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PMG Chapter 2369: Weapon Master Bing’s Strength

PMG Chapter 2369: Weapon Master Bing’s Strength

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Time passed. Lin Feng and Weapon Master Bing had already been working on the sword for three months.

Lin Feng was seated cross-legged. There was a humming sword in suspension in the air above him. Lin Feng kept releasing God strength into it. He was keeping it under control.

“Pfew…” Lin Feng took deep breaths, opened his eyes and smiled.

“How do you feel?” asked Weapon Master Bing, also opening his eyes.

Lin Feng nodded and said to Weapon Master Bing, “I feel like I can control some of its strength, but I can only use my own strength to control one sort of fused intent.”

“Not bad already. When you become stronger, you’ll manage to control more and more sorts of intent. The sword will become more and more powerful. Besides, you’re the person that sword listens to now,” Weapon Master Bing said.

Lin Feng smiled. This sword was a bit like the Tian Ji Sword…

Back then, he had modified the Tian Ji Sword, fusing together with it. Now, he had fused together with this sword and actually, it was similar to the Tian Ji Sword because it contained different sorts of strength… five types! Back then, the Tian Ji Sword contained different sorts of abstruse energies.

But Lin Feng’s God strength wasn’t powerful enough yet, he could only control one sort of intent at a time. Of course, there were still many sorts of intent Lin Feng couldn’t control inside that sword. He had to become stronger!

There were five sorts of strength in that sword, and Lin Feng had made them fuse together with his own God strength. Weapon Master Bing had also included some of his power to enhance Lin Feng’s understanding: speed strength, heavy strength which made that each attack felt like billions of tons, soul strength to attack people’s souls, illusion strength, and absorbing strength.

The sword was like five swords, like five different Saint’s Weapons! It was the result of Lin Feng and Weapon Master Bing’s fruitful cooperation.

Speed, power, soul, illusion, absorbing!

“Master, what should we call this sword?” he asked Weapon Master Bing. He had just helped, and by a stroke of luck, he had become its master. But the one who had done most of the work was Weapon Master Bing!

“Supreme Upekṣā and Kasyapa have already been taken. Even though this sword is not as powerful as Supreme Upekṣā and Kasyapa yet, I hope it’ll surpass them. You control God strength, let’s call this sword God’s Sword,” said Weapon Master Bing calmly.

Lin Feng nodded and grabbed the sword.

“God’s Sword, I hope you’ll meet Master Bing’s expectations!” whispered Lin Feng. The sword contained five sorts of strength, and even though it was not as powerful as the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation or other Saint’s weapons yet, it was much more suitable for Lin Feng than the Great Demon Halberd of Desolation because it contained his own God strength. He was the only one who could control it perfectly.

“With your talent and that sword, you’ll be fine,” said Weapon Master Bing to Lin Feng, “Alright, we’re done. You can leave.”

“Thank you very much, Master. That Sword is fit for a God, I won’t tarnish your reputation,” said Lin Feng, bowing before Weapon Master Bing. His figure flickered as he left that place.


The crowd outside hadn’t left though. When they saw Lin Feng come out, they stared at him. Besides, Weapon Master Bing had given Lin Feng a sword!

When Lin Feng had gone in, he didn’t have a sword; now, he had come out, and he had a sword. The sword Weapon Master Bing had made was now his!

That little boy is lucky. Weapon Master Bing gave him a sword!, thought some people. The members of the Shrines looked at him coldly, especially Wu Ming. That one’s eyes were filled with murder, and his energies surged towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was alert, and looked at them coldly. The Shrines didn’t intend to let him off. They wanted to kill him as soon as possible!

Weapon Master Kong, Gu Zhu and Tian Ruo Jian hadn’t left, either. At that moment, they sensed all those deadly energies move towards Lin Feng. Tian Ruo Jian groaned coldly and said, “Shrines, you’re really reckless!”

“Today, Lin Feng will definitely die!” said someone calmly. It was the high-level Saint of the Fire Shrine. He flashed forwards, Lin Feng had the impression he was going to burn alive.

“Nobody can touch him here!” said Tian Ruo Jian. His figure flickered, but all around him, everybody moved, encircling Lin Feng and releasing Qi. They were all terrifying cultivators. This time, they wanted to kill Lin Feng, no matter what!

“Insolent!” said Weapon Master Kong, coldly glancing at the crowd.

The Shrines had a very high social position, they considered everybody and everything beneath their notice. They were like gods in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Weapon Master Kong also had a very high position in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Usually, they never attacked one another. They wanted to kill Lin Feng because he was a Forbidden Person.

But could they kill him here? Especially since he had received a sword from Weapon Master Bing?

“The Shrines are too arrogant!” said someone at that moment. He was wearing a dragon robe, and sounded furious. The Saints were all astonished. What was going on? Why did the Dragon Clan get involved?

“If anyone tries to prevent us from doing what we have to do, we’ll consider them enemies,” returned Wu Ming coldly. Qi drove towards Lin Feng. He really had the impression he was going to die!

At that moment, energies appeared in the vault of Heaven and came crashing down. A terrifying oppressive strength descended from the sky. It was Celestial Dao power, and it was awesome!

“Who?!” snarled Wu Ming, suddenly raising his head. A terrifying empty space strength rose up in the air, golden lights blotted out the sky.

“You’re really disrespectful,” said a voice. A gigantic figure appeared in the sky.

“Weapon Master Bing?” Wu Ming frowned in astonishment. What an ominous strength! Weapon Master Bing had turned into Celestial Dao? He was Celestial Dao itself? How incredible!

“Last time, Tian Ruo didn’t kill you, but since you want to die, you will now,” said Weapon Master Bing coldly. He crashed down from the sky. Wu Ming released as much empty space strength as he could, but the Celestial Dao surrounded him. He felt petrified, and his body stiffened. He couldn’t move anymore!

“That’s empty space strength Celestial Dao!” Weapon Master Bing was extremely strong. He was using empty space strength against Wu Ming!

Wu Ming struggled, but he felt paralyzed. A Celestial Dao hand descended from the sky, and there was an explosion of energies meeting. The crowd saw Wu Ming’s face disappear, turning into empty space lights.

“Wu Ming!” The crowd was astonished and petrified. Was Wu Ming dead?

He hadn’t withstood a single attack from Weapon Master Bing?

“Who else wants to act arrogantly here? I’ll kill them now!” said Weapon Master Bing coldly. Everybody was frozen. Weapon Master Bing had remained silent the whole time before, nobody knew how powerful he really was. At that moment, the atmosphere was completely silent!

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    I’m so glad that happened, those Shrine twats are so unbelievable! They really don’t care about anybody or anything other than themselves and their own desires. I’m surprised no other faction have taken offence to them yet, after all, the Shrines aren’t even all aligned together.

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