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PMG Chapter 2371: Blood Great Imperial City

PMG Chapter 2371: Blood Great Imperial City

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The Roc Clan were speed experts, especially Great Oriental Greenfinch rocs, who were the kings of the species. They had no competitor in terms of speed.

Zong Gan had imperial roc blood and he was a Great Oriental Greenfinch roc, so he was incredible in terms of speed. On top of that, he had a special technique which only the Roc Clan had: a roc cloning technique. When using it, his Qi didn’t change at all, so it was impossible to recognize which one was his real body. Of course, the clones’ attacks weren’t as powerful as his real ones, or it would have been even more terrifying.

Now there were three rocs, which one was the real one? It was difficult to come up with a plan knowing how fast they were.

Tian Ruo Jian and Gu Zhu remained vigilant. Tian Ruo Jian, who was already holding his sword, said, “Lin Feng, you stay behind. You have to be very careful. Zong Gan is extremely fast. When he reaches a certain speed, he can break free from the laws of space and time using the Celestial Space and Time Breaking Roc Technique.”

Gu Zhu also took out his world scroll. Saints’ energies emerged from their Saint’s Weapons. Gu Zhu and Tian Ruo Jian were extremely strong, but there were three Zong Gan’s facing them, they had to be extremely careful.

“Give me the sword!” said Zong Gan’s three bodies at the same time. All his eyes looked extremely sharp.

“Haha, you little filthy bird, you shamelessly try to steal other people’s weapons?” said a voice in the distance.

Zong Gan was stupefied. Little filthy bird? He was a Great Oriental Greenfinch roc, who dared talk to him that way?

He gazed into the distance and saw someone wearing a dragon robe arrive. He wore an incredible helmet, he looked dignified and majestic, imposing and awe-inspiring.

“Ao Cang Hai!” shrilled Zong Gan’s three bodies at the same time. “Long-horned snake, mind your own business, will you?”

“What if I don’t, little filthy bird?” said Ao Cang Hai. He was from the Dragon Clan in the Supreme Animal World.

Ao Cang Hai took a step forwards and looked at Lin Feng. “So you’re Daimon, and initially you were Lin Feng. No wonder that Aomo follows you everywhere. Initially, people said Aomo was your slave! I wanted to teach you a good lesson, I didn’t know it was you.”

Lin Feng was surprised. Ao Cang Hai had initially come to teach Lin Feng a good lesson and take Aomo back. But now he knew Daimon was Lin Feng, and Lin Feng, back in the days, had asked Aoxu to bring Aomo to the Dragon Clan.

“This little filthy bird is not strong enough, but he’s really quick. If he does anything fishy, we’re three, so we can destroy his three bodies,” Ao Cang Hai said to Tian Ruo Jian and Gu Zhu. Even though he was talking about the Great Oriental Greenfinch roc in a denigrating way, he knew perfectly well that Zong Gan was extremely fast and strong. If Zong Gan managed to find a way to reach Lin Feng, he’d be able to crush him.

“Ao Cang Hai!” swore Zong Gan coldly. Now that Ao Cang Hai was there, he had no chance anymore, even with his clones!

“Be careful, last descendent of the dragon king…” cawed Zong Gan. Then, his three bodies collapsed into two, and then into one, before he shot up into the sky and disappeared.

“How fast.” Lin Feng was amazed. That was pure speed! With such a speed, he could attack enemies really quickly. It wasn’t easy to fight against people like that…

“Last descendant of the dragon king?” Lin Feng was surprised. Was Ao Cang Hai the last descendant of a dragon king? He did have an imperial helmet…

“I wouldn’t have thought the Dragon Prince would help,” Gu Zhu said to Ao Cang Hai. As Lin Feng had guessed, Ao Cang Hai was a Dragon Prince!

“It’s a slight effort. Dragons of darkness are rare, and Lin Feng brought one back to the Dragon Clan. We are very grateful,” said Ao Cang Hai. He looked at Lin Feng, “You helped me once, I’ll help you now. Is the young man the Fire Shrine kidnapped your son?”

“Indeed, he is my son!” Lin Feng confirmed.

“It’ll be difficult to get him back from Tian Yan City, even for the Fortune Shrine, unless they start a real war. You need another plan,” said Ao Cang Hai.

“What plan?” asked Lin Feng.

“A tooth for a tooth. He captured your kid, you must do the same to one of his family members, someone the Fire Shrine cares about a lot.”

“Any idea who?” asked Lin Feng to Ao Cang Hai.

“I know that he attaches great importance to someone called Qiong Yu, who has a very special position in the Fire Shrine. If you capture him, he won’t kill your son.”

“Qiong Yu, I’ve never heard of him…” whispered Tian Ruo Jian.

“It’s because you don’t know much about Shrines. I’m from the Dragon Clan, we know a lot about the Shrines of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” Ao Cang Hai smiled.

“What is his cultivation level, and where is he?” asked Gu Zhu to Ao Cang Hai.

“Dozens of years ago, he became a Saint. He’s much stronger now. Considering his talent, I’d say he must be a low-level Saint now. His fighting abilities must be terrifying. I’ve heard that he was about to go to one of the seven forbidden territories: the Godly Grave. If you hurry, you can still catch up with him!” replied Ao Cang Hai. Gu Zhu and Tian Ruo Jian were startled. Qiong Yu wanted to go a forbidden territory, they had to act fast!

“Qiong Yu wants to go to the Godly Grave!” Lin Feng’s eyes gleamed.

Ao Cang Hai continued, “We could do it like this; I take Lin Feng with me, we look for Qiong Yu, but I can’t help, because the relationship between the Shrines and the Dragon Clan would deteriorate, and that would make things worse. You can send someone else with us. Of course, you can also go to Tian Yan City. We can act on all sides.”

Lin Feng understood him. The relations between some Clans of the Supreme Animal World and the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were complex. Qiong Yu was a very important member of the Fire Shrine and Ao Cang Hai was a prince. If he did anything to Qiong Yu, then a war would start between the Fire Shrine and the Dragon Clan.

“Also, Lin Feng, you must think carefully, if you do anything to Qiong Yu, it will be a point of no return.” warned Ao Cang Hai.

“Point of no return?” Lin Feng’s eyes shone. The Fire Shrine had been trying to kill him for a while because he had a Forbidden Body. They had tried all they could to kill him, as if he didn’t matter, but now they had kidnapped Zhe Tian! He just wanted to slaughter them all.

The Shrines wanted to kill him, so he wouldn’t hesitate and kill all the members of those Shrines who wanted to kill him. He wanted to do that until he died, or until he stood upon their ruins.

“Since Qiong Yu is so important to the Shrines, there might some extremely strong cultivators on his side, so I’ll stay with you and Lin Feng. Gu Zhu, go back to the World Clan, and talk to the Fortune Shrine. See what you can do together,” said Tian Ruo Jian. They had to do things carefully, failure was no option this time.

“Alright,” Gu Zhu agreed. He looked grave and solemn now. This time, their opponent was a Shrine!

“Since it’s that way, let’s separate now. Tian Ruo Jian, Lin Feng and I, we’re going to the Godly Grave,” said Ao Cang Hai. They all departed hastily.


The Godly Grave was one of the seven famous forbidden territories. However, the Godly Grave was the most visited forbidden territory. It was said that that place was truly the grave of a god. It was in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and apparently similar to the Pit of Hell.

The entrance to the Godly Grave was in Blood Great Imperial City, situated in a blood-red demon ocean. The city was chaotic, but it was the only entrance.

Lin Feng and the others arrived in the sky above the blood-red demon ocean. The water surged and seemed to roar with anger as they struck the shore. Lin Feng and the others shivered. There were all sorts of places in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Where did this blood ocean come from? According to legends, it was made of the blood of billions of powerful cultivators, but most people didn’t believe in that story. Most people believed in another story: that it was the condensed blood of some spiritual beings.

“Why is there lightning?” asked Lin Feng. There was blood-red lightning flashing in the vault of Heaven. It made the blood roar even more fiercely. It was a terrifying place.

“I don’t know. It’s a strange world. There are many mysteries,” murmured Tian Ruo Jian. No matter how strong people were, there were always things they didn’t know… or maybe the strongest cultivators in the world were omniscient?

“We’re here!” said Ao Cang Hai. He gazed into the distance. Above the blood ocean was a vast and boundless city. It looked spectacular.

Blood Great Imperial City. I hope we’ll find Qiong Yu, and the Fire Shrine will release my son…, thought Lin Feng. His eyes glittered as the three of them moved forwards.

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