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PMG Chapter 2370: Stealing the Sword

PMG Chapter 2370: Stealing the Sword

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Lin Feng raised his head. He looked at that figure, and shivered. How strong, how incredible! Wu Ming was as strong as Gu Zhu, who was also extraordinarily strong, but Weapon Master Bing had defeated him in one strike. What a difference! Those two people belonged to two different worlds!

Gu Zhu can easily scare the lower-level Saints of the Fire Shrine, but Weapon Master Bing can easily kill people who are as strong as Wu Ming and Gu Zhu. He’s also a high-level Saint, and there’s a huge difference between them, thought Lin Feng. He realized that the more he progressed on the path of cultivation, the bigger the difference was between people of the same level. It all depended on people’s talent, and their understanding of time and Celestial Dao.

Saints had returned to the source, they had transcended worldliness. Many people thought that he was just a weapon maker, they hadn’t thought that he had such an extraordinary strength too.

The air was eerily quiet, their hearts were pounding. They were furious at Weapon Master Bing, but what could they say? He was the Godly Weapon Master’s disciple, they couldn’t offend him. In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Godly Weapon Master was too powerful and influential.

“Why did you get involved? It has nothing to do with you,” said someone indifferently. People turned to look; it was a Saint of the Fire Shrine.

“You are not allowed to act recklessly here, it’s not your territory!” snarled Weapon Master Bing angrily.

“Since it’s that way, we’re off,” said that person, but at that moment, there was a howl of flames.

“Zhe Tian!” Lin Feng suddenly turned around and saw a gigantic fire hand shooting towards Zhe Tian. He couldn’t protect himself, and was caught instantly!

“Qiong Lin!” said Lin Feng coldly. It was Qiong Lin, a high-level Saint from the Fire Shrine. Since nobody was paying attention to him, he had decided to attack Zhe Tian. But Zhe Tian was just a Celestial Emperor, there was a huge level difference between them! If Qiong Lin wanted, he could kill Zhe Tian very, very easily!

“How shameless!” shouted Weapon Master Kong, his expression changing drastically.

“The Fire Shrine has gone too far!” shouted Gu Zhu.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill him,” said Qiong Lin indifferently. “I’m a member of the Fire Shrine, I won’t harm a little boy. The problem is Weapon Master Bing is getting involved in our things, and we don’t want to be enemies with him. We’re taking the little boy to Tian Yan City. Lin Feng, if you want to see him, you can come to Tian Yan City.”

“Everybody, we’re off,” said Qiong Lin. The gigantic fire hand grabbed Zhe Tian, and they left as quickly as possible.

“Where are you doing?!” shouted Weapon Master Bing furiously. Qi rolled in waves. Fireballs exploded and Qiong Lin disappeared from their field of vision. Weapon Master Bing was startled and spat, “Deployment talisman!”

Lin Feng watched Zhe Tian’s figure disappear with a long face. The Fire Shrine was truly shameless.

Tian Yan City was the capital city of the Fire Shrine. They had their headquarters there. If he went there, he’d definitely never leave. But if he didn’t go, they’d keep Zhe Tian there forever!

“Goodbye!” All the members of the Shrines left. In the blink of an eye, everybody was gone. The Shrines had already achieved part of their goal.

Lin Feng clenched his fists hard enough to make his bones pop. The Shrines wanted to kill him, and now they were even lashing out at his family members!

“The Shrines are really great!” Lin Feng was furious, his eyes were filled with murder. The Shrines were at the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and they dared do such things?

“Lin Feng!” Gu Zhu said to Lin Feng, “Don’t worry. The Fire Shrine wants you. They won’t kill Zhe Tian. They just want to use him to threaten you.”

“I know,” replied Lin Feng coldly. The Fire Shrine had gone too far, though!

“They’ve gone too far. From now on, if I meet people from those Shrines, I’ll kill them instantly,” said Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with murder. Gu Zhu was surprised, convinced Lin Feng would do just that. He was furious.

“The Fire Shrine has gone too far, indeed. We can’t leave the matter at that,” said Tian Ruo Jian coldly. His eyes looked as sharp as swords. He was a sword cultivator, he had learned from the old Kasyapa. He was fearless, and had been merciless against Wu Ming, nearly killing him. He didn’t care. At such a cultivation level, he didn’t care about much anymore.

But now, the Shrines had gone too far.

“Tian Yan City is the capital city of the Fire Shrine, if I go there, they’ll kill us.” Even though Lin Feng was furious, he tried to keep calm. Tian Yan City was the Fire Shrine’s capital city, it was like Fortune City for the Fortune Shrine. The only solution there to save Zhe Tian would be to sacrifice himself.

“They won’t release him unless I die,” muttered Lin Feng to himself.

“Indeed, the situation is very annoying. They have the advantage now,” said Tian Ruo Jian, frowning.

“The Fortune Shrine won’t just stand there and watch,” said the Diviner at that moment. He gazed into the distance. He looked calm and composed, but on the inside, he was furious. The Fire Shrine had gone too far!

“The Fire Shrine has been chasing our disciple for a long time, that’s already way beyond what one can conceive. Lin Feng, I’ll go to the Fortune Shrine, wait for my message,” said the Diviner to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded, “Thank you for your help.”

“We’re off,” said the Diviner. It wasn’t about Lin Feng anymore, it was between the Shrines now.

“So many years have passed and the situation was peaceful. The outside world was tranquil and calm. There was a balance of power. The Shrines forgot about the past. It’s time for a good war. The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds is going to be shaken again,” said Weapon Master Bing, sighing.

The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds had been too peaceful for too long.

“Let’s go back to the World Clan,” said Gu Zhu to Lin Feng.

“I’ll come with you,” said Tian Ruo Jian.

Gu Zhu nodded happily. “Great, perfect!”

“Tell me if you have news,” said Weapon Master Kong. Lin Feng looked at those people and felt moved.

“Go.” Suddenly, Lin Feng and the others rose up into the air. They had to go back to the World Clan to discuss things. The situation was critical, their enemies were Shrines!

They started flying away, but Gu Zhu and Tian Ruo Jian glanced at one another and stopped. “Someone is hiding. Come out!”

A strong wind started blowing. Dazzling golden lights flashed. A figure in golden clothes appeared, staring at Lin Feng coldly.

“Supreme Animal World, Roc Clan, Zong Gan,” said Tian Ruo Jian, looking at that person coldly. He looked as sharp as a sword, like he was trying to lacerate that person with his eyes.

“I want that sword!” said Zong Gan. He was staring at Lin Feng’s sword!

Lin Feng was stunned. The members of the Roc Clan from the Supreme Animal World had always hoped Weapon Master Bing would make a sword for them, but he had never accepted. They hadn’t forgotten about it, and now they wanted to steal Lin Feng’s sword.

“It’s not suitable for you,” said Lin Feng.

“You don’t know that. Give me the sword,” said Zong Gan firmly. He was determined to steal the sword!

“Zong Gan, don’t be too reckless. Weapon Master Bing made that sword for Lin Feng. Why would he give it to you?” said Tian Ruo Jian coldly.

“So what? Weapon Master Bing doesn’t know how to recognize friends. He didn’t want to cooperate with us. All I can do is steal that sword,” said Zong Gan coldly. He was a beast, and beasts were aggressive and straightforward, especially Zong Gan. He was a Great Oriental Greenfinch roc, a king among rocs!

“Shut up!” said Tian Ruo Jian coldly. Sword intent filled the air. At the same time, there was a shrill cry and golden lights flashed as Zong Gan turned into a Great Oriental Greenfinch roc, and then into three!

“Roc Clan’s Cloning technique!” Tian Ruo Jian was grim. Zong Gan would be a terrifying opponent!

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  1. Ezura December 13, 2018 at 1:21 am - Reply

    Mind boggling. Why is his son prancing around using his real face, real identity despite knowing how these bastards are obsessed with killing him? He’s already experienced it before with his other son for crying out loud! Is everyone retarded in his family? First it was letting that retard Xiao Ya out to play in a Forbidden Zone and now this. I’m surprised his parents haven’t gone for a sightseeing tour around the Fire Shrine wearing TShirts saying ‘My Son Lin Feng Rocks!’ Or perhaps his other son should go do a TedTalks PowerPoint presentation at the Empty Space Shrine about how wonderful his Father’s Forbidden Body is?
    “Hi strangers whom I’ve never met before but will travel with you to watch a sword being crafted. Yes, my names Zhe Tian, I’m Lin Feng’s son but it’s ok because everybody is so honourable in this world I’m totally safe from harm. I know the Shrines are after my Dad but that’s got nothing to do with me right? I’m only a little Celestial Emperor, and I’m ridiculously powerful and talented but there’s no way anybody will feel threatened by that, especially not my Dad’s enemies…” Your father’s ENTIRE life story is about that!

    • Dante Piacenza September 14, 2019 at 11:50 pm - Reply

      I totally agree with you. Perhaps if Lin Feng was a father for more than an hour (Because he spends 3 days with him when he was a baby and around 1 or 2 hours when he saved him in qi tian holy town and said to him ‘find his own way’) he could have exxplained things right and maybe even giving some memories to his sons as about the region and everything, i mean, he is just a retarded man. Idk, the Lin Feng from before the competition of xue ye was so much smarter and thinking always ahead. Now he’s just dumb like all the characters. The dude literally can create the same enviroment as shrines can to cultivate still doesn’t call A SINGLE PEOPLE from his army to train there or something. You remember back in the ten thousands beasts territory when he just was walking around with his wife which was so much lower in cultivation like ‘yeah, screw that, no enemies in here’ like he wasn’t encircled by cruel and aggresive animals that despised everyone and would love to stir problem with a human being that was a high level emperor by that time. Idk man, author is dumb and dumber, i’m just waiting to finish this novel so i can start Against The Gods, i HIGHLY reccomend Martial Peak too because it isn’t so repetitive and the MC is actually smart.

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