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PMG Chapter 2377: Tear Into Each Other

PMG Chapter 2377: Tear Into Each Other

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When the crowd saw Lin Feng jump into the Godly Grave, they also got ready to go enter, but someone shouted coldly, “Stop!”

Mara-Deva jumped and landed in front of the Godly Grave. He glanced at the crowd and said, “Everybody, before the issue is solved, stay here. If you disobey and try to enter the Godly Grave, don’t blame me.”

When the crowd heard him, they frowned. How arrogant. However, what could they do? He was famous and extremely strong, all they could do was shut up. Going to the Godly Grave wasn’t exactly urgent.

The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine looked at Mara-Deva and said coldly, “You can’t stop us with just your arrogance, Mara-Deva.”

“Never mind. At the very least, none of you will enter the Godly Grave,” said Mara-Deva mercilessly. Tian Ruo Jian landed next to him, and they blocked the entrance.

“You think too highly of yourself,” said a low-level Saint to Mara-Deva coldly.

Mara-Deva glanced at him coldly. He stretched out his hand, a light beam emerged and surrounded that man. The lights constricted his soul. He could die anytime!

“He’s aiming at you! Escape!” shouted someone furiously next to him. That person’s face stiffened and he retreated.

“It’s too late for him to escape,” said Mara-Deva coldly. He closed his eyes, looking solemn and aloof, he said coldly, “Great Destiny Technique, Heavenly Laceration, die!”

Celestial Dao condensed into the light beam, that cultivator’s face paled. His soul started shaking violently as a light beam descended from the sky. The low-level Saint from the Fire Shrine trembled, and then he closed his eyes and collapsed softly. He was dead.

“You’re lucky I want Qiong Yu alive, otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to do anything,” said Mara-Deva, reopening his eyes. He glanced at the strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine. They remained silent and could only grimace. The Fortune Shrine had some terrifying destiny Celestial Dao techniques. The Heavenly Laceration of the Great Destiny Technique was nigh-unstoppable. It was difficult to escape from the Diviner!

“You dare kill people from the Fire Shrine, Mara-Deva, you want to start a war between the Shrines?” the high-level Fire Saint demanded of Mara-Deva.

“We’ve been enduring your provocations for such a long time, since you don’t fear a war, why would the Fortune Shrine?” said Mara-Deva. A terrifying Celestial Dao condensed in the sky and attacked another low-level Saint. That person’s face turned deathly pale.

The Great Destiny Technique’s Heavenly Laceration was terrifying. The opponent had to have a powerful Celestial Dao technique to resist it!

“Mara-Deva, you bastard!” shouted a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine. He then threw himself at Mara-Deva. Tian Ruo Jian jumped forwards and a terrifying sword light beam appeared, like time had stopped. The strong cultivator withdrew and condensed a black fire in his hand, throwing it at the sword.

“Die!” Mara-Deva’s eyes were filled with murder. He used his Heavenly Laceration again.

The crowd was shaking. Another low-level Saint died! Everybody remained quiet. Mara-Deva’s strength was terrifying!

Saints were dying. The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine were furious. Mara-Deva was killing low-level Saints like insects. What would happen if he used it against high-level Saints, though? Nobody knew because they hadn’t sensed the real power of his Heavenly Laceration.

Mara-Deva wanted to slaughter them all. It meant that the Fortune Shrine couldn’t stand them anymore. The Fire Shrine had been chasing their disciple for such a long time, the Fortune Shrine was furious.

“The Fire Shrine will not let the matter drop!” said the high-level Saint coldly.

“I don’t intend to leave the matter at this, either! Today, if we don’t solve the issue in Tian Yan City, the Fortune Shrine will start a war against the Fire Shrine. Are you ready for that?” said Mara-Deva indifferently. The strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine was astonished. The issue in Tian Yan City?

They didn’t know what was going on in Tian Yan City because they had left for the Godly Grave a while before. But apparently, the Fire Shrine had really offended the Fortune Shrine this time. Surprisingly, they were ready to start a war! When people heard about a war between the two Shrines, they were stunned, and their hearts started pounding. If the Fire Shrine started a war against the Fortune Shrine, would they win? For both Shrines, it would be a tragedy.

“Tian Ruo Jian, how did we offend you? And who was that young man a moment ago?” asked the strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine looking at Tian Ruo Jian.

“We can’t stand you!” said Tian Ruo Jian indifferently. He didn’t say anything else. The strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine pulled a long face.


On the other side, Lin Feng had entered the Godly Grave, a terrifying fire Qi surrounded him. The fire grave was scorching hot there.

However, Lin Feng wasn’t interested in the place, he had just followed Qiong Yu. He released his godly awareness and inspected the area. Very quickly, he sensed a powerful Qi in the distance and flew in that direction. He was surrounded by empty space and wind strength to move faster. It was almost like he was teleporting himself.

“Qiong Yu, fight!” he shouted out. Qiong Yu sensed that Lin Feng was chasing him and that he was alone. Lin Feng’s Qi wasn’t very powerful, he was seemed weak. However, his Saint’s Weapon was ancient and strange, terrifyingly powerful, and his strength was also strange.

Qiong Yu didn’t stop, continuing to fly forwards. Even if he was going to fight against Lin Feng, he didn’t want to fight next to the entrance. He wanted to get further in; otherwise, if Mara-Deva and Tian Ruo Jian entered, he’d be in danger, he couldn’t compete with them. Besides, he didn’t understand why Mara-Deva and Tian Ruo Jian wanted to capture him.

“Fortune Shrine!” Qiong Yu’s eyes twinkled. The Qi in this place was terrifying and desolate. They both continued moving, Lin Feng slowly catching up.


At that moment, in Tian Yan City, the members of the Fire Shrine and the Fortune Shrine were still silent. However, at that moment, on the Fire Shrine’s side, someone suddenly released an ice-cold Qi. Suddenly, he looked at the Diviner coldly.

“Mara-Deva, you killed people from our Shrine with your real body?!” shouted that strong cultivator, breaking the silence. The crowd was stupefied, especially the members of the Fire Shrine. Mara-Deva’s real body? Some old people knew that Mara-Deva had been practicing in seclusion with his real body. Was he out again?

The Diviner looked back at him calmly.

“You’re chasing Qiong Yu to kill him?!” that person’s Qi was becoming colder and colder.

“Back in the days, during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you attacked my disciple. After that, you continued chasing him. Do you think the Fortune Shrine would let you do that forever patiently? You’re ridiculous!” said the Diviner indifferently, “Release him now and we’ll leave, and of course, we’ll stop chasing Qiong Yu.”

“Release him? Make him come here!” said that cultivator coldly.

“It seems that there’s no space for negotiation,” said the Diviner indifferently. Everybody remained silent again. However, the members of the Fire Shrine felt pressured now. The Fortune Shrine was starting to kill their people! They were chasing Qiong Yu, trying to threaten them by using Qiong Yu as a hostage.

The only thing they could do was wait and see if Qiong Yu could escape.

“Mara-Deva, if anything happens to Qiong Yu, you’ll pay the price for it!” said the strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine coldly.

The Diviner looked back at him coldly and said, “You think we’re desperate and taking huge risks? We’ve already started killing your people. If anything happens to Zhe Tian, the Fortune Shrine will start a real war against the Fire Shrine.”

When Mara-Deva said that, everybody remained silent. There were people from other Shrines there, smiling coldly on the inside. If the Fire Shrine and the Fortune Shrine started a war, nobody would help them, the other Shrines would be happy. The best thing would be if Lin Feng died, too!

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