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PMG Chapter 2374: Closely Following

PMG Chapter 2374: Closely Following

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The guards of the different gates grew more powerful. However, Lin Feng easily crossed six gates. When he arrived at the seventh one, the guards were already Half-Saints. The guards were two old men, their eyes bloodshot. They glanced at Lin Feng coldly. They flew up and waved their hands. Instantly, terrifying blood-red hands shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s eyes became two black holes. He looked terrifying.

“Come in,” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, the two guards couldn’t see anything anymore, but darkness filled with death strength surrounded them.

“What a powerful attack!” The two old men pulled long faces. This challenger’s illusions were extremely powerful.

They attacked the illusion together, and it exploded. But when they came back to their senses, they realized that Lin Feng had already crossed the eighth gate!

“How strong!” The two old men looked at Lin Feng and took a deep breath.

“Another strong cultivator is going to join the alliance. I hope they’ll be lucky in the Godly Grave this time, I hope they’ll find some historical remains,” said the other one.

Lin Feng was already fighting against the guard of the ninth gate. There was only one, but he was extremely strong. He was also a Half-Saint, but his fighting abilities were impressive. His attacks were incredible. However, it wasn’t enough to deal with Lin Feng, and he quickly lost. Lin Feng could easily pass that challenge as well.

“Not bad. Another Saint is joining our organization. What’s your name?” asked the guard, smiling at Lin Feng.

“Mu Feng,” said Lin Feng.

“Brother Mu Feng! You’re very strong. You probably want to go to the Godly Grave as well, that’s why you came to the Celestial Assassins Alliance, right?” asked the guard with a smile. The Celestial Assassins Alliance existed because of the Godly Grave.

“Indeed. How many strong cultivators are there this time?” asked Lin Feng.

“The Godly Grave is like the other forbidden territories. It’s easy to go in, but it’s difficult to come back out alive. Therefore, it’s better to be prepared. This time, the Celestial Assassins Alliance has started preparing an impressive army. You won’t be disappointed; the Celestial Assassins Alliance prepared great materials and has gathered some great cultivators!”

“Can you recommend me?” asked Lin Feng.

“No rush. We’ll get you a place to rest first. Then, I’ll recommend you and you’ll get to know them,” said the man. His figure flickered and Lin Feng followed him. He showed Lin Feng to a place where he could rest and told Lin Feng some more details, then left.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged in a courtyard. He released threads of godly awareness, which flew up and turned into a vast network, and Lin Feng could see almost everything in the Celestial Assassins Alliance.

Many people raised their heads and smiled coldly. Observing a whole town with one’s godly awareness wasn’t polite. In the Celestial Assassins Alliance, many threads of godly awareness also flew up and looked back at Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng didn’t mind. Very quickly, he noticed a courtyard. There was a group of people there seated cross-legged calmly. Their Qi was terrifying. They were wearing fire robes. They were probably members of the Fire Shrine.

“Who dares act so audaciously?” whispered someone raising their head.

“Piss off!” said someone coldly. That terrifying voice shook everybody in the city.

Lin Feng opened his eyes and recalled his godly awareness. His eyes were sharp. Those people were definitely members of the Fire Shrine, so Qiong Yu had to be in the group. Lin Feng had noticed a young man in the group, looking quite composed. He might be Qiong Yu.


Where the members of the Fire Shrine were staying, someone asked, “Who was that?”

“I don’t know. A sick-looking young man. His cultivation is mysterious. I’ve never seen him. He must have just joined the Celestial Assassins Alliance,” replied someone.

“That guy is audacious, daring to look at people with his godly awareness.” Some people also laughed, they didn’t mind.

Lin Feng didn’t move. Even if Qiong Yu was there, he was surrounded by terrifyingly strong cultivators, it was impossible to capture him here. He had to wait for an opportunity.


During the following days, Lin Feng inspected the city with his godly awareness every day as if he were sungazing. Some people were annoyed, but didn’t say anything because he didn’t go and inspect secret areas, and he didn’t disturb people who were meditating, either.

Some people were annoyed, however. Why did he do that? Was he practicing cultivation?


Time passed slowly.

In Tian Yan City, the atmosphere was lively too. Many strong cultivators were there, including strong cultivators from the Fortune Shrine and the World Clan. Of course, Lin Feng’s clone was there too. Two of Lin Feng’s clones were constantly in the Fortune Shrine.

One of them stayed in the Fortune Shrine and did the things he did all the time: read books, spend time with Meng Qing, practice cultivation. But now that Zhe Tian had been captured by the Fire Shrine, how could Meng Qing be happy? She was extremely worried every day. Lin Feng’s clone had gone to Tian Yan City. As long as he didn’t use his full strength, nobody would notice it was just a clone.

There was action on all sides.


In a palace of Tian Yan City, the Diviner and Lin Feng were together. The Diviner asked, “How are things there?”

“I’m still in the Celestial Assassins Alliance. The date of the journey to the Godly Grave hasn’t been planned yet.”

“Alright. Wait for me, I’ll be there soon. If they want to go to the Godly Grave, find a way to prevent them from going,” said the Diviner. Lin Feng nodded. Lin Feng knew that the Diviner who was with him was actually a clone too. Lin Feng’s real body was in the Celestial Assassins Alliance, and his clone was in Tian Yan City. The Diviner’s clone was in Tian Yan City too, and he was going to the Celestial Assassins Alliance with his real body.

Lin Feng didn’t know what the Diviner was doing the whole time with his real body, but now he was going to see Mara-Deva’s real body!

“What do we do here?” asked Lin Feng. He had inspected the Celestial Assassins Alliance with his godly awareness, he was worried that Qiong Yu would go to the Godly Grave and he would have no opportunity to catch him. Now that the Diviner was going to help him there, it was much better that way.

“I informed the Fire Shrine. They agreed to meet tomorrow. At that moment, I’ll be in Blood Great Imperial City already,” said the Diviner indifferently.

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. One more day!


The very next day, early in the morning, Lin Feng was awake as someone called him, “Brother Mu Feng, come out.”

When Lin Feng heard that, he went out. It was the guard of the ninth gate. He smiled, “Brother Mu Feng, let’s go. We have a meeting. We’ll get to know each other, and then we’ll go to the Godly Grave.”

“Today?” Lin Feng was stupefied. How tense! The Diviner needed half a day more to arrive. He was rushing over to Blood Great Imperial City.

“Indeed. Let’s go,” that person smiled. He led the way as Lin Feng followed him. Even if he didn’t want to go to the Godly Grave, he needed to prevent the others from going.

After a short time, they arrived on a public field. There were dozens of people present. They were all extremely strong. When they saw Lin Feng, people were surprised. Someone laughed and said, “That’s the guy who kept inspecting the city using his godly awareness. I wonder why he did that?”

“Sorry, I just joined the Celestial Assassins Alliance, I’m not familiar with the rules,” said Lin Feng smiling mirthlessly. He glanced at the crowd and saw the members of the Fire Shrine. In the middle of their group was a young man, probably Qiong Yu. Lin Feng was now sure that it was him.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he just clenched his fists. Everybody was there, so he couldn’t kidnap Qiong Yu. He hoped the Diviner would arrive quickly, then Tian Ruo Jian would be able to help them, too!

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