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PMG Chapter 2375: Arriving on Time

PMG Chapter 2375: Arriving on Time

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The morning sun shone upon Tian Yan City. It was very hot there. There was a gigantic palace, and in the sunlight, it looked like it was on fire. It was the Fire Shrine’s palace.

Many people gathered on a public field. On one side, everybody was wearing a fire robe. They all had an extraordinary Qi and were extremely strong. In the middle of them, there was one cultivator much, much weaker than everybody else. It was Zhe Tian.

“Father!” shouted Zhe Tian when he saw Lin Feng. He didn’t look good. He said to Lin Feng, telepathically, “Father, I’m alright, don’t worry about me. They’re well prepared, you can’t do anything.”

Lin Feng said nothing. He glanced at the members of the Fire Shrine and finally looked at Qiong Lin, “You’re a Shrine and you stand at the very top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. You dare take a young man as a hostage. How shameless.”

“No need to tell me that. I told you, we’re not going to harm him. Come here and we’ll release him,” said Qiong Lin indifferently. He looked quite composed.

“It’s not the first time the Fire Shrine has done something like this. If you don’t release him, the Fortune Shrine will lose patience,” said the Diviner plainly.

“Lose patience? So, what will you do then?” said Qiong Lin, smiling coldly. The Diviner closed his eyes and didn’t say anything. The atmosphere became eerily silent. Nobody said anything, both sides waited.


In the Celestial Assassins Alliance, everybody was getting familiar with each other. When the Fire Shrine’s members introduced themselves, the crowd paid more attention.

“This time, some members of the Fire Shrine are with us. Therefore, we’ll choose the fire entry. We’ll see if we’re lucky and bump into some spiritual beings,” said someone at that moment sternly. “The nine spiritual beings’ graves are real battlefields. We have to help each other inside, and we should separate.”

“Alright!” the crowd nodded.

“Everybody understands, good, let’s go,” said the cultivator of the Celestial Assassins Alliance. They were ready to go to the Godly Grave!

“Wait,” said Lin Feng suddenly. Everybody looked at him.

“Yes, what?” asked the cultivator.

“I have a friend who wants to come. He’s extremely strong. We should wait,” said Lin Feng.

The strong cultivator’s eyes twinkled, “How strong?”

“A high-level Saint, he’s at the very top of that level. His fighting abilities are incredible. He’s not really a friend, he’s more like an elder I have affection for, a mentor. He had to do something on his way, so he’s a bit late,” said Lin Feng. The leader was astonished, a high-level Saint who had terrifying fighting abilities? That person was definitely worth waiting for!

“Since it’s that way, let’s wait for him,” said the cultivator. Everybody agreed readily. Lin Feng was a bit relieved.

However, one hour later, many people frowned, “He’s not here yet?”

“Just wait, he’ll be here soon,” replied Lin Feng.

“You have no notion of time. Let’s forget it, let’s go,” said that person.

“Right, one more isn’t necessary. We don’t even know if he told the truth. Let’s go to the Godly Grave, if he can catch up, then we’ll see,” said someone.

“Let’s go,” said the members of the Fire Shrine. They didn’t feel like waiting around either.

Lin Feng watched the crowd leave, unable to keep them waiting longer. He followed the crowd and at the same time, his clone told the Diviner the way and hoped he’d manage to catch up.


There were nine entrances to the Godly Grave in the city. Back in the ancient times, there were only nine Shrines, and nine spiritual beings controlled the continent. Time had passed, some Shrines had disappeared, some had risen, but there were still only nine entrances. Each entrance led to a spiritual being.

The crowd was at the fire entrance. In front of them was an ocean of blood, and above that ocean, there was a gigantic fire. That was the fire grave, and according to legends, there were the historical remains of a fire spiritual being there.

Lin Feng had read as many books as possible in the Fortune Shrine, and he had read a lot about the forbidden territories. He knew the basics about them, but at that moment, he didn’t really care about the forbidden territories. The Diviner was almost there, but one more step and they’d be in the Godly Grave, though.

These days, Qiong Yu had spent all his time with the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine. Lin Feng hadn’t had any opportunity to catch him. In the Godly Grave, it’d be even more dangerous.

“Let’s go!” said someone.

“Wait!” said Lin Feng suddenly. His figure flickered and he landed in front the entrance, he had his back turned to the entrance. He said to the crowd, “Everybody, please wait. He’ll be here soon.”

Many people frowned and lost patience.

“We’ve already waited for a long time, but he has not come. We can’t waste time because of one person. Move,” said someone indifferently.

“Mu Feng, don’t be annoying,” said the cultivator of the Celestial Assassins Alliance.

“The time needed to burn a joss stick will be enough,” said Lin Feng to the crowd.

“Move!” shouted someone explosively, “If he comes and we’re inside, you can tell him where we are!”

“Insolent!” said someone releasing energy which oppressed Lin Feng.

Lin Feng said, “Everybody, this is serious. I must prevent you from going in, otherwise, the consequences will be dramatic.”

“Eh?” The crowd looked furious, some people made steps forwards and someone said coldly, “You’re trying to scare us?”

“What is serious? What consequences?”

“Please stop, everybody,” said someone at that moment. A figure appeared in the sky, his voice reverberating. The crowd frowned as the man’s voice resonated in their souls.

“Who are you, Your Excellency?” asked someone.

“It’s about the Shrines. Everybody, stop moving,” said the voice. The crowd was startled. The Shrines?

“About the Shrines?” The members of the Fire Shrine looked angry, they stepped forwards and said, “Ignore him, everybody. I’d be curious to see which Shrine he’s from, anyway.”

“Insolent! Are all the members of the Fire Shrine that arrogant?” asked the voice aggressively.

The members of the Fire Shrine gazed into the distance and said coldly, “You’re insolent!”

“If you dare stay, you’ll see who’s insolent,” said the voice. The members of the Fire Shrine pulled a long face. That person dared threaten them?

“I’d like to see who dares act that insolently as well,” said some people. They had decided to wait. At that moment, someone appeared in the distance. He looked at the crowd and said, “It’s not me. I’m just someone who wants to go to the Godly Grave.”

It was Tian Ruo Jian. Many people knew his name, but not what he looked like. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was too big.

The crowd didn’t enter the Godly Grave. They wanted to see the person who dared threaten the Fire Shrine.

In the distance, clouds appeared and a strong wind started blowing. A terrifying aura filled the air. Very quickly, the crowd saw a figure, their robe fluttering in the wind. He looked furious.

“He’s here!” Lin Feng frowned. That was Mara-Deva!

The crowd frowned. That person looked familiar, but they didn’t know where they had seen him.

“It’s Mara-Deva!” said someone suddenly. The members of the Fire Shrine frowned when they saw it was Mara-Deva. He hadn’t appeared for a very long time. He always appeared as the Diviner. Most people had forgotten about Mara-Deva.

“Qiong Yu, go to the Godly Grave first!” said the members of the Fire Shrine to Qiong Yu and the others. They understood something unusual was going on. What did Mara-Deva want to do?

At that moment, a terrifying sword strength arose with a hum. The crowd shook and looked at Tian Ruo Jian. They hadn’t thought this guy was so strong, and they were together!

“Bastard!” shouted Mara-Deva explosively. The atmosphere became illusionary.

“Mara-Deva, what is this supposed to mean?!” swore a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine.

“I’ve told you, the Fortune Shrine has lost patience!” said Mara-Deva coldly. A gigantic hand descended from the sky, at the same time, Tian Ruo Jian released terrifying sword energies. Lin Feng took out a dazzling sword, it was time to capture Qiong Yu, finally!

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