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PMG Chapter 2372: Dragon Clan’s King Clan

PMG Chapter 2372: Dragon Clan’s King Clan

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Lin Feng and the others swiftly drew closer to Blood Great Imperial City. From time to time, the three of them saw some strong cultivators come out of that blood-red city. Their Qi was terrifying, but Saints were discreet.

“Blood Great Imperial City is a chaotic city. People who come here usually want to go to the Godly Grave, which means they are extremely strong. There are traces of ancient Saints everywhere in this city. There are Saints’ traces almost everywhere in the world, but especially in places like this, because people who go to forbidden territories are mostly Saints,” said Ao Cang Hai. “Extremely strong cultivators of the Supreme Animal World regularly come here to go to the Godly Grave.”

“Are there spiritual beings in the Godly Grave?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious. Ao Cang Hai was a prince of the Dragon Clan, he knew many things most people didn’t.

“I went inside the Godly Grave a few thousand years ago. You will see some godly figures. However, I’m not sure about real spiritual beings,” Ao Cang Hai smiled.

Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. Godly figures? He would see some godly figures?

“The forbidden territories are extremely dangerous. That’s why they’re called forbidden territories. The death rates inside are extremely high. You’ve already been inside, how dangerous was it?”

“The Godly Grave is different from other forbidden territories. It is the most visited forbidden territory. It is similar to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. Most people who go to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell don’t come out alive, they either die or turn into demon kings’ puppets. Ganges Time is very mysterious. It’s misty, strange, and spiritual. The biggest danger in there comes from the other cultivators who go inside, they are terrifyingly strong. In the Godly Grave, there are gods’ traces, and many battlefields, they try to pull you in. But there are also opportunities in there. Last time I went there, I wasn’t lucky, and I nearly died,” Ao Cang Hai related calmly.

Lin Feng could imagine. Ao Cang Hai was extremely strong, and yet had nearly died in there…

“So great emperors can’t go in, right?” asked Lin Feng.

Ao Cang Hai smiled, “Not necessarily. I’ve heard about a weak fellow who found some god’s historical remains. A hundred years later, he came out and had become terrifyingly strong.”

“Such things happen?!” Lin Feng was startled, but he laughed and shook his head. Nothing was impossible in the world. If there were really spiritual beings’ historical remains, it could change some people’s destinies.

“Alright, let’s go in. I hope we’ll find Qiong Yu in time,” said Ao Cang Hai neutrally. He continued moving. They entered Blood Great Imperial City, and made their way through the city. The blood Qi there was extremely thick and rich. From time to time, some people looked at them, but they could see that it was better not to offend such people, so nobody dared.

As expected, it’s a chaotic city, thought Lin Feng, glancing around. People were fighting everywhere. He was speechless. Many people were there just to steal from other people.

“Of course. Only strength matters in Blood Great Imperial City!” replied someone. Then, some people appeared in front of Lin Feng. The leader of the group was extremely strong. Surprisingly, he was a Saint! His eyes were filled with blood lights. He stared at Lin Feng and his allies. “Not bad. You’ve returned to your true selves. You have already transcended worldliness and attained holiness. Good, we actually needed some people to go to the Godly Grave. Come with us.”

“Kidnappers?” Lin Feng was astonished. Those people weren’t stealing treasures, they kidnapped people?

“Which group are you from? Are you even qualified to talk to us that way?” asked Ao Cang Hai.

“Ou Yue’s people, trust me, the Blood Base Alliance is really strong,” replied that person.

Ao Cang Hai’s eyes glittered. “Ou Yue? Eh, I see… He surprisingly came here to become a king and built the Blood Base Alliance. Alright, we’ll come with you.”

“Ou Yue is an extraordinarily famous high-level Saint. He disappeared a thousand years ago, people in the outside world don’t know much about him. I never thought he’d form a group in Blood Great Imperial City. It’s probably because he wants to solve the mysteries of the Godly Grave, he wants to become stronger and eventually break through,” Tian Ruo Jian told Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised again. Ou Yue was another monstrously strong cultivator!

“Eh?” The leader of the group was startled that Lin Feng and the others talked about Ou Yue in such a flattering way. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t disappoint you.”


They moved off. Lin Feng and the others followed. After a short time, they arrived in front of a blood-red palace. It was gigantic, with a flight of stairs with nine-nine steps in front of them. There were two lofty blood dragons there, looking powerful and mighty.

“We’re here. Come.” The group of people landed on the ground. They turned around and said to Lin Feng and the others, “Let’s go. Come on.”

However, they found out that Lin Feng and the two others didn’t move. They just stood there calmly.

“Have Ou Yue come out,” said Ao Cang Hai indifferently.

The leader frowned and said, “Your Excellency, it’s the Blood Base Alliance here. You didn’t come because you wanted to, right? You came for another reason?”

“You’re right,” said Tian Ruo Jian indifferently. He was completely composed.

The Saint suddenly released his Qi. “Who are you?” asked the Saint. He realized that these people were different…

“Have him come out and you’ll know!” Ao Cang Hai laughed.

The Saint frowned and said coldly, “We’ll first see how strong you are, then!”

He rose up into the air, blood-red clouds appeared in the sky and thundered loudly. They turned into a blood-red spear.

“I’ll give it a try!” said Lin Feng indifferently. Then, he jumped forwards and disappeared. Then, he reappeared in front of his enemy. He was extremely fast.

“Die!” shouted that guy explosively. The blood-red spear streaked across the sky towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stretched out his hands and terrifying hand imprints grabbed the spear. The Saint’s face paled. Lin Feng was the youngest of these three people, looked totally unflustered, but he was already dangerous. So, the two others were probably even more terrifying…

“You can’t compete with us. Have Ou Yue come out,” said Lin Feng dismissively. The other’s face stiffened. He looked at Lin Feng’s hands imprints holding the blood spear speechlessly. He released more Qi, which filled the air.

A few Saints appeared. Lin Feng was surprised, the Blood Base Alliance wasn’t a clan, it was an alliance, and impressively they could compete with a clan!

“Who wants to see me?” demanded someone at that moment. The voice came from the vault of Heaven. Lin Feng and the others raised their heads and saw a figure appear above them.

“You’re Ou Yue?” asked Ao Cang Hai, standing there with his hands clasped behind his back.

“Who are you?” asked Ou Yue. When he saw Ao Cang Hai’s clothes and helmet, he frowned. He had never seen those clothes, but they looked like the clothes the members of the Dragon Clan wore.

“It doesn’t matter. I need you to do something,” said Ao Cang Hai calmly. The reason why he had decided to come was to ask the Blood Base Alliance for help finding Qiong Yu. It would be much easier that way.

“How audacious!” said Ou Yue coldly. He released a terrifying king Qi. Moons appeared in the sky and shone down on Ao Cang Hai.

“Insolent!” said Ao Cang Hai, looking at the moons. He flew up and roared out, striking a moon with his hands, his dragon chants spreading out. There was a thunderous boom as the moon exploded.

“Dragon Clan?” Ou Yue frowned and said coldly, “You’re from the King Clan of the Dragon Clan?”

“Hmph!” Ao Cang Hai grunted coldly in response. Golden dragons appeared, all with five claws. They started ripping apart all the moons, which exploded one after another.

Ou Yue pulled a long face. As expected, King Clan from the Dragon Clan, golden dragons with five claws. His attacks were extremely powerful!

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