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PMG Chapter 2364: Revelation

PMG Chapter 2364: Revelation

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The person next to Zhe Tian grunted coldly and said, “Your Excellency, you’re going a bit too far, it’s not your territory here.”

“Watch your words,” said that person coldly. A terrifying Saint’s strength oppressed Zhe Tian, which made him groan. He released Qi to protect himself, a golden armor appearing around him.

That Saint released empty space strength to surround Zhe Tian, Zhe Tian was stupefied, the strength took his away very quickly. The two Saints with Zhe Tian turned around and said, “Zhe Tian, since they don’t welcome you, you can leave.”

“Alright,” said Lin Zhe Tian nodding. Then, he left quickly. He wasn’t strong enough to be there, and he knew it.

“Go!” said that person, releasing Celestial Dao, a hand descending from the sky.

Zhe Tian pulled a long face. He hadn’t thought a Saint would bully him like this…

Zhe Tian condensed cosmic energies and a dazzling pure light appeared in his hand and streaked across the sky, ending in an explosion. The gigantic empty space hand broke apart and bombarded Zhe Tian. He crashed onto the ground and coughed up blood, but he was still standing steadily.

“He was just a Celestial Emperor, but he has a particular strength which makes him look like a Saint Emperor.”

“Not bad at all, that young man,” murmured Weapon Master Kong, “Even I thought he was a Saint Emperor. But even if he isn’t, he resisted a Saint’s attack, impressive. He’s definitely as strong as a Saint Emperor.”

Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t intervene because he wanted to see how strong his son was, but Zhe Tian had to be quite strong anyway, he was Lin Feng’s child, after all!

At that moment, the Saint who had just attacked walked towards Zhe Tian, looking at him coldly. Zhe Tian raised his head and looked back at him in a cold way.

“It’s Weapon Master Bing’s territory here, so I can’t kill you. But since you dared offend me, I will cripple your cultivation,” said the man coldly.

Lin Feng stood up and walked towards Zhe Tian, glancing at the two Saints who had come with Zhe Tian; they acted as if all this had nothing to do with them, which infuriated him.

“Since you know that it’s Weapon Master Bing’s territory here, why do you provoke people who didn’t do anything to you? Why do you want to cripple his cultivation?” Lin Feng interjected calmly.

The Saint glanced at him and smiled thinly. “Daimon from the World Clan, all this has nothing to do with you. Don’t get involved.”

“I don’t think Weapon Master Bing likes being disturbed,” said Lin Feng, ignoring him.

“I told you, it has nothing to do with you,” repeated that guy.

Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly turned pitch-black, a cage appeared and that Saint appeared inside.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. A destructive death Celestial Dao emerged from the Cage of Darkness, the Saint suddenly felt confused and panic-stricken. Why was Daimon so aggressive? Daimon was trying to kill him!

“Stop.” shouted a few people coldly. A few figures flickered. Empty space Qi surrounded Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng took a step forwards, a pitch-black vortex appeared, waves swept out and carried everything away. Lin Feng detonated the vortex and explosions rent the air. The Saint inside the cage exploded… but his soul was allowed to survive.

“Argh!” That Saint’s body had been easily destroyed, and he was furious.

But Lin Feng said calmly, “Since you don’t care about disturbing Weapon Master Bing’s cultivation, I am convinced nobody minds me getting involved.”

Lin Feng saw some people moving towards him, many Saints surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng frowned. Those who had come with Zhe Tian smiled coldly.

“Eh?” Lin Feng had a bad premonition, he heard one of the people who encircled him say, “As expected, like father, like son. Us members of the Fire Shrine knew it!”

Lin Feng was astonished. The man then said, “Lin Feng, you’re great at hiding and you progressed very quickly.”

“Lin Feng?” Many people looked astonished and excited. Even if those people were Saints, they had all heard about Lin Feng, because back then, the Fire Shrine was looking for him everywhere since people suspected that he was a Forbidden Person. But they were still stunned; Lin Feng was Daimon from the World Clan?

So he was the one who had finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds back then? To ordinary people, a long time had passed since the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. For these Saints, it felt like a few seconds only. Now that guy had already transcended worldliness and attained holiness? He was the one who had slaughtered Saints in the Void Phoenix Clan? How fearsome!

“Father!” Zhe Tian looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng’s Qi changed, his face changed as he reverted back to Lin Feng. The Shrines had joined hands to attack Zhe Tian, which meant they had already guessed the truth.

Lin Feng said to Zhe Tian, “Zhe Tian, people’s minds are unfathomable. In the future, be careful before trusting people.”

“I understand, Father,” Zhe Tian nodded. Then, he looked at the people with whom he had come and said, “You got close to me on purpose, to use me. Who are you?”

“Empty Space Shrine,” said one of them coldly.

Zhe Tian said coldly, “You’re from a Shrine and you resort to such despicable methods? If he hadn’t been my father, you would have crippled my cultivation groundlessly? Don’t you have families?”

“You’re not qualified to speak with me,” said one of them. Then, he looked at Gu Zhu and said, “The World Clan and Lin Feng have established connections. We don’t mind, we are also willing to be friends with the World Clan and forget our tensions. However, you can’t get involved in Lin Feng and the Fire Shrine’s issues.”

He feared Gu Zhu, especially since Weapon Master Kong was next to Gu Zhu at that moment.

Gu Zhu looked at Weapon Master Kong. Weapon Master Kong said indifferently, “You can do whatever you wish outside, but here is my fellow disciple’s cultivation territory, we will not tolerate such behavior here. So please stop for now. What you do outside has nothing to do with me.”

The members of the Shrines were stunned. Weapon Master Kong didn’t give them any room to maneuver by saying that. They had to stop now, and give him face.

“Weapon Master Kong, the issue with Lin Feng is of utter importance, please allow us some latitude,” said a strong cultivator.

Weapon Master Kong frowned and said, “You didn’t understand what I just said?”

That person looked angry and said, “Since it’s that way, we’ll stop for now. When Weapon Master Bing is done making the weapon, we’ll take care of him!”

They all left and went to different places in town. They didn’t intend to let Lin Feng off, so they were watching the exits.

Both Lin Feng and Daimon were supposed to die. In the end, they were one person, even better! It’d be easier to kill him!

Lin Feng and Zhe Tian walked back to Weapon Master Kong. Lin Feng nodded at Weapon Master Kong and said, “Thank you very much, Master.”

“I don’t know many people in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, especially younger people. But I’ve heard about Lin Feng and Daimon. I never thought you were the same person, and your son is surprisingly strong. Maybe you will both become very powerful and influential in the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said Weapon Master Kong.

“I really don’t deserve so much praise, Master.”

“It’s just the truth,” said Weapon Master Kong, shaking his head.

Tian Ruo Jian spoke up, “Indeed, it’s very possible. I’m sure you have a Forbidden Body now, so it’s not surprising that everybody wants to kill you. You’re in danger.”

Tian Ruo Jian talked straightforwardly. Lin Feng really was in danger, the Shrines wanted to kill him.

“I understand,” Lin Feng nodded. Now that the Shrines had recognized him, he was really in danger. Even with the World Clan, he had too many enemies.

“You should stay here for a while,” Weapon Master Kong smiled. Lin Feng was startled at the offer. He looked at Weapon Master Kong’s smile and nodded. Weapon Master Kong wanted to help him!

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  2. Esil best girl June 19, 2019 at 7:40 pm - Reply

    Hundreds of chapters before I said he should have remained a virgin. I was right

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