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PMG Chapter 2378: Great Battle Against Qiong Yu!

PMG Chapter 2378: Great Battle Against Qiong Yu!

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In the desolate, gloomy, and scorching hot cave, the two figures kept flickering. After a very long time, Qiong Yu decided that they were far enough from the entrance and stopped. He turned around and looked at Lin Feng coldly as his fire spear appeared in his hand.

Very quickly, Lin Feng landed in front of him, holding his God’s sword.

“Before fighting, could you please tell me who you are?” Qiong Yu asked. He didn’t underestimate or despise Lin Feng. He had seen how terrifying his sword attacks were!

“Lin Feng!” Lin Feng didn’t hide his real identity. It wasn’t necessary anymore. The Diviner had even started killing people from the Fire Shrine, and threatened to start a war. Either the Fortune Shrine or the Fire Shrine would collapse!

“Lin Feng who ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.” Qiong Yu was surprised. He wasn’t surprised to learn that the person in front of him was Lin Feng, he was surprised to see how strong he had become. Qiong Yu didn’t know much about Lin Feng. Not all the members of the Shrines knew everything about Lin Feng, Qiong Yu had only heard that amongst the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, one of them might have a Forbidden Body and therefore the Shrines wanted to kill him. However, Qiong Yu didn’t really believe in the legends related to the Forbidden people. Could a Forbidden person really trigger a Shrines’ Dusk War?

The Shrines had already reached a certain level of strength, how come they hadn’t managed to destroy someone who had a Forbidden Body? But now Qiong Yu was facing Lin Feng, and felt some admiration for him. Not such a long time had passed since the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Back then Lin Feng was only a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer, and now he had become a Saint, how impressive!

Qiong Yu’s Qi was becoming more and more intense. He said coldly, “The Godly Grave will become your grave. You should feel honored!”

A light beam emerged from Qiong Yu’s hand, a drop of blood appeared and turned into a dazzling fire armor, fusing with Qiong Yu’s skin. Lin Feng was extremely strong, and Qiong Yu preferred being cautious, Lin Feng had a terrifying Saint’s Weapon, so with this armor, Qiong Yu felt completely safe.

“I see. You’re really important in the Fire Shrine,” said Lin Feng to Qiong Yu. He wasn’t surprised that Qiong Yu had several Saint’s Weapons. The fire spear was for attacks and the armor was for defense, a complete set.

Qiong Yu moved towards Lin Feng. This time, he looked much more solemn and serious. Each time he took a step, Celestial Dao flew up and he condensed it. He was going to use a Saint’s technique!

Lin Feng looked unruffled. His robe was fluttering in the fiery wind. He didn’t take Qiong Yu into his own world immediately, Qiong Yu couldn’t escape anymore anyway, so why not have a real fight against him? Lin Feng wanted to try using his God’s sword.

Qiong Yu lifted his spear and condensed even more Celestial Dao. Around him, several vortexes appeared and turned into spears.

“Die!” shouted Qiong Yu explosively. An endless number of black spears moved towards Lin Feng instantly, turning into fire tornados.

Lin Feng took a step forwards and released God strength.

Lin Feng’s sword thrust forwards and released absorbing strength which turned into a vortex. It absorbed the spears one after another. Lin Feng’s sword was like a black hole absorbing everything in its way.

The sword had turned into a black hole which sucked in the spears. Lin Feng was trying out the absorbing strength of his sword!

The spear Qiong Yu was holding shook with his fury, and he shouted out. Three thousand spears appeared and condensed into a single gigantic spear. It shot straight towards the black hole. Small fire dragons appeared and danced around the spear as they roared out.

The black hole started trembling, Lin Feng took a few steps backwards as he cast a deployment spell. The atmosphere became golden. Empty space strength started intertwining. Lin Feng could cast deployment spells instantly with the power of his mind. He also condensed God strength into his deployment spells.

“Hmph!” Qiong Yu grunted coldly. He stabbed his spear into the ground, and the deployment spell on the ground started cracking. He didn’t want to give Lin Feng time to cast a deployment spell. However, the deployment spell reappeared instantly. He wasn’t as fast as Lin Feng!

Lin Feng slowly walked forwards, an illusion appeared, and everything became dark around his opponent. However, in the darkness, there was a deadly sword shooting towards him. He started to get a bit worried.

“Burn!” shouted Qiong Yu. Flames of fury appeared in his eyes.

Lin Feng’s sword penetrated into the ocean of flames, piercing through and reappearing on the other side. Lin Feng frowned; it was as if his sword had pierced through nothing, through emptiness.

“It can’t be!” Suddenly, he felt danger. He saw a pair of eyes filled with flames and closed his eyes. His eyes had just started burning painfully.

Qiong Yu also reappeared, lights dispersing around him. He was having a hard time too. His armor had shattered, forcing him to use an illusion to become immaterial and his eyes to release fire to protect himself.

“Destroy!” said Qiong Yu, pointing at Lin Feng. A terrifying Saint’s strength condensed and shot towards Lin Feng’s third eye. Lin Feng countered with a terrifying death strength. They weren’t that close to one another, but Lin Feng could sense how scary those energies were.

At that moment, Lin Feng had the impression he could die instantly!

However, he closed his eyes and remained completely calm. His sword was shooting forwards and he could not recall it, and he couldn’t dodge, either. He could only use one kind of strength to dodge.

“Great Empty Space Technique!” Lin Feng started entering an empty space, at the same time, he released Qi towards Qiong Yu’s head, the invisible and intangible Qi penetrated into Qiong Yu’s skull.

At that moment, the only thing Qiong Yu wanted to do was kill Lin Feng. “It’s over,” he said, pointing at Lin Feng. He charged forwards and smiled coldly, as if he had found something. He had to kill this guy!

“Eh?” Qiong Yu frowned. He realized there was something wrong!

“Sword intent? How is that possible?” Qiong Yu was astonished. “Impossible!”

However, Qiong Yu retreated as quickly as he could, but it was too late. Lin Feng’s hand suddenly moved towards his head, and he had no time to stop him.

“No!…” The destructive hand was becoming bigger and bigger in his field of vision. It was impossible, but the hand still reached him. His soul shook violently, and his body went numb.

A terrifying strength hit him with the force of a landslide and the power of a tidal wave. Happily, Lin Feng didn’t want to kill him, he wanted to make him unable to fight. Qiong Yu sensed his internal organs explode, and coughed blood. Finally, he couldn’t hold on anymore, and collapsed.

“Was it an illusion?” whispered Qiong Yu, as if he had realized something.

Lin Feng looked at Qiong Yu. How dangerous. A moment before, he had created a dream using illusion strength which corresponded to what Qiong Yu wanted to see. However, Qiong Yu wanted to kill him so badly, so it was difficult to resist!

Lin Feng looked at his chest. There was blood, but it was worth it. Capturing Qiong Yu was the most important thing in the world, for his son, Zhe Tian!

“But now…” Lin Feng looked around and remembered that he was in the Godly Grave, one of the seven forbidden territories!

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    Wow, great…
    I love it, update as much as u can
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  2. Alex November 2, 2018 at 1:55 am - Reply

    1. WTF how did Zhe Tian went out travelling alone? isnt he was with MQ hiding in Fortune Shrine!?
    2. Rather than destroying Qiong Yu, why not turn him into puppet that he can use to infiltrate/destroy Fire Shrine from within?

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