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PMG Chapter 2376: Chasing

PMG Chapter 2376: Chasing

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“Mara-Deva, formerly the Fiend, now Fortune Shrine’s Diviner, is here!” blurted out the crowd when they saw this. The Fortune Shrine and the Fire Shrine were directly confronting one another. Mu Feng had been wasting time for Mara-Deva to arrive!

“You dare act that arrogantly here!” shouted someone loudly. Mara-Deva and the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine collided, explosions rent in the air. A strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine groaned and released even more energies, his eyes filled with killer intent. No wonder Mara-Deva wasn’t worried about infuriating the Fire Shrine, the Fortune and the Fire Shrines were not friendly at all!

“I’ve told you, the Fortune Shrine has lost patience!” said Mara-Deva coldly. He was staring at Qiong Yu. Qiong Yu’s face stiffened.

“Qiong Yu, go into the Godly Grave. You’re their target!” said a strong cultivator. Qiong Yu and two others nodded and flew towards the fire entrance.

A peerless sword energy surrounded Qiong Yu and constricted him. It felt like that sword was coming from heaven, Qiong Yu had the impression he was hallucinating. No matter what, he couldn’t escape its killing power. He wanted to move away, but he realized he was extremely slow.

“Kasyapa Sword Technique. He’s Tian Ruo Jian!” Qiong Yu and the two other people’s faces changed drastically; they had never seen Tian Ruo Jian, but they could guess who he was considering his attack. Many people from the Shrines had had the opportunity to sense Kasyapa’s Sword intent. It was impossible to forget.

“Explode!” shouted one of them loudly. The atmosphere turned into a fireball. The deceleration energy broke apart, another man flashed forwards, lights emerging from his fingers and moving towards Tian Ruo Jian.

“Go!” shouted the two cultivators in front of Qiong Yu. The others strong cultivators confronted Mara-Deva. Since Mara-Deva’s target was Qiong Yu, they had to go into the Godly Grave. Inside were other strong cultivators from the Fire Shrine.

Qiong Yu felt relaxed with the help of those two. He flashed towards the fire entrance, but found Lin Feng standing there, his sword emitted whistling sounds. A terrifying energy filled the air. He didn’t move but the atmosphere around him stiffened. That sword attack was dangerous.

Qiong Yu stopped and released an explosive fire. He shouted furiously, “Die!”

A fire spear appeared in Qiong Yu’s hand. It rotated rapidly, releasing a black fire which formed a vortex.

Lin Feng was still standing there as if the outside world had nothing to do with him. He released God strength and condensed it into his sword.

A wave of heat rolled towards Lin Feng. His skin suddenly felt extremely sore, as if he were being roasted.

He waved his hands and finally moved invisibly fast. However, he still didn’t move his sword. He flew towards the spear.

Finally, Lin Feng’s sword moved. It was extremely fast, as fast as light. Qiong Yu couldn’t even see it clearly.

“How fast!” He couldn’t believe it. “Piss off!” he shouted. His spear continued moving forwards, a fire trail appearing behind it, and flames howled around it.

But the sword was already in front of him! He moved back quickly and terrifying lights emerged from his third eye.

Lin Feng’s sword cut through the lights, and the Sword intent disappeared. He was surprised, Qiong Yu was already far away.

Qiong Yu released more light beams, but then he realized they were shattering. “They’re broken. What a terrifying attack!” Qiong Yu’s face stiffened. He noticed that Lin Feng was also surprised. He had been too careless a moment before, deciding to throw himself at Lin Feng just now. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng’s speed was so terrifying.

“Qiong Yu, go into the Godly Grave!” shouted someone, landing in front of Qiong Yu. They had to get Qiong Yu into the Godly Grave to protect him.

“Alright, get ready to disperse,” said Qiong Yu. However, Lin Feng looked at him coldly, lights twinkled under his feet, as he cast a deployment spell.

“Go.” shouted the Fire Saint. He struck the ground with his fingers, and it shook violently. A terrifying fire struck the deployment marks, the ground shattered. Qiong Yu moved towards the fire entrance as fast as possible. Mara-Deva and Tian Ruo Jian were terrifyingly strong, very dangerous, and if they had the opportunity, they’d be able to capture Qiong Yu easily. Even if Qiong Yu was strong, he couldn’t compete with them!

Lin Feng was grim. The enemy had managed to stop his deployment spell. He turned around and looked after Qiong Yu. However, a Fire Saint threw himself at him, a scorching hot energy penetrating into his body. As he ran towards Lin Feng, his fire was becoming more and more powerful.

Lin Feng’s body stiffened. An oppressive black fire surrounded him. The attack was really strong.

“No…” Lin Feng looked at Qiong Yu, who was getting closer and closer to the entrance. He was about to succeed!

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A death cage appeared and his sword moved towards the man quickly. This time, he didn’t use the fast strength, he used the heavy strength!

Even though the opponent was in his illusion, his attacks were terrifying and made Lin Feng tremble.

“What a powerful attack.” Lin Feng grit his teeth. His God strength surged out, and his sword penetrated into the cage of darkness. it was a terrifying and aggressive attack, a heavy blow.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng. That attack destroyed his opponent’s Saint’s Weapon and crashed onto his body and blew him apart. However, Lin Feng didn’t look happy. He turned around again and saw that Qiong Yu was already in the Godly Grave.

Lin Feng pulled a long face. He glanced at Mara-Deva and Tian Ruo Jian and said, “I’m going in!”

“It’s too dangerous inside!” shouted Mara-Deva, as Lin Feng chased after Qiong Yu. It was extremely dangerous, but Lin Feng didn’t care. Mara-Deva and Tian Ruo Jian could deal with the members of the Fire Shrine who were still outside. That way, Lin Feng would be able to deal with Qiong Yu without them, it was good enough!

Lin Feng jumped into the entrance to the Godly Grave. He still had some flames on his body, there were some blisters which burst and bled. His previous opponent had been extremely strong…

I’ll definitely catch Qiong Yu!, thought Lin Feng. His eyes gleamed. He had to capture Qiong Yu to get Zhe Tian back. This was an opportunity, and there weren’t other people from Shrines present, for once!

Lin Feng jumped into the Godly Grave. The crowd around was astonished. How insane! He was chasing Qiong Yu into the Godly Grave!

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  1. Ezura December 13, 2018 at 2:02 am - Reply

    What were the Fire Shrine thinking? Qiong Yu going in alone is pretty much suicidal. That was an illogical decision. Out of the frying pan and into the volcano, yeah dead clever.

    • Diaz December 14, 2019 at 6:06 pm - Reply

      At least letting LF to chase him into that place is also a chance to kill him. Shrines are ready to sacrifice their geniuses for a forbidden person’s death.

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