Kasyapa’s sword in Dark Clouds, is it related to you?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

“That was my elder fellow disciple. I’ve never seen him, but our teacher said he was incredible, a very good sword cultivator. Unfortunately, he didn’t do things properly. He left, he wanted to create his own group, and in the end, he died abroad.”

When Lin Feng heard that reply, he was astonished. It meant that the real Kasyapa was their teacher and was extremely old, it also meant that Weapon Master Bing knew him a long time before since he had made a sword for him. It also meant that Weapon Master Bing was very old.

“Your teacher, Old Master Kasyapa didn’t send anyone to investigate his death?” asked Lin Feng.

“Why would he? Everybody can choose their own path, they just have to bear the responsibilities,” replied Tian Ruo Jian. Lin Feng sighed. At such cultivation levels, people were different.

“How lively. So many strong cultivators,” said someone at that moment. Lin Feng was stupefied, he slowly turned around and frowned. A few people had arrived, one of them was a young man who looked valiant and heroic. His Qi was extraordinary.

“Zhe Tian!” Lin Feng was astonished. Zhe Tian was there in Qing Ming City?! He was there to watch Weapon Master Bing?!

That little boy is becoming incredibly strong really quickly. He’s already a Saint Emperor. Wow, thought Lin Feng. He was satisfied, though. Zhe Tian was progressing faster than he had. Lin Feng looked at the people next to Zhe Tian. They were all Saints, but Lin Feng didn’t know where they were from and why Zhe Tian was with them.

“Of course, Little Brother Zhe Tian, Weapon Master Bing is the Godly Weapon Master’s disciple. He’s a symbol in this world. The occasions to see them at work are rare,” said someone next to Zhe Tian with a smile.

“Indeed,” said Zhe Tian. He looked happy. It was great to be able to experience such things!

“Let’s find a place to sit!” said the strong cultivator next to Zhe Tian. They went to a table, they were about to sit when someone said aggressively, “Saints can come here, people who aren’t Saints yet should piss off. We don’t have unlimited seats.”

Zhe Tian looked over at him and smiled. He had been traveling a lot these years and he had gone through a lot, he didn’t get angry as easily as back in the days, especially on Weapon Master Bing’s territory.

“I came because I admire Weapon Master Bing. I came with some Masters. If there is another place for me to sit, I’ll go and sit there,” replied Zhe Tian neither haughtily nor humbly.

“I told you to piss off!” said that person suddenly. The Saint’s Qi was terrifying. Lin Feng frowned. Saints had to be controlled, few people were like that. Why was he provoking Zhe Tian?

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