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PMG Chapter 2365: Gathering of Strong Cultivators

PMG Chapter 2365: Gathering of Strong Cultivators

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Lin Feng and Weapon Master Kong were together. The Shrines couldn’t attack him, but they didn’t intend to let him leave alive.

Everybody was extraordinary there. They knew that if Lin Feng was a Forbidden Person, he could pose a threat to them. He would definitely destroy some Shrines.

More and more people arrived and sat down calmly. They just chatted.

At that moment, in the distance, a figure appeared. The members of a specific Shrine all stood up and looked at that person respectfully.

Weapon Master Kong slowly turned around and looked at that person. That person looked at them and smiled., “Weapon Master Kong, Tian Ruo Jian, Gu Zhu!”

“Wu Ming!” Weapon Master Kong and the others seemed surprised. The Empty Space Shrine had made him come personally.

“Wu Ming from the Empty Space Shrine,” repeated many people around. They were all astonished, their hearts pounding. There were so many extremely strong people here…

Weapon Master Kong, Wu Ming, and Tian Ruo Jian were very famous among Saints, people who weren’t Saints never had the opportunity to see them.

Wu Ming smiled at those people and nodded. He looked at Lin Feng and smiled sharply. “Back then, when all the Shrines wanted to kill you, they should have done it. Trying to see if you were determined, if you were really the Forbidden Person, etc. is boring. Killing you directly would have been much easier. Now it’s getting more and more complicated.”

Lin Feng was grim. This man was referring to the first time when they had surrounded the Fortune Shrine. The Fire Shrine’s leader could have easily killed him back then, but he hadn’t because the leader of the Fortune Shrine had said that he would kill their geniuses, too. So, at that moment, the Shrines had decided to establish a strategy first.

Of course, if the leader of the Fire Shrine had known that Lin Feng would become so strong so quickly, he would have done much more to deal with Lin Feng earlier. He would have put the lives of the Fire Shrine’s geniuses at stake without hesitation to get rid of Lin Feng.

Now, Lin Feng was a genius difficult to get rid of. He was a Saint, and he was started to make connections at that level. The geniuses the Fire Shrine could have been sacrificed to get rid of Lin Feng were much weaker than him, so they would have been worth sacrificing.

“Wu Ming, you better not act blindly without thinking!” said Gu Zhu. His figure flickered, and he was in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng was startled. Gu Zhu was cautious, he had anticipated something could happen. If Wu Ming was as strong as Gu Zhu, he could indeed kill Lin Feng easily.

“Gu Zhu, you know I want to kill him, and nobody can prevent me from doing so,” said Wu Ming in a cold and detached way. He took another step forward, but at that moment, sword strength suddenly surrounded him.

Wu Ming looked over at Tian Ruo Jian, who was still seated there. Ruo Jian said icily, “We’re near Weapon Master Bing’s cultivation territory. Weapon Master Bing doesn’t want to be disturbed. He was disturbed a moment ago, it’s not going to happen a second time!”

Tian Ruo Jian’s teacher was the old Kasyapa. Kasyapa and Weapon Master Bing used to have excellent relations, as he had made Kasyapa’s weapons. Many years had passed and Kasyapa had become a peerless Saint. Weapon Master Bing was a high-level Saint and focused on weapon fabrication, but even if it was that way, Tian Ruo Jian was a high-level Saint and had an immense respect for him, he even called him Master!

When Weapon Master Bing became famous, many of the people who were present here weren’t even born, including him. Weapon Master Bing had been stuck at that cultivation level for a very long time already.

Wu Ming looked at Tian Ruo Jian and released energy that filled the air. But at the same time, his energies were being oppressed by Tian Ruo Jian’s sword energies. The atmosphere became oppressive.

Suddenly, the ground shook and a terrifying Fire intent filled the air as a figure descended from the sky.

“Qiong Lin!” Everybody looked at Qiong Lin, he was from the Fire Shrine. Initially, those people had come to watch Weapon Master Bing make a sword, they hadn’t thought the situation would change because of Lin Feng’s presence.

“Even if you’re Kasyapa’s disciple, you can’t act arrogantly in front of Shrines’ members,” stated Qiong Lin indifferently. Even though he was releasing fire strength, his voice sounded ice cold.

Tian Ruo Jian didn’t say anything, he put his hand on the handle of his sword. Actions were more important than words.

“The Fire Shrine continues acting that arrogantly?” someone laughed. That person appeared halfway up in the air. Qiong Lin and the others didn’t seem surprised.

“The Diviner!” Lin Feng had met the Diviner in the small world long ago. The Diviner had given Lin Feng the impression he was enigmatic and unfathomable. He had never shown how strong he was. But if he was as strong as Gu Zhu and the others, back then, he would have probably arrived much faster when the Fire Shrine was chasing him.

However, when Qiong Lin and the others saw him, Lin Feng noticed, from their facial expressions, that they were very cautious in his presence.

“Mara-Deva, your real body is done practicing cultivation? You’re not qualified to stand before me, am I wrong?” said Qiong Lin indifferently. Lin Feng was astonished. Real body?

Had the Diviner practiced a cloning technique as well? Had Lin Feng always met the Diviner’s clones?

“What do you think?” asked the Diviner calmly. Qiong Lin frowned and stared at him as if he were trying to see through him.

“Interesting. Wait until Weapon Master Bing is done making the weapon. We’ll check that out,” said Wu Ming indifferently. He looked at Lin Feng again, who had the impression he was going to be absorbed into an empty space. Indeed, the atmosphere was dividing. His body was being ripped apart as well!

Sword strength suddenly filled the air.

“Come on, I was just joking!” said Wu Ming, bursting into laughter. Then, he turned around and glanced at the members of the Empty Space Shrine. He walked towards them and sat down as if nothing had happened. Lin Feng felt normal again, except he was now actually covered with cold sweat. High-level Saints were terrifyingly strong. Like Gu Zhu, Wu Ming had become famous a long time before.

Wu Ming’s power is disintegration, he can create another space using empty space strength and make half of someone’s body appear in that space while leaving the other part in the current world. That way, he rips people apart and kills them. What a terrifying power, thought Lin Feng. Wu Ming could kill low-level Saints in a millisecond with the power of his mind!

Saints were already powerful cultivators, but still, there were huge differences between them, too.

“How noisy. After my fellow disciple is done making the sword, it seems like there will be battles,” said Weapon Master Kong with a smile. Two high-level Saints from two Shrines wanted to kill Lin Feng, and some people who were on Lin Feng’s side, such as Mara-Deva from the Fortune Shrine, were there. More people from Shrines were going to arrive. It was definitely an incredible meeting!

“Many friends are here already,” said Tian Ruo Jian indifferently. He smiled and said, “Weapon Master Bing is going to make a sword, even the Supreme Animal World wanted to see it. Great!”

Everybody gazed into the distance when he said that. They saw two people. They were wearing dragon robes with dragon patterns on them. The dragons on the patterns were actually spitting out smoke. Their Qi was extraordinary and aggressive.

“People from the Dragon Clan?” whispered Weapon Master Kong.

Tian Ruo Jian smiled, “Dragon Clan and if I’m not mistaken, Roc Clan.”

The crowd looked higher up in the sky; there was someone wearing a golden robe, his expression sharp. Everything about that roc was sharp.

“A king amongst rocs, a Great Oriental Greenfinch roc. They want my fellow disciple to make a sword for them, but he never agreed!” said Weapon Master Bing indifferently. Lin Feng was amazed. The Great Oriental Greenfinch roc wanted a sword? Interesting…

“Weapon Master Bing is here,” said Tian Ruo Jian at that moment, looking off into the distance. There was an white-haired old man there, his hair was messy. He looked like an ordinary old man who didn’t take care of himself. It was difficult to imagine that he was Weapon Master Bing, the one who had made Kasyapa’s sword, a terrifying Saint’s Weapon!

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