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PMG Chapter 2368: Joining Hands to Finish the Sword

PMG Chapter 2368: Joining Hands to Finish the Sword

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Wu Ming pulled a long face; he had never fought against Tian Ruo Jian before. Tian Ruo Jian was like the legendary Kasyapa, his Kasyapa sword could mess with time and space. One sword sufficed to kill all enemies!

Fighting against such people was too terrifying. It wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about remaining alive! One small mistake and one could die against Kasyapa sword attacks, and everything happened too fast. A moment before, if the sword hadn’t reached his chest but his third eye, Wu Ming would be dead already!

“Tian Ruo Jian, are you sure you want to protect Lin Feng?” Wu Ming asked coldly. He was a high-level Saint from the Empty Space Shrine, he wanted to kill Lin Feng, and he wasn’t the only one; many of the Shrines definitely wanted to kill Lin Feng. They couldn’t let him escape, he had to die!

“As long as the Master is here, nobody can attack him, or they’ll have to fight against me first!” replied Tian Ruo Jian sharply, firmly holding his sword. Nobody could compete with his sword attacks there, so killing Lin Feng would be extremely difficult!

“Little boy, come here, ignore them!” said Weapon Master Bing to Lin Feng.

Tian Ruo Jian looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “It’s an opportunity for you, go and focus. Leave the rest to me!”

“Alright!” Lin Feng nodded. “Master, please help me with my son, too.”

“Don’t worry, if they dare touch your family members, I’ll slaughter them!” replied Tian Ruo Jian. Lin Feng walked over to Weapon Master Bing.

Weapon Master Bing looked at Lin Feng and turned around. After a breath or two, an illusion appeared around them, the air became very calm, and only the two of them were there.

Weapon Master Bing was firmly holding the sword with chains of fire. He said, “A moment ago, everybody put strength in the sword, but your strength is different from other people. You don’t just oppress it, you also try to keep it under control and to fuse together with it. Your strength is very special; if I give you an opportunity, can you control fully control the Will and strength in the sword?”

“Master, my strength is God strength. I can control things better than other people. However, I’m not strong enough. The Will and strength in that sword is terrifyingly powerful. I’m too weak. I can’t control it with my own power,” said Lin Feng.

Weapon Master Bing nodded and said, “I know. This strength is much more powerful than most people’s strength here. Nobody can control it entirely. After all, the strength of those Saints’ bodies surprised me, too.

“I have an idea. There are many kinds of strength and Will in that sword. If you could slowly take control, you might be able to divide into several sorts of strength and sort them. We could proceed systematically; make all the sorts of speed-related strengths fuse together to create extremely quick attacks, then make all the soul-related strengths fuse together to create terrifying soul attacks, and so on and so on.”

“Incredible idea!” Lin Feng was amazed. This guy was really an expert. He understood all the mechanisms of the process. He wanted to create a sword with multiple types of attacks!

Of course, Weapon Master Bing had that idea because the Saints’ bodies contained different sorts of strengths. He was an extraordinary weapon maker; the sword would be extremely resistant to crafting because the materials were perfect. He had decided to make the sword publicly to see if anyone could help him make his idea come true, and in the end, he had chosen Lin Feng. Unfortunately, Lin Feng was a bit too weak.

Weapon Master Bing wanted to break his record, too!

“I would like to try,” said Lin Feng.

Weapon Master Bing just nodded. “Alright, come and try.”

Lin Feng slowly rose up into the air in front of the sword. A powerful strength filled the air. He released his God strength and his own world strength, wanting to have it his own way. To control that sword, he needed to make the empty space in that sword become his own world, and then he needed to create his own Celestial Dao inside.

His strength infiltrated the sword. Weapon Master Bing’s eyes twinkled. Suddenly, his strength was expelled from the sword; he wanted to help Lin Feng oppress the strength, but Lin Feng pushed him out. He was satisfied; if Lin Feng did that, it meant he had an idea, and as long as it worked, everything was fine. Weapon Master Bing was more than experienced enough to keep things under control, just in case.

Lin Feng created his own world in the sword.

“Wind intent.”

“That’s Speed intent there, and there, there’s Light intent.” Lin Feng sensed the different sorts of intent in the sword. When Saints died, their Will remained, and Will made things seem alive.

When I find different threads of intent which belong to the same category or which are similar, I can make them fuse together with God strength. That’s exactly what Weapon Master Bing wants me to do, thought Lin Feng. His God strength surrounded all the sorts of intent which were related to Speed, then he modified them and made them fuse together with God intent.

However, Lin Feng sensed something was resisting. The independent sorts of intent didn’t just let him proceed. They didn’t want to submit!

Since you’re in my world, you should submit, thought Lin Feng, his intent becoming even more powerful. A massive Celestial Dao strength surrounded the independent sorts of intent. He fused them together with God intent!

I can do it!, he thought. Even though some sorts of intent were resisting, his God Celestial Dao helped him force the different sorts of intent to submit. However, a few ones which were too powerful didn’t submit. Those different sorts of intent could be compared with cultivators; if he brought cultivators who were much stronger than him into his own world, they could also break free easily.

Lin Feng made a few sorts of intent fuse together and then he took his strength out of the sword. He only left intent related to speed with his God strength inside.

“Master, look!” he said to Weapon Master Bing.

Weapon Master Bing nodded and put his strength inside the sword. He looked pleasantly surprised and said, “As expected, they fused together. They also contain some of your own intent. Other people can’t control it, but that way, when we finish making the sword, it’ll have to be yours. It will be perfect for you, but not for other people.”

Lin Feng smiled. “That’s all I could do. But even if you didn’t want to give me that sword, that’s still all I could have done.”

“Don’t worry. All I’m concerned about is how powerful the sword is. I don’t care about who the owner is. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given the Kasyapa’s sword and the Supreme Upekṣā away,” said Weapon Master Bing indifferently. “If you want it, you can have it.”

“Thank you very much, Master,” said Lin Feng. He hadn’t expected that, but he knew Weapon Master Bing did it wholeheartedly. He made weapons out of passion, not greed.

“But there’s a problem because your intent is limited, therefore, I can’t make a sword which is too powerful. I’ll make it so that it adapts to your strength as you become stronger. We can join hands to make it adapt,” said Weapon Master Bing to Lin Feng. He looked sharp. After having seen how strong Lin Feng was, he had an idea.

“As you wish, Master.” Lin Feng was touched. With Weapon Master Bing’s help, they could make a sword which would adapt to his strength, Lin Feng was excited now and couldn’t wait to use it someday!

“Stay here for a time, we’ll work on the sword,” Weapon Master Bing said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded.


In the outside world, days passed. The people outside didn’t leave, though. A few days wasn’t much for them. Their lives could last thousands, tens of thousands and even more years; a few days were like an eyeblink. Also, they really wanted to know why Weapon Master Bing had chosen Lin Feng. Did he want to make a sword for Lin Feng?

Of course, for the members of the Shrines, the most important thing remained to kill Lin Feng. Therefore, the number of people outside didn’t decrease. On the contrary, it gradually increased because more and more people from Shrines arrived!

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