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PMG Chapter 2373: Celestial Assassins Alliance

PMG Chapter 2373: Celestial Assassins Alliance

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“Which prince are you?” asked Ou Yue after he saw his moons get destroyed, staring at Ao Cang Hai.

“Let’s finish the battle and we’ll talk,” said Ao Cang Hai coldly. He continued rising up in the air. Even though he wasn’t as fast as a Great Oriental Greenfinch roc, the five-clawed golden dragon were also extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, his hand appeared in front of Ou Yue. Dragons were experts in terms of strength, especially five-clawed golden dragons from the King Clan of the Dragon Clan!

That attack seemed like it could destroy the earth and sky. The atmosphere distorted around it.

Ou Yue’s figure exploded. However, Ao Cang Hai’s expression didn’t change. He saw a moon appear and then Ou Yue appeared inside. A moment before, it was only a shadow.

“Moon shadow!” Ao Cang Hai was impressed. Moons reappeared, shining brightly.

Ao Cang Hai smiled coldly. He opened his mouth and roared, his dragons roared furiously and made the earth and sky tremble.

“Go,” said Tian Ruo Jian, taking Lin Feng backwards. A five-clawed golden dragon appeared behind Ao Cang Hai. At the same time, in the sky, more five-clawed golden dragons appeared and roared out. They tore apart all the moons on their path. He was forcing Ou Yue to show himself! “Die!”

Ou Yue borrowed the strength of the sky to release more moons. The sky cracked. Lin Feng was amazed as he watched the fight. It felt like the sky was about to collapse.

Ao Cang Hai shouted furiously. He rose up and raised his fist. Time seemed to stop. The moon lights and the fist collided. The lights were scattered explosively. However, blood appeared on Ao Cang Hai’s fist. The moon attacks were powerful.

“Where are you going?” said Ao Cang Hai, rising higher up in the air. He raised his fist again. The space was trembling. Lin Feng was shaking, too. This fight was just astonishing.

Ou Yue’s figure appeared. He coughed up blood, his face pale. However, he still looked at Ao Cang Hai coldly.

“I’m the fourth prince of the Dragon Clan, Ao Cang Hai. No need to fight against me. I can easily destroy the Blood Base Alliance. Also, Tian Ruo Jian is behind me, you’ve probably heard of him,” said Ao Cang Hai.

Ou Yue was astonished. The fourth prince of the Dragon Clan and Kasyapa’s disciple, Tian Ruo Jian!

“What do you want?” Ou Yue asked Ao Cang Hai.

“Let’s go in to talk,” said Ao Cang Hai. He walked forwards. Tian Ruo Jian and Lin Feng followed him, and entered the Blood Base Alliance as if they owned it.


In the main hall, Ao Cang Hai sat down on the leader’s throne and said to Ou Yue, “Have you heard of Qiong Yu?”

“No,” said Ou Yue, shaking his head.

Ao Cang Hai was not surprised. “He’s a very core disciple of the Fire Shrine. He’s discreet. If you don’t know about him, you can use your network to learn about him. He’s here with some other strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine, so it shouldn’t be difficult to learn about him. Just try and find members of the Fire Shrine. It should be easy.”

Even though the members of the Fire Shrine were discreet, they didn’t hide either, as it wasn’t necessary. If someone wanted to find them, it would not be difficult.

“Alright, and then you’ll leave?” Ou Yue asked Ao Cang Hai. He looked angry. Even though he wasn’t as strong as Ao Cang Hai, he was a Saint too, and he didn’t want to be submissive in front of other people.

“Just do what I told you. Don’t worry. We’re not interested in the Blood Base Alliance.”

“Alright, wait for my message,” said Ou Yue. He turned around and left Ao Cang Hai, Tian Ruo Jian, and Lin Feng alone in the main hall.

“If Qiong Yu is in the city, Ou Yue will definitely find him. If there are extremely strong cultivators with Qiong Yu, then things will be troublesome,” said Ao Cang Hai. After all, he couldn’t get involved. He was a member of the Dragon Clan.

The cultivators with Qiong Yu were probably extremely strong. It would definitely be very difficult for Lin Feng and Tian Ruo Jian to capture Qiong Yu.

“All we can do is wait,” murmured Lin Feng.


The Blood Base Alliance didn’t disappoint them. Two days later, Ou Yue found them.

“So, any news?” asked Ao Cang Hai to Ou Yue.

“Yes, you’re looking for Qiong Yu, a low-level Saint, right?”

“Indeed, where is he?” smiled Ao Cang Hai. Qiong Yu was probably still in Blood Great Imperial City.

“Why are you looking for him?” asked Ou Yue.

“It’s none of your business.” replied Ao Cang Hai.

“I just want to warn you, if you want to cause trouble or even kill him, you have to know that Qiong Yu and a group of people from the Fire Shrine are in the Celestial Assassins Alliance right now. You must have heard of the Celestial Assassins Alliance. Even if the members of the Fire Shrine and Qiong Yu were alone, you wouldn’t be able to harm them.”

“Celestial Assassins Alliance.” Ao Cang Hai was displeased. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and said, “The Celestial Assassins Alliance is an influential group which has existed for a very long time in Blood Great Imperial City. They’re quite strong, in the top three groups of the city. The group was formed after people from many places who wanted to go to the Godly Grave gathered.”

When Lin Feng heard that, he frowned. Celestial Assassins Alliance? Qiong Yu was in the Celestial Assassins Alliance? And he was with terrifying cultivators?

So, I have to go to the Celestial Assassins Alliance, thought Lin Feng. Zhe Tian was in the Fire Shrine, even though some people were trying to solve the situation there, getting Zhe Tian back from Tian Yan City was impossible. Lin Feng had only two solutions: capturing Qiong Yu, or handing himself over!

He couldn’t go to the Celestial Assassins Alliance as Lin Feng, but he could use another identity.

I have my own world, I can easily imprison Qiong Yu. The difficult part is to kidnap him and then escape safely, thought Lin Feng. Then, he looked at Ao Cang Hai and Tian Ruo Jian, “Masters, I intend to change my identity and go to the Celestial Assassins Alliance to see whether I can kidnap Qiong Yu or not.”

“It’s too dangerous, and difficult. And Qiong Yu’s fighting abilities are terrifying. You can’t do it alone.” replied Ao Cang Hai telepathically. Lin Feng was brave, but it was a big risk.

“Indeed. You can’t take that risk,” said Tian Ruo Jian.

Ou Yue guessed that these three people were talking telepathically, so he just stood there calmly.

Lin Feng looked at Ao Cang Hai and Tian Ruo Jian, he said telepathically, “I have to try. There is no other option.”

Ao Cang Hai and Tian Ruo Jian glanced at one another.

“Since you want to do that, we won’t stop you. I’ll stay in the Blood Base Alliance. If you need anything or if they kidnap you, get in touch with me and I will do my best to save you,” said Ao Cang Hai, “But you must be extremely careful, no matter what, they must not learn who you are.”

“I’ll be outside of the Celestial Assassins Alliance waiting for you,” said Tian Ruo Jian. They both accepted Lin Feng’s decision. Even though it was very dangerous, they also thought that it was what any strong cultivator would have done.

“Alright, good,” said Lin Feng. He looked at Ou Yue and said, “Please give me a map of the Blood Great Imperial City and the Celestial Assassins Alliance.”

“Alright,” Ou Yue nodded. He transmitted maps to Lin Feng using his godly awareness.

“Thank you,” said Lin Feng, standing up. Tian Ruo Jian followed him and they left the main hall. Ao Cang Hai stayed there and said to Ou Yue, “I want to stay here for a few days, I hope you don’t mind.”


Lin Feng and Tian Ruo Jian separated on the way. Lin Feng changed his face. He still looked young but sick, his face was very pale. His hair was hanging to one side like horsehair.

He arrived outside of the Celestial Assassins Alliance quickly. The Celestial Assassins Alliance was one of the most powerful groups of the city. Their buildings were much more spectacular than the Blood Base Alliance’s buildings. A gigantic horizontal structure appeared in Lin Feng’s field of vision. Behind Lin Feng was a gate on which was written Celestial Assassins Alliance. Lin Feng had already crossed the main gate of the Celestial Assassins Alliance.

“What do you want here?” asked one of the guards coldly. They were all cultivators of the Di Qi layer. Lin Feng released absolutely no Qi, and it was impossible to know what his cultivation level was.

“I want to join the Celestial Assassins Alliance,” said Lin Feng.

“If you can cross the nine Celestial Assassins Gates, you’ll be able to join the Celestial Assassins Alliance,” said his questioner. Lin Feng glanced at him and walked forwards. A powerful Qi surrounded him. However, Lin Feng waved his hands and those people ended up in an illusion. They were all astonished to suddenly find there was nothing around them.

“What a powerful illusion. He just waved his hands to create such a terrifying illusion,” said one of them, pulling a long face. By the time the illusion disappeared, they turned around and Lin Feng had already crossed five Celestial Assassins gates!

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