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PMG Chapter 2366: Making a Sword

PMG Chapter 2366: Making a Sword

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Tian Ruo Jian always called Weapon Master Bing “Master”. He respected him a lot. Lin Feng knew that that old man had lived for a very long time, since he had made Kasyapa’s sword. Most people who were here were juniors for Weapon Master Bing.

Weapon Master Bing looked ordinary, but it was the kind of ordinary which left people speechless and captivated. He looked like nature itself.

Nobody had any doubts about his strength. He was an expert at making weapons, but he was also an incredible fighter, even though he rarely spent time with cultivators. And even if he wasn’t a strong fighter, he could crush almost any high-level Saint with his weapons.

Weapon Master Bing walked over and stopped in front of the crowd, He looked at them and in particular at Weapon Master Kong.

“Fellow disciple!” said Weapon Master Kong nodding at Weapon Master Bing.

“Master!” said Tian Ruo Jian respectfully.

“How’s your teacher?” Weapon Master Bing asked Tian Ruo Jian.

“He’s fine. He couldn’t come, so he told me to say hello!” replied Tian Ruo Jian.

Weapon Master Bing nodded, “At a certain cultivation level, when you thought you’d reach the end, you have the impression you’re starting all over again.”

Tian Ruo Jian was surprised and smiled, “My teacher says cultivation never ends, and each day is a fresh new start.”

“Right, he’s a cultivation maniac,” agreed Weapon Master Bing. He looked around at the crowd and said, “In the last few years, a friend brought me some materials, I’ve been gathering other materials too. Now, I finally have everything I need to make a sword. I’m happy that you all came to watch me make it.”

“We are the ones who are happy, it is an incredible honor to be able to watch you make weapons!” said someone. Everybody nodded agreed. They all felt incredibly honored. It was a rare opportunity!

“If anything happens during the process, if I make any mistake or if I don’t do well enough, I hope that everybody will help me,” said Weapon Master Bing. The crowd frowned. If he made a mistake or didn’t do well enough?

His teacher was the best weapon maker in the world, and he was incredibly good at it too, how could he say such a thing?

Maybe Weapon Master Bing wants to try and make a weapon he’s never made before. He’s worried and feels pressured, thought the crowd.

“Weapon Master Bing is worried, what kind of material could his friend have brought to him? And what kind of sword does he want to make?”

“Maybe he wants to break his record.”

The crowd was impatient to see what kind of weapon Weapon Master Bing would make!

“Everybody, please move back, I want to start,” said Weapon Master Bing. Everybody stood up and withdrew to a safe distance. Weapon Master Bing was alone in the middle very quickly.

Weapon Master Kong said, “His Qi has become even more incredible, it’s the first time I have seen him like that. He has probably been getting prepared for a very long time.”

“Master, does he want to break his record?” asked Tian Ruo Jian.

Weapon Master Kong nodded, “Yes, and it’s probably related to the materials he has.”

Weapon Master Bing took a step forwards and a terrifying fire appeared, an incredible Celestial Dao filling the air. It was very oppressive.

A terrifying fireball appeared in the sky and descended rapidly. A crater which was several hundreds of meters wide appeared, celestial fires burning inside.

The deep pit became dark, the fire became black, black smoke appeared.

“Incredible, he makes weapons alone. He’s also a Great Deployment Master, without a doubt.” whispered Lin Feng. Weapon Master Bing had also cast a mighty deployment spell, he was getting ready.

“How strong. Father, that guy is terrifying,” said Zhe Tian. An incredible oppressive energy kept appearing in the sky. It was breathtaking.

“Of course, he’s famous everywhere in the world,” Lin Feng replied. Weapon Master Bing was standing before the fire Celestial Dao, composing himself.

He had to do everything perfectly to make a perfect weapon. His fire, the materials, and his deployment spell had to be perfect.


Nobody was flighty and impetuous in the crowd, they all watched calmly. He prepared the fire for three days straight. After that, the atmosphere went completely dark. The crowd looked at the sky, and were astonished to see it was on fire.

Weapon Master Bing finally started moving. He took a step forwards and stretched out his hands. In the blink of an eye, terrifying corpses appeared above the deep pit of flames.

“Those are… Saint’s bodies!” The crowd was astonished, so many Saint’s bodies! The corpses were roaring in a thundering rage, they still contained Will.

“Those corpses are Weapon Master Bing’s materials, who gave them to him?” The crowd was shaking. Weapon Master Bing created many fire chains above the deep pit, catching the corpses. The bodies roared angrily. Some people’s heads started aching. They had the impression they were carrying the whole world on their shoulders, their heads felt heavy.

In order to use those bodies to make a sword, he needs to oppress their Wills. How difficult. No wonder he’s very cautious, thought Weapon Master Kong. He hadn’t thought of this…

Weapon Master Bing took another step forward and an object appeared in his hand. He threw it into the fire, and the fire went into a frenzy.

Weapon Master Bing jumped into the fire, raising a hammer and pounding the object. Clanging sounds echoed in the air.


“How resistant!” The crowd was shaking. He kept hammering the object unceasingly and quickly for forty-nine days. The crowd finally started seeing the rudiments of a sword. It looked illusionary.

“A sword embryon!” Lin Feng was calmly watching. Weapon Master Bing’s way of making weapons was different from the Gold Fire Tower’s way. He looked more relaxed, but his movements were all extremely precise. At that moment, he was using his fingers to carve marks on the sword. Notches appeared on the sword.

“Go in!” shouted Weapon Master Bing, raising his hand. Instantly, the shackles brought the corpses above the sword’s embryo, and the corpses fused together with it.

“The Saints’ bodies melted completely! He’s even making their Wills fuse together with the sword!” Drops of Will fell onto the sword’s embryo. The embryo was trembling with every drop.

Weapon Master Bing was standing there, his soul left his body and went into the sword’s embryo, he used his soul to oppress the Wills. His corporeal body was just standing there motionlessly.

“What an incredible guy! If someone attacked his body with surprise, it would be tragic for him!” Weapon Master Bing was in a trance!

After melting the bodies and putting them into the sword’s embryo, the embryo disappeared in the fire. It shook more and more violently. Weapon Master Bing’s soul reappeared. When his soul came out, an endless number of chains surrounded the sword and lifted it up into the air. Did the sword want to leave?

“Where are you going?!” shouted Weapon Master Bing coldly. Everything suddenly stopped, his body shook, and he grabbed the sword with his fingers, blood splashed and penetrated into the sword. This time, he used his own blood to carve marks on the sword. At the same time, the chains were still constricting it.

“Stop!” shouted Weapon Master Bing. He sealed something in the sword with his blood. Stars appeared in the space around, he made some hand seals with his hands, and they penetrated into the sword. The flames continued refining it.

Weapon Master Bing raised his head and took a deep breath, then spat out Celestial Dao strength towards the sword, penetrating into it.

After a long time, the sword, which had calmed down a little, shook again. It was going insane, but at that moment, terrifying Kalpa lights descended from the sky.

The crowd was trembling… how powerful was that Celestial Kalpa strength going to be!?

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