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PMG Chapter 2367: Tian Ruo Jian

PMG Chapter 2367: Tian Ruo Jian

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An explosive pitch-black strength rolled out, and a dark red color appeared, hurting people’s eyes.

What a powerful Kalpa cloud, it contains an overwhelming strength, thought the crowd, watching the violent windstorm in the sky. They were all wary; if that tornado reached them, their souls could explode!

Weapon Master Bing raised his head and looked at the sky, retreating quickly. A dark red Kalpa cloud appeared, seemingly ready to explode. It descended from the sky in a flash and struck the sword violently.

The sword hummed. However, the cloud didn’t stop moving, it released more destructive strength and continued attacking the sword.

“Nine times nine, Kalpa which consumes Yang energy!” intoned Weapon Master Kong. The terrifying dark red Kalpa strength turned into eighty-one parts, terrifying deep pits appeared, bright meter-long tips appearing at the top of it. They absorbed and spat out dazzling lights, which contained an intense Will.

“Medium-level weapon, what is he doing?” whispered Weapon Master Kong, looking astonished.

Weapon Master Bing called out to the crowd, “The sword contains all those Saints’ Wills, I can’t handle it alone, everybody, help me! Put your strength inside. Let’s see if we can control the Will!”

Weapon Master Bing immediately started helping. The crowd was startled, but started released a terrifying Qi. Celestial Dao rolled out and roared. Now that they had released energies onto that sword, they could sense its movements even better!

Lin Feng released God strength and forced it into the sword. However, when his God strength penetrated into the sword, it seemed tiny. The Will wouldn’t submit to his God strength. No wonder Weapon Master Bing couldn’t control it. That sword was supposed to be terrifyingly strong!

Weapon Master Bing wanted to make the best sword possible. The Supreme Upekṣā was made to attack souls, The Kasyapa was supposed to attack using speed strength, making people lose awareness of space and time. Now, he wanted to make a sword which contained all those Saints’ Will, so he tried to make a pure weapon, and not a sword which contained all sorts of strength in a chaotic manner. He wanted to use the Will of all those Saints in the best way.

Lin Feng’s God strength was made of millions of sorts of intent. It was good, but the problem was that it was too weak, if Weapon Master Bing used it, he still wouldn’t be able to control the sword.

“Eh?” At that moment, Weapon Master Bing sensed something. His strength was also in the sword and he was paying attention to all the strengths penetrating into the sword. He noticed that a few terrifying kinds of intent could suppress the intents of others, or even destroy them… but Weapon Master Bing didn’t want to see that. He also found out there was a relatively weak intent inside which had been created using myriad sorts of intent, but it was just too weak.

Weapon Master Bing put his own strength around that power, and looked for the owner.

Lin Feng frowned, someone was chasing him. He recalled his God strength and sensed a strength surround and constrict him.

“Who?!” said Lin Feng coldly. He turned around and noticed that Weapon Master Bing was looking at him. He was surprised; the one who was chasing him was Weapon Master Bing?

Weapon Master Bing nodded at Lin Feng and recalled his strength, putting it back in the sword. He wanted to find someone strong enough. After a short time, he looked disappointed, as nobody was left. Those people could only oppress the strength, but that’s not what he wanted. He didn’t want to oppress it, he wanted to modify it. He wanted to use that strength and turn it into a terrifying and explosive strength. Unfortunately, these people didn’t understand much about that.

Only Weapon Master Kong could understand Weapon Master Bing. After all, they were both incredible weapon manufacturers.

That’s why it’s only a medium-level item. He hasn’t made the sword take shape, thought Weapon Master Kong.

Weapon Master Bing said, “Alright, everybody, recall your strength.”

The people recalled their power. The sword started trembling again, he couldn’t control it anymore.

The crowd looked at Weapon Master Bing, not knowing what he was thinking. Weapon Master Bing released a terrifying strength which surrounded the sword and constricted it before dragging it towards himself.

“Little boy, come here!” Weapon Master Bing said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was stunned.

Weapon Master Kong looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Lin Feng, he thinks highly of you, it’s a very good sign. It’s fate!”

“Lin Feng, not bad, Master Bing chose you!” said Tian Ruo Jian, smiling and slapping Lin Feng’s shoulder. Indeed, everyone here was much older than Lin Feng. When they became famous, Lin Feng wasn’t even born yet.

Gu Zhu smiled, his eyes twinkling: it was a sign of destiny. Weapon Master Bing had chosen Lin Feng!

“Hurry up and go!” said Gu Zhu, smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and flashed forwards.

At that moment, Wu Ming’s figure flickered and he moved towards Lin Feng, shouting, “Weapon Master Bing, Lin Feng is someone my Shrine wants to kill, leave him!”

“Eh?” Weapon Master Bing glanced at Wu Ming. He didn’t look angry, but said in a cold way, “So what? It has nothing to do with me. Little boy, come here!”

“Alright,” said Lin Feng, and he continued moving forwards.

Wu Ming said, “Since you insist, don’t blame me for attacking!” He continued moving towards Lin Feng, who sensed a terrifying Celestial Dao surround him.

Weapon Master Bing frowned. A deadly sword strength suddenly filled the air. Tian Ruo Jian was holding a thrumming sword.

“Insolent!” Tian Ruo Jian’s figure flickered and he appeared directly in front of Lin Feng. An invisible and intangible sword moved forwards, space started breaking apart, including the empty space strength moving towards Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng must die!” shouted Wu Ming, charging forwards. Empty space strength surrounded Lin Feng.

“Destroy!” said Wu Ming. Lin Feng had the impression his body was going to be ripped apart.

Swords glittered and penetrated into his body. However, they didn’t injure him, they just broke the empty space strength around him. At the same time, Tian Ruo Jian threw himself at Wu Ming, he hadn’t even unsheathed a real sword yet!

“You want to die!”

Sword intent filled the air, and sword lights appeared. Tian Ruo Jian finally unsheathed his sword. At that moment, it was like space and time had stopped. Only a dazzling sword cut towards Wu Ming

Wu Ming released empty space strength, but he was much, much slower than before. He was moving in slow motion suddenly, he had the impression time had stopped, seconds lasted forever.

“Time strength?” Lin Feng frowned, he had seen such a sword on the battlefield of Qi Tian Holy Town during the war of the ancient days.

“Piss off!” shouted Wu Ming furiously. He released even more empty space strength, clear and musical breaking and snapping notes went off, but Tian Ruo Jian’s sword continued slicing towards his third eye.

Wu Ming bit his lips and blood dripped down. A terrifying empty space cage surrounded him, but the sword appeared in front of him, piercing through the empty space strength, like it had been about to teleport, but the teleportation was slowed down, too. The sword finally moved forwards and drove into his chest.

At that moment, Wu Ming also moved and disappeared into another empty space. However, he looked down and saw wounds on his body, and blood dripping down.

“Tian Ruo Jian is so strong!” The crowd was astonished. That sword was incredible. He had nearly killed Wu Ming!

“You dare act disrespectfully in front of our Master!” Tian Ruo Jian said to Wu Ming coldly.

Wu Ming pulled a long face. Tian Ruo Jian was so strong, but he continued calling Weapon Master Bing Master!

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